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Although perusing the FLStudio forum regarding an alternative choice to their ‘delay bank’ wordpress plugin, someone suggested Valhalla’s ‘UberMod’. I quickly downloaded the demo and it was initially somewhat confused – I believed it was ‘just’ a chorus / ensemble unit, I did not understand there have been a lot more presets ! Upon exploring the rest of the presets, it began to show its complexity and versatility. I ought to state that I've found a comparatively little bit of musical gear that actually excites me and keeps me wanting to understand more about it which is certainly one thing that does. Within this small-review, I am not going to enter a failure of all of the available parameters (that are many), I’m more covering about my overall ideas about this plug-in and it is unique characteristics. I’m no great expert on classic high finish modulation units, but because I actually do make use of the modern equivalents a great deal, I've some helpful insight (hopefully !) here and think about these to be a fundamental element of my processing ‘tool-kit’ in my ambient work. UberMod will be greatly a part of such processing responsibilities.

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Show 161 – Valhalla Ubermod review and interview

Now Jon reviews Valhalla Ubermod wordpress plugin so we talk to the creator Sean Costello.

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Valhalla Ubermod review and interview

Great dev. and terrific plugins.

Great show of course, gentlemen. Sean is among my personal favorite visitors to date. The Silence from the Lambs stuff cracked me up!

Here’s a phone call-to the listeners who’ve took in to all the shows: I believe it’s here we are at a HRS wiki. Recall the show number where Jon spoken about distortion plugins? Me neither. The titles within the archive section are useful, however with over 160 shows I believe we want something a bit more comprehensive. Who’s beside me?

RtCL (Ride the Chicken Lightning),

Hi Guys, great show, I’ve learned a lot from listening! However will have an issue, I personally use a Saffire Pro 40 plus a GNX4 to record my guitar/vocals. If you talk on the program you usually talk to recording sounds from amps using various microphones. After I record It’s my job to just plug in to the effects pedal, then in to the interface to trace rarely using my amps. Anything wrong with this? I simply think it is faster, cleaner also it appears to complete the job. Just time, searching toward your comments and suggestions.

If only so bad a 64 bits build of ValhallaFreqEcho, it’s an excellent delay! Great show guys!

freebies. this is actually the last day though. Awesome show, incidentally.

I believe the examples within this show are Awesome! Many thanks Jon… The dimension D sounds awesome, however i was excited through the Tape example following the Dim D…MAN another wordpress plugin everybody needs to get! JOE

Awesome show! Have to look at these Valhalla plug-ins and do a comparison to Waves’ equivalents, since I’ve got a coupon for waves plugins and am debating whether they’re well worth the money (even in a discounted rate).