Effects Pedals

I have a few effect pedal designs/mods of my own, and also have built several circuit designs of others (with full credit to them) for folks that aren’t handy with a soldering iron. I will detail them in the pages below.

Specs on the pedals I build:
I use good quality parts from a variety of pedal parts suppliers. All pedals are wired “true bypass” with a 3pdt stomp switch unless indicated in the notes on the pedal.
I wire them with a 9v standard power jack, but no battery snap unless requested.

Fab Echo

I take a pedal originally designed for slapback echo, expand the mix and feedback controls, add a delay time knob, and lots of interesting additions like light sensor controls and an LFO for strange swirling maddness. Check out the Fab Echo page for lots more info and examples.


Mutators are, at their heart, a voice changer. I wire them up stompbox style and add lots of different controls for noisy chaos. Check out the Mutators page for lots more info and examples.


The Uglyface is a crazy oscillation based distortion pedal. Enquire within to see where I got the nutso idea to mount one of these in a guitar.

Random Number Generator

This a clone of the Random Number Generator from Midfi Electronics.

Other Pedals

This page lists all the other designs I’ve built. Some are from schematics found online that are either original designs from some of the very talented folks in the stompbox community, or a clone of an existing pedal. I’ve also built some kits found online for myself and others. For more info go here