Fuzz Face Schematic. Participant

Ok I can not for that existence of me understand why the ability supply is getting the plus visit the ground.

Fuzz Face Schematic

Also why what is the Polar Capacitor in the signal. and just how will the signal get biased. or will it?

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Nothing with this.
You will find negative or positive as ground or dual and much more supplies.
It’s designer choice.

Polar capacitor and diode will vary.
Capacitor still use reverse polarity for small signal (milivolts or perhaps volts).

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The initial Fuzz-Face circuit used traditional germanium PNP transistors. Their circuits frequently were built with a positive ground.

Have you ever seen how distorted it’s? It’s clipping at the very top and bottom and also the bottom has a lot more clipping. Therefore it has odd harmonic distortion from both bottom and top being clipped and it has even harmonic distortion since they’re not symmetrical.

Just a little .01uf capacitor isn’t polarized. A large 2.2uF capacitor is often an inexpensive polarized electrolytic type. The input capacitor may have its + terminal at 0v and it is – terminal wikll possess the negative base current from the first transistor onto it.

Negative feedback biases the circuit just a little.

This is a simulation from the circuit slightly modified with plastic NPN transistors:

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They wanted the Fuzz Face circuit to clip the underside even more than the very best therefore it created even harmonics additionally towards the odd harmonics from getting both bottom and top clipping. It had harmonics everywhere.

The circuit we’re speaking about and one of several mods into it such as the version with plastic transistors originated from this Fuzz Face article:
The content analysed it has assymmetrical clipping.
(It used AC128 germanium transistors. Remember them?)

Guys I’ve got a couple questions regarding NKT275s

Just purchased a couple online.

1) which part may be the collector? Mine doesn’t have us dot to point anything.

2) Why after i try testing it that way, Irrrve never get above around 15 milivolts in almost any configuration?

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The NKT275 transistor is simply too old because of its datasheet (having a labelled photo of their pins) to become online. Should you hook it up wrong it might inflate or otherwise work.

The 8.2k and 330 or 470 resistors form an attenuator that cuts down on the output level.

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