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Vintage Yamaha PSS-6 synthesizer keyboard

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Vintage Yamaha Porta Seem PSS 460 Electronic Keyboard


Yamaha PSR Keyboards: The beast has many forms!

  • Jordan Livesey: I enjoyed this.I especially liked the psr 160 and the psr 172 as they were made around 2000, the same year as the psr 260 and the psr 170.the psr 400 and 500 are the same but the only difference between them is the fact that the psr 500 has reverb and multi pad functionality while the psr 400 had drum pads.the psr 75 and the psr 130 borrow a lot from each other and the psr 78 which came out in 1996, also has the same samples.interesting fact.when the psr 170 and pstr 172 wwere discontinued back in 2003 the psr 175 entered stores as people enjoyed the psr 170's dj functions.the psr 262 also came out round about the time of the psr 175.I still keep the psr 260 and the psr 200 i';; very soon be doing a comparison with the psr 260 and the psr 78
  • Tomáš Valůšek: Pity you didn't show PSR 600/700 series models, they were quite advanced for their time
  • Tomáš Valůšek: PSR300 is from early '90s, I had my PSR400 bought in January 1992
  • Kim Thompson: I have a number of these as stated before and each has its own charm .
  • ReneeNme: 3:59 Shinyyyy !!!
  • john duffy: They all sound Superb, i myself have a…wait for it….a Casiotone CT102. a Yamaha YPT 210 and a Yamaha DJX….lol
  • Jack Marley: The PSR-75's sounds are very typical of it's time.
  • Jack Marley: I have the PSR-18 which is the 61 key version of the PSR-2. It belonged to my late Nana, the PSR-18 is also stereo and has a better DAC which means the trumpet sounds are actually softer. The Rock guitar is similar to a typical SoundBlaster type sound even though this keyboard actually uses a chip similar to DASS but it's an FM synth chip with 4 very thin lo-fi drum samples. The PSR-2/18 still has a very reasonable selection of instrument sounds and rhythms to play along with, it was certainly plenty to occupy me when I was at my Nana and Papa's for the day. It still has useable flutes and bell sounds. It was probably the best keyboard my parents could afford for my nana and Papa at the time especially as they were absolutely beginners, yes my parents bought it for them as a Christmas present in 1990.
  • Cindy Groves: I Googled DAS system, and it means the keyboard has both 2-operator FM and AWM sounds.