Circuit Bent Instruments, Faq’s


Circuit Bent Instruments, Faq' title='Circuit Bent Instruments, Faq' /></div> <p><b>How Do You Order?</b> – If you notice a musical instrument you would like you are able to click purchase it now around the instrument web page or my ebay page. Or else you can email to determine what instruments I am focusing on. Most frequently instruments are created to order. I've many products available prepared to be modified. Should there be no instruments for auction on my web page or on my small ebay page it's due to the fact I am busy with modification work, however, you should still message me because I'll gladly enable you to get the thing you need as rapidly when i can.</p> <p><b>Is The Next Step Repairs?</b> – I am pleased to do repairs, but may vintage instruments just can't be repaired without cannibalizing parts from another unit because of the of the possible lack of support in the original manufacturers. So it is important that any extras for example repairs that you might want done are discussed before discussing prices.</p> <p><b>What Exactly Are Your Qualifications?</b> – I am an old Test Specialist to have an worldwide video and audio electronics equipment manufacturer and that i have over 12 many years of electronics modification and repair experience.</p> <p><b>Where Are you currently Located?</b> – Alien-Devices is situated in Northern Lower Michigan. If you reside in Michigan and are curious about focusing on Experimental Electronic Music please get in touch.</p> <p><b>How would you ship my package?</b> – Your instrument can be really carefully full of recycled/re-purposed materials and shipped via FedEx Ground or United states postal service Priority Mail. Through the years both services are actually very reliable. Your package is going to be fully insured and can need a signature. Overseas shipping may need VAT or duty charges based on your country's laws and regulations. These worldwide charges are the responsibility. On worldwide shipments I am unable to list a lesser value and fully insure your instrument so do not ask me to do this.</p> <p><b>Would you offer Kits?</b> – No. After I install the mods you are recovering from 12 many years of modification and repair experience together with my experience employed by a significant electronics manufacturer like a test specialist. Quite simply basically install the mods I can help you save a great deal of some time and grief along the way. </p> <p><b>Is The Next Step Custom Work?</b> – I am pleased to do custom work, but I must ask that you simply take a look at my regular prices before contacting me and also have realistic expectations with regards to the prices. I require deposits on all custom work.</p> <p><b>So how exactly does the Blueberry Jack patchbay work?</b> – Whenever you create a link between two patch points it's just like flipping a switch. The benefit to some blueberry jack patchbay unit is it will offer you a lot more seem warping potential than the usual switched unit. Blueberry jack patchbays can be better than 1/8” patchbays or RCA patchbays since the stacking cables allow multiple points between connections to make. This eliminates the requirement for redundant patch points or multiples and makes my units much simpler to make use of.</p> <div style='text-align:center;Circuit Bent Instruments, Faq' title='Circuit Bent Instruments, Faq' /></div> <p><b>What are the differences between circuit bending and modification?</b> – The word <a href='~id-45circuit bending includes a very specific definition. Modification goes way past the scope from the randomness based on circuit bending and includes using electronics theory, added electronic circuitry, and real life electronics manufacturing experience to create modified instruments seem just like they are able to and become as stable as they can. I consider our instruments to become modified not circuit bent.Would you still offer switched versions? – On units in which a patchbay has shown to be stable without crashing I’d always recommend a patchbay. Having a patchbay you receive much more sonic modification options and greater mechanical reliability than you’d having a switched version. With this being stated certain modifications still require switches for stability. For those who have questions please email.

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What’s Circuit Bending?

“Circuit Bending may be the creative recycling of common discarded technology, frequently children’s toys, by opening the unit and soldering in new connections to produce unique musical and video instruments.” – Roth Mobot

Why is circuit bending so awesome is the fact that Anybody can perform it! You just need curiosity, a screwdriver, along with a readiness to experiment. Circuit bending is really a gateway into electronics, art, music, and making!

What’s the Circuit Benders’ Ball Nashville?

The Circuit Benders’ Ball is really a daylong symposium focused on the skill of the curvature, happening on Saturday, September, 29th. It’ll feature two stages, more than a dozen performers, an interactive gallery, and workshops. Workshops 10am-7pm. Music 8pm-1am. Our inspirations would be the multi-city Bent Festival, The Fuse Factory in Columbus, OH, the eSymposium in Chicago, Illinois, and, obviously, Reed Ghazala, the daddy of circuit-bending!

We’ve asked circuit bent artists from Tennessee and beyond to do and lead electronic workshops. The mid-day workshops are available to any age and all sorts of amounts of experience. At night, experimental musicians and seem artists will work with circuit bent instruments, custom-made electronics, and/or battery-powered electronics. Genres will vary from ambient soundscapes to aleatoric noise to EDM influenced grooves.

So: if you’re into (or just interested in) experimental music, making, electronics, art, DIY, hacking, and sonic mayhem, the wedding is perfect for you!

The all-day event will occur on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at Brick Factory Nashville, a hackerspace, community workshop, educational facility, gallery, and gratifaction space.

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