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Yamaha PSS Series and so the sequence repeats

If you don't be aware of note names, around the 61-note keyboard proven below, the white-colored keys in the bottom (left side) up are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and so the sequence repeats.

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Meet the little-known "Soundblaster" Keyboards

  • René Fabre: Love this! Those were amazing times of discovery. Look forward to your music channel.
  • ternitamas: this is such nerdy stuff! haha
    I love it, so interesting?
  • Sky173: I'm surprised that the Gravis Ultrasound didn't take off. It was far ahead of it's time, back then.
  • FinalBaton: back then when I first watched this vid, I forgot to mention that the end composition is very beautiful. eerie, mysterious and cold. It reminds me of some of tunes in Phantasy Star games on Genesis.. Cheers
  • Nathan Strain: 6:26 Anyone else watching in December?
  • Carlos Eduardo: Do you produce music? You seem like one of those guys that would use FastTracker or something!

    I am using Renoise right now and if you need a modern tracker taste, get it.

  • SnackbarDreamer // m-salami: Do you know what chip is in the PSR 220? Don't want to use my screwdriver !
  • Saxlord 69: Just found one on Ebay. $189 + $37 shipping… Not quite $60 anymore. Lolz
  • Andrew K: The world needs more Ultima.
  • David Knowles: I still have my PSS 470. 🙂
  • Mythical Vigilante: Target didn't exist back then, did it?
  • BJM Graphics: Sounds like Final Fantasy with the piano.
  • gOd: I loved soundfonts. I always wanted a Soundblaster keyboard
  • Name Commingled: Wow! Love hearing about this kind of thing, where we still sometimes use such old tech to this day. I love tech that stands the test of time- everything nowadays can be very dispensable, but you go back in time? That gear was built to last!
    EDIT: I HAD that Keyboard!!! The big green "DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER" writing on it gave 6 year old me a hard on before I even knew what one of those was! It sounded space-age, Terminator/Robocop style, so it was the absolute bee's knees shit in my book, it sat right next to my C64 where I planned to take over the world…somehow ???
    JAZZ ORGAN!!!! \m/
  • Азамат Рысбаев: Shit
  • Top Secret: So this was the beginning of 8 Bit Keys… cool. Gonna binge watch them all.
  • DSX12kid Account: 9:59
  • Don't forget to floss: just picked up that yamaha keyboard for 40 bucks at a pawn shop haha
  • Chris TBTP: I have had a PSS-470 for years. I love it. I sometimes prefer it to my modern analogs and midi controllers. So cool to see the origins of the internal components!
  • WuselDusel: It is really annoying that you have turned on automatic title translations.
    Please turn them off.
  • Daniel Bingamon: I have a PSR-12, it also has the YM-3812 chip but lacks the slide controls.
  • Isaac Davanzo: How is that keyboard a kid's toy? It's great for synthesizing.
  • Donald Mohr: This is rock n roll…
  • Mike Speed: Reminds me of third rock from the sun and the big giant head
  • RubyUmbreon: some time (I'm talking years) after my first time watching this video I came across a yamaha psr-12 in my local goodwill outlet store and bought it because I thought it would be cool to have a "soundblaster keyboard", and it is cool, awesome video
  • Jack Marley: I recently bought a PSS-470 off EBay, part of the reason I chose the PSS-470 was because of the YM3812 synth chip. The PSS-460 is the same the only difference is that it has black buttons instead of coloured buttons and green coloured sliders for the digital synthesizer. I don't like the fact that people circuit bend them.
  • John Maloney: I have a Yamaha PortaSound PSS-680 from 1988. I wonder if the YM3812 is at the heart of this machine?
  • Martino Fenzi: Man !! The sound of your voice + close-up of your face, made me do the compelling decision to stop watching your videos.
  • Brother Jai: My first keyboard, that thing was awesome.
  • Mark Paul: Hey that was my first keyboard!!
  • mark francis1977: mate excellent. of coz you can prey program drum sequences to a 4 4.now allowing whatever music sound you feel appropriate..
  • jack002tuber: Very cool video! I have a keyboard like the one at 1:19, I hate it, I'd like one I can play nine sounds at once! Looking forward to the new channel. Sounds great.
  • Evangeline Kitty: ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Victor Eijkhout: Shouldn't you have paid a little tribute to the Japanese guy demonstrating drums on a soundblaster card?
  • koolkitty8989: Wasn't the cheaper OPLL AKA YM2413 more common in lower-end consumer-grade keyboards? (I'm honestly slightly surprised it never made it into a budget PC sound card in the late 80s or very early 90s when there was some room for non-standard competition … and it was a popular add-on for some Japanese computers, particularly the MSX, plus the Sega Mk.III … that and the pre-programmed instrument set actually sounded better than a lot of … the typically mediocre PC game implementations on a proper OPL2, possibly in part due to the limited development tools/doccumntation for making custom patches)

    Hmm, plus the OPLL is close enough to the OPL2 to have been a reasonable substitute standard, particularly as a lowest common denominator. (having the OPL2 emulate the OPLL should've been fairly straightforward … though again, perhaps not with the documentation/tools many devs had available) It's actually a cut-down OPL derivative, not even an OPL2 derivative and was also only one of 2 Yamaha FM chips that didn't use an external DAC. (the YM2612 AKA OPN2 and its CMOS variant are the only other parts to do that) Seems like the sort of thing that would've made sense in a budget, late 80s COVOX sound ISA card. (and gotten more interest/support than their attempts with that General Instruments PSG derivative and Atari/commodore style joystick ports)

  • Emiel333 Official: Lovely video. Back in the 80's, I owned a Yamaha keyboard with a custom made flightcase. It was from the Yamaha PSS series. Also had a Casio with built-in sampler which was great fun to mess and play around with friends!
  • ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ: Could you please turn of the automatic title translations? Thank you.
  • UnitedPebbles: That does not have a drum kit or a miami vice theme song in it nor orange black exterior/Carerra Porsche/Ferrari to it.
  • James Reeno: Crappy sounds.
  • Eli Oliver Nunes' project development channel: PSR-19 is a sound blaster keyboard?

    Or an Casio CTK-100?

  • CO5MA: Love that sound. Kid Memories!
  • Terence Edwards: musisains tend to run away from such pallets of sound.phyically, u will never see anyone playing aloud on a cheap yami but they will boast a roland or a korg,i mean ive never seen any thing even in the rave scean i think things went as low as a pss 790 which cost about £280 in 1992
  • Terence Edwards: the majority of cheap keyboards are nothing but,
  • ReneeNme: 8 Bit is for people with no talent.
  • truck2224: hahahaha van halen's synth is way bettr than this he used like a jupiter 8
  • frank thomas: very interesting! thank you!
  • rillloudmother: My brother smashed my psr 32 in 1995…
  • Wizards of Zen: Yamaha pss 480 has midi
  • ThePrinzKassad: Gimme twenty dollars
    Gimme twenty dollars
    Gimme twenty dollars
    No wifing in the club

    Yeah, still stuck from the game "Slender" …

  • Gator Productions: My aunt gave us o e of those *the 1st keyboard) a few years back we lost it though
  • Hunter's Moon: I have a Yamaha PSR-600 with a built in disk drive, paid £5 for it.
  • DecibelAlex: Van Halen used an Oberheim OB-X for Jump
  • Darkvine: Yeah, I had something like this as a kid, it's garbage, without actual synth sound modulation and tweaking buttons only presets you can't do anything with it if ur actually interested in synthesizers and exploring sound, not just in playing a piano or organ :/
    I was listening to JMJ and synthesizer music and I found this to be so very disappointing but what the hell did I know back then what I actually needed to make cool synth music 😀
  • B. C. Schmerker: +adric22 Yamaha® actually produced a few PC audio cards of its own. The YMF719E-S synthesizer-on-a-chip was the core of three 16-bit ISA cars: The YMF701 packed a 16-bit stereo codec, game port with two Motorola-compatible UARTs for MIDI, and the Cebix® CS4231 DSP; the YMF711 added a modem interface and CD-ROM controller; the YMF715 added DirectSound3D. The closest thing Creative Laboratories ever made to an actual music keyboard was the Prodikeys™ series of human-input devices for the i8024 interface, which piggybacked a 37-key MIDI input device onto a 104-key rubber-dome/membrane ANSI keyboard.
  • Jens Sonnenberg: Aha
  • neadialain: I have a psr 11
  • GreyDintZ: I have a Porta sound ss 360
  • Based Frequency: oh also the stereo symphonic is a analog chip filtering
  • Based Frequency: boiii kids keyboard, its a 2 operator fm beauty <3
  • paulanderson79: Didn't Creative buy out Ensoniq in the 1990's?
  • PLATINUM GAMINGG: Hey david for the pss470 there is also a mod that you can do if you dont want it running from power wall you can use a car style battery to power it and use it
  • zszsz: o.k., how do i get an atari 2600 keyboard? :1
  • Ordinary Musician: What's the bell song he did called
  • vdoland: I've got a creative keyboard and piano combo – do you have any idea to make it work in windows 10, linux or mac
    also I've a Rowley organ any idea who make it I need more information to restore it – I can send you the photo
  • Mac Fleetwood: Can you please do a video on common trouble shooting issues with these old PSS's? I have a PSS 140 that just stopped powering up with power supplies. I've used 2 different power supplies. Sprayed some air on the switch but couldn't really get in there too good.
  • David Davies: I had that Yamaha 470! I was useless at it.
  • Darrell Dourte: Sooo…cut to the chase. How do you go about programming the YM3812 to alter ADSR function? Also, will the PSS-460/470 synth sliders respond to more than the 5 step factory setting.? Are you adverse to the 8 line data mod between CPU and ROM(3812? Would love to mod one, just want to hear better sound not static gunck. Please do another video!!!
  • devikwolf: Thanks to this video, I've been looking for one of these models of keyboard for a long time. LGR just came across a PSR-12 on Thrifts for cheap and I screamed internally when he passed it up!
  • Cracker Jack: still one of my favorite videos from this channel
  • Jaden Pina: my 1 key keyboard has 1 googol note polyphony
  • InfiniteSauce: Sad thing is I was born in 2004 and know what AdLib and SoundBlaster cards are…
  • ircimager: still using soundblaster today. a dedicated card will always be better than the mobo-embedded ones
  • Caleb Ritchie: What is the new channel? I must know!!!
  • Gabriel Greiling: How can I find a keyboard with those 5 sliders? (the wave, mod, att, dec, freq) I'd really like to buy a keyboard that lets you create your own sounds instead of being stuck with the pre-programmed ones.
  • Nathan Glass: Hell yeah! I have a PSS-560. Needs a deep cleaning
  • Boofey Baller: If you were to switch the chip for a chip in a modern keyboard would it work.
  • Sameplayer: Can I use a chip like that with an adruino to create sounds
  • ingoodmusic: those are FM chips for 16bit genesis systems
  • Sprank900: Ever come across a Yamaha CX5M?
  • ChaosMinecraft: My school have (I think) one of this 4:30
  • TEKLAZ: I wish i can add midi in out on it
  • endy and co.: 0:56 im using a mobile phone
  • ToastersMakeTea: Oof the psr32 price went up
  • DickBurns: A ton of arcade PCBs used some variant of the Yahama FM synth chip. Old versions of DOS Mame would use the chip on your sound card instead of emulating it. 🙂
  • Chris McCaulley: If you had a sound blaster video card for your 286 back in the day. You knew about these keyboards. So I wouldn't go as far as to say "Little Known". Sound Blasters app Dr. Schnabel is far far less known.
  • Tim Howard: …and the rest is history
  • Marsha H: I like to learn, and you seem like a good teacher so I subscribed to your channel. I have a Yamaha PSR 84. Does it have any secret cool features that you know of? I bought it new back in the 90’s, just curious , was it a waste of money? It doesn’t seem very user friendly. Thankyou in advance if you respond ?
  • Randy Harrigan: How do I put my pss470 in percussion mode?! Been trying to figure this out since I got it last week!
  • Syntax Era: dr blankenstein has to get a go at this thing… i am going to write him
  • Some Aussie Guy: Still prefer my legendary Yamaha DX7 synth! Remember the song Axel f
  • airingcupboard: I had that Yamaha 'kids' keyboard…. unexpectedly brings back some memories.
  • Fetus PC-TECH: Might as well JUMP!!
  • TheSkeleton900: i have a Medeli MC70 keyboard
  • zszsz: p.s.(r) 'thanks! awesome info.!
  • zszsz: is this a typo (or no)?:
    the psr-31 is listed as a 1991 release & the psr-32 as a 1987 release.
  • Aleekat79: I lost mine about a year ago had it for about 8 ta 10 years.
  • Jenney N And N: Att.com means attack dot com
  • Vince Mayo: I have a pss-480, pretty sure has the same FM noises/preset though, and PCM percussion, in case you want to add that to your list. Someone also posted the demo music from it on YT if you want to check it out.