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Fresh in the electronic pandemonium of Bent Sounds Vol.1, Loopmasters return with another assortment of bastardised electronics, twisted circuits, rewired technology and warped audio. Drum machines, synths and childrens toys happen to be assaulted, violated and pressed towards the absolute limit, to produce a assortment of sounds completely unobtainable in almost any alternative way. Circuit Bent Sounds volume 2 features a large range of circuit bent samples appropriate for Minimal, Tech, Electro, Techno, Industrial and Drum and Bass music producers worldwide.

The Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds and Samples series happen to be produced along with Paul Norris of kingdom – a passionate expert at the skill of circuit bending, along with a signed recording artist in the own right. Recycling noise since 2001.

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Circuitbenders was the very first website within the United kingdom offering circuit bent machines for purchase alongside a large number of mods for electronic toys, drum machines, synths and samplers. Pauls machines are featured on music from artists as diverse because the Chemical Siblings and REM, together with countless independent producers worldwide.

Volume 2 includes numerous circuit bent madness including over 300 Loops and 470 single samples, together with 25 prepared to play patches for Soft samplers including Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt. You receive 119 Drum Machine Loops, 140 Keyboard and Synth Loops, 44 Circuit Bent Toy Loops, alongside an extensive single hit selection incorporating 76 Drum Machine Samples, 132 Synth Sounds, and most 250 bleeps, tweaks and glitches direct from Paul’s huge assortment of Circuit bent toys.

Circuit Bent Instruments mistreated to produce this

The machines used and mistreated to produce this excellent royalty free trial collection include drum machines like the Alesis SR16, Frontline percussion synth, Korg DDD5 and MR16, the classic Mattel Synsonics, Roland TR727 and also the Yamaha DD6. The Circuit Bent Keys and Synths range from the Casio SA1, SK60 & SK200 samplers, Fraktal Noise Synth, Korg Poly 800, Crimson Keys and also the Yamaha VSS200. The Toys used range from the analogue Beats Toy, ELC, Matchbox Speaking Teacher, Mighty Borg Stuffed Animal, Texas Instruments and VTech Speaking Computer among many more!

If you’re searching to have an inspiring group of unique, nothing you’ve seen prior heard sounds we recommend you take a look at Circuit Bent Sounds volume 2 today!

Circuit Bent Instruments Forex and Seem Archives

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Circuit Bend Speak & Spell + Analog Deelay (Microesfera/Vlisa Live Play)

  • Mystic Sword Gaming: Really cool. Amazing the sounds that could be coaxed out of it.
  • jlerro1981: I lost my shit when E.T. winked and did a round about.
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  • Gigidag77: What’s the point of making a device sound like an annoying malfunctioning lawnmower ?
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  • Alexey Sobolev: Want
  • Kiwa-Limi: como te quiero rami