The YAMAHA PortaSound PSS-790

The YAMAHA PortaSound PSS-790 is adopted having a unique synthesis “Advanced Wave Memory (AWM)’ to be able to perform with an array of natural to hyper-natural seem characteristics.

Furthermore, the Vector Synthesizer function allows you to execute time variance of the tone with controlling mixing ratio associated with a 4 AWM Voices you decide on.

In addition, the car Accompianment function supports your speed and agility around the keyboard with assorted music styles for example rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, Latin, funk, plus much more.

Furthermore, you are able to record and play-back your speed and agility using the Song Memory Function. Along with other helpful functions will also be provided. To be able to fully enjoy your lifelong musical time spent using the PSS-790, please browse the instructions within this User Guide that ought to provide help and suggestions.

• Built-in Hi-Fi stereo loudspeakers with Ported Bass Boost unit.

• 100 pre-set AWM Voices and 50 rhythm patterns (50 styles) incorporated. (seem reproduction: 28 notes simultaneously)

• Vector Synthesizer function offers your original seem creation from the 4 Voices by mixing all of them with the Pleasure Stick.

• Harmony effect gives harmonized notes to some phrase or passage you play. 6 Harmony Types are supplied.
Auto Accompaniment function enables you to definitely make an ensemble in almost any of fifty styles. A “Style” includes total arrangement for any certain musical style, featuring its rhythm patterns, guitar chords, obbligati, formation of instruments and so forth. It is simple to and instantly incorporate they to your playing which provides the characteristics from the style you select.

• Song Memory function enables 8 track digital recording and recall skills as high as 8 songs.

• 8 Drum Pads permit you to by hand play as much as 8 percussion sounds anytime. You may also assign to those pads any 8 instrumants you want from among 50 percussion sounds provided.

* The PSS-790 has MIDI connectors to be able to listen to it and various other MIDI-outfitted devices. “MIDI’ is definitely an abbreviation for “Guitar Digital Interface ” as well as an worldwide standard for electronic instruments.

• In addition the PSS-790 has got the Multi-Timbre mode, which enables you to definitely make an ensemble of Multiple Parts just just with one unit from the PSS-790.

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[DEMO] YAMAHA PortaSound PSS-580

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  • CintronToons: the music sounds like something off from Sonic.
  • BuickGeek24: I don’t think this has a name, most likely one of Yamaha’s “original” songs
  • dxutube: Today Xmas Day 2014 is 25 years since I got my 580. Good question – what is the name of this theme? Thanks.
  • UberTuberBackPacker: The nostalgia! I had this keyboard. This song brings so much memories.
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