Furby Gurdy circuit bend

Over 800 years back, a musical instrument began to look in the centre East as well as in The European Union known as a hurdy gurdy. The hurdy gurdy was operated having a crank, and moved a rosin-coated wheel which “bowed” the strings from the instrument.

Go forward to 1998, when Tiger Electronics began creating a very strange children’s toy known as the Furby, which offered many millions of units, producing a unsuccessful make an effort to take around the globe.

Well, some crazy person had the vibrant idea to mix both of these weird things into – you suspected it: A Furby Gurdy.

The Furby Gurdy combines the “guts” of four Furby toys which may be designed to produce music noise one to another by winding a handle, much like a regular hurdy gurdy. Each one of the little Furbys continues to be genetically modified (circuit bent) with the addition of new connections and controls which create a variety of new and beautiful sounds.

Furby Gurdy circuit bendBecause the wheel is cranked, four wheels operate four switches each – the succession is produced or modified with the addition of or removing components from 12 screw holes round the wheels. Each Furby has six controls:

  • Mute
  • Loop Hold (repeats a brief loop of audio)
  • Loop momentary (repeats a loop once)
  • Switch the succession between your screws and gaps between your screws
  • Crash – helps make the Furby add too much
  • Reset

Furby Gurdy circuit bendThere’s also sockets around the back for audio out along with a trigger to control exterior devices (the recording shows it controlling a Korg synthesizer). Look at this to determine images of your building process.

If you are quick, you’ll probably still begin to see the listing on Ebay for any Furby Gurdy. If you’d rather visit a pikachu suffer the effects of circuit bending, check out this .

Also, browse the BBC piece around the guy who means they are.

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Thats pretty funny. Someone should have some additional time on their own hands

Thats funny. keep em coming

A Furby Gurdy. Thats pretty funny. Someone should have some additional time on their own hands.

Really impressive work.
Allow the Great Noise be our guide.

great article. keep em coming.

Spectacular, surprised we’d to hold back such a long time before we began visiting a toy made in the last part of this millennium be hacked and modded.

How to sync a circuit bent furby to a synth video #furby #circuitbending

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