Circuit Bent Instruments and Sounds

These Circuit-Bent Instruments and Sounds Are Merely Gorgeous #MusicMonday

Mention “circuit bending” and you’ll consider someone making unlistenable noise on the Speak & Spell they … broke. However in the grand tradition of Reed Ghazala, circuit bending often means instruments which have exquisitely mutated from vintage devices, resplendent in new paint and making bizarre but wonderful new sounds.

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Texas Instruments DIYers: Marshall Thompson invents a circuit-bending music and lightweight system

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Marshall Thompson creates techno music with the aid of the Cookie Monster and Elmo.

The microchip layout designer at Texas Instruments Corporation. is promoting a music and lightweight system according to TI toys, like the Touch and Tell, or toys which contain TI parts, for example Sesame Street Elmo Guitar and Kawasaki Discman. He calls it circuit bending.

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Circuit Bending

Circuit Bending

Underwater Keyboard

These acer notebooks produced by circuit bending a brand new kawasaki keyboard. It offers an integrated small sequencer, a pitch knob, an on and off switch for that pitch bends, along with a blue brought which activates a photograph cell that consequently reacts to interference shadows out of your fingers. This alters help out both radical and subtle ways. Noisicians will like it. 1/4 inch output.

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Circuit Bent Instruments

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Fresh in the electronic pandemonium of Bent Sounds Vol.1, Loopmasters return with another assortment of bastardised electronics, twisted circuits, rewired technology and warped audio. Drum machines, synths and childrens toys happen to be assaulted, violated and pressed towards the absolute limit, to produce a assortment of sounds completely unobtainable in almost any alternative way. Circuit Bent Sounds volume 2 features a large range of circuit bent samples appropriate for Minimal, Tech, Electro, Techno, Industrial and Drum and Bass music producers worldwide.

The Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds and Samples series happen to be produced along with Paul Norris of kingdom – a passionate expert at the skill of circuit bending, along with a signed recording artist in the own right. Recycling noise since 2001.

Circuit Bent Instruments Drum machines, synths andCircuit Bent Instruments Drum machines, synths and” />

Circuitbenders was the very first website within the United kingdom offering circuit bent machines for purchase alongside a large number of mods for electronic toys, drum machines, synths and samplers. Pauls machines are featured on music from artists as diverse because the Chemical Siblings and REM, together with countless independent producers worldwide.

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