Guitar Technique Lesson How you can Bend in sync

Bending notes with perfect intonation is most likely the skill that actually sets the experts aside from amateurs. Apart from good rhythm, perfect intonation may be the primary priority I give my students once they begin to play rock guitar, because nothing ruins a solo greater than an out-of-tune bend.Learn to bend in stay tuned this detailed lesson.

Once more, it is essential that we learn how to bend precisely with every finger, as well as your second, 3rd and fourth fingers should manage to executing up to and including one-and-a-half tone bend.

To bend an email around the guitar it is best to offer the bending finger with any spare fingers below it. Quite simply, if you’re bending an email around the 3rd string, seventh fret together with your 3rd finger, your second finger (otherwise also your first) ought to be around the string to provide strength and control.

Guitar Technique Lesson How you can Bend in sync to provide strength

The concept behind all of the exercises within this chapter would be to play a reference note, descend the string a couple of frets after which bend perfectly look out onto the reference. Treat this being an aural exercise you’re listening for that bent note to seem just like the reference pitch.

Try the next three exercises with various fingers on every bend. Undergo each line 4 occasions, the very first time bend together with your first finger, your second etc. When you’re online three, take it easy about bending together with your first finger.

Begin the exercises by bending very gradually to pitch, this gives you a chance to hear if you’re in sync. Additionally, it develops control and strength within the fretting hands fingers.

Progressively accelerate the speed where you bend towards the target note. If you’re able to hit it perfectly by having an immediate, fast bend you realize it is.

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A pre-bend is basically a bend backwards. You bend the note towards the preferred pitch before picking it and releasing the curvature. Pre-bends are notated such as this:

To rehearse this very significant technique, return through exercises 35a – c and modify these to include pre-bends within the following way:

Guitar Technique Lesson How you can Bend in sync bend perfectly look out onto

The examples within the lesson are very vital that you focus on, nothing screams amateur like bad intonation!

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#1 Reason Why Your Guitar Keeps Going Out Of Tune

  • phoenix21studios: My Jackson keeps going higher after I tune it, insane.
  • No Spam: Try tightening the neck as tight as possible without stripping the holes before you do anything else..Hook your guitar up to a good tuner. Then, pick a string holding the guitar body firmly. Then reach with your pick hand and push on the neck away from your body.. Watch the tuner..The note will go flat…Let go of the neck and watch to see if the note returns to in tune…If not, then you have slight play in the neck pocket..This is very common in Strats with floating trems..This has always been my number 1 reason why my Strats do not stay in tune..
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  • UnderGamer: Pls help my guitar peg doesn't move at all
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  • Jason Simmons: Great advice. I've been tuning this way for years. If your guitar is set up well and isn't a piece of shit this technique is excellent.
  • Haydes Bourque: Thanks again for sharing man and I love your videos! Been watching your tips for a while now and having a blast on learning what your teaching! I binge watch a few when I can and your encouragement is greatly appreciated… I got your back Jack and two thumbs up for ya brother.

    (Sucking @ guitar a little less each day, thanks to you…)

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  • Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak: My tremolo system makes it out of tune. I would be a lot better off without tremolo.
  • John Jay: So basically, you're just stretching the strings. You have to do that anyway, no?
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  • James D. Takarashy: Great advice thank you! I noticed that my Tronical Tune autotuner (same as Gibson was using for their LP) was always tuning up at the end. But the guitar still went out of tune after 2-3 accords I played. So I started to pull the strings as you showed from time to time but was unsure of the overall effect. So doing it 2-3 times was the trick :D! Finally a tuned guitar for a whole session thanks!
  • TECHNICAL AK: Which tuner is this
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  • Alex Medley: are you telling me i basically stretch tune stretch tune at least 6 times then i should be better???
  • Jay Go’bah Smithstem: Aaaaaand an eight and a half minute video to teach people about string stretching. sigh
  • Alex Martinez: what does tug mean in the UK
  • Phoe Arwenien: Interesting. I've discovered this trick on my own, when I've bought my first guitar. I've just thought I'm a strange creature for tuning my guitar in that way, but now I learn that's actually a proper tuning XD
  • Rotmosen: new strings you always do this? what is the new thing you talking about?
  • Tracy Greenwood: Awesome video. Thanks! Do you have a video on how to keep a guitar from going out of tune for people who use the whammy bar a lot?
  • Bob Aldo: If your strings are not brand new (and therefore in need of some stretching out), the reason strings go out of tune 90% of the time is because they "catch" in the nut slot.
    Lubricant in the nut slots, and/or slightly enlarging the slots, or better still using a Tusq or similar self-lubricating nut is the answer.
  • Tim S: Thanks, I appreciate all the info you put out. You are my teacher on udemy. The classes are great!
  • Optic500: When tuning to drop D for example always tune down if you keep tuning up then you'll snap your strings. What if you have new strings that keep going out of tune more is that normal?
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    haha thanks for the video.
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  • S. Franco: This makes so much sense and this video and method really helped. My b string always went out of tune and each time I tuned it and fretted it and plucked it it sounded like the note was wavy and wasn’t holding the note if that makes any sense lol. But doing this fixed it and I did it to all my strings thanks for the help!
  • J.R. Goldman: Im tuggin as well
  • bluwng: If you can use the vibrato bridge and pull up as well as down and also bend the hell out of the strings and it stays in tune , then and only then you can claim your guitar stays in tune.
  • Luke Kemmerling: what a selfish nerd!
  • Michael Lefko: Thanks for the great advice. I am a new player ( 4 months) and picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Special II for a steal. It was having a minor problem staying in tune, and I ask players and they will tell me everything from i need new tuners to a new nut to a new guitar ( last one not appreciated:) This was solid advice and a great starting place looking at the easiest fixes first. I appreciate that a lot. Thanks again.
  • Andrew Jarick: stretch the strings by bending when you first pick it up and tune it.
    also, a lot of cheap guitars have bad nuts. that causes tuning instabilities.
    Les Pauls also have a shitty string angle out of the nut on the D and G string. they will go out of tune regardless
  • ThermaL1102: well it's not the nr 1 reason , the nr 1 reason is yourself
    people don't always have the same strength at different times of the day , with being tired from work or after you've eaten
    so you picking isn't gonna be at the same strength
    for beginners this is a real annoying problem , and you don't even know about it the first few years
    you think it's the guitars fault , but really , it's you 🙂
  • Josh Harmer: Thnx super helpful I subbed 😀
  • Tony Rock: Guitars will go out of tune due to temperature differences. If you tune your guitar in a warm area then walk into an air conditioned room the strings will tighten and go out of tune. Also the opposite. Use a dab of silicone lub it won't gather dust like oil.
  • Critos Da Bull: it's a little more complicated than just "Do this one trick and your problems are gone." Should be noted that cheaper guitars aren't going to have that same solution. Pointing at the Standard Strat from Squier, its bridge is a little rough, can't do much. Doing this /and/ adding proper lubricant to the moving metal parts (includes under the strings where they meet the saddle) will more than likely fix the issue. If not, check how your bridge is set up, make sure it's balanced or where you want it. If that doesn't fix it, move up to the nut, lubricate, still no dice, try the string trees. Sometimes it could just be the nut not being filed correctly, which a lot of people recommend going to a luthier and having them file the nut to be one gauge up from what strings you prefer, just to eliminate the chances of binding. A spectrum of things depending on the quality of the guitar you buy.
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  • ceej john: sir i accidentally threw up amout of juice on my pick up humbucker
    it is affected to the circuit of it will damage?still plug in to amp
  • Arnie Niblick: Just leave each new set of strings to settle for six months before you play on them, that'll sort it.
  • Allen Ballesteros: My guitar is not going out of tune.
    Yah, it has no strings
  • Karlos Pedrosa: how about the guitar with locks on the nut?
  • MAXIMUSISADOG: I own gibsons and fenders, all of my fenders stay in tune forever, my gibsons need daily tuning. I feel fender makes better tuners.
  • Sodium_Sean: but how do you fix it?
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  • joseph esposito: Can I ask you a question YourGuitarSage? Will thicker strings stay in tune better?????? And will a 'wound' G help tuning stability?????? I'll wait for your answer
  • Jim Deecken: Having helping fellow musicians with numerous low end guitars, I would say the number one reason is non-locking tuners followed by subpar setups with no fret levelling, and subpar wood quality and overall construction. A binding nut is easy to fix.
  • Joey Baima: A Well Grooved/ Lubed Nut Is What Ya Need. Those Strings Gotta Slide In That Nut, Man.
    Ive Got Bone Nuts And Roller Saddles On All My Guitars, Does Wonders.
  • Richard Brubaker: "Tugging" the strings, exactly what I've been doing for over 50 years!
  • murphythadog: So when you tune down to a drop D you tune below the D and then backup to the D.
  • KB Studios: OMG thank you sooooo much I really needed this!
  • N2F1: This is me tuning my new pricey Strat copy.
    I start at the high E and down from there. And by the time I get the low E in tune, the high E, B, G, and D are out of tune. And it is NEVER the same. Sometimes this string is sharp, sometimes flat. Sometimes that string is fast, sometimes sharp.
    I know how to tune a guitar (50 years believe it or not). I know how to stretch the strings. I know how to intonate. I know how to operate the tuning keys. I have tried 3 different tuners. Korg/TC and Korg.
    It has been to no less than 3 guitar techs. Even back to the factory. They did a setup (and charged me for it). And although it did NOT go out of tune when I got it back. The setup was not right for me.
    A super-minimal tightening of the truss rod. I have no fear of truss rods. But this was a SUPER small tweak.
    Then 1/4 turn on each saddle screw and it was playable. But it would not stay in tune. And has remained that way though two
    visits to the only guitar tech in my podunk little city. And though me trying every adjustment, every which way I can possibly think of to do.
    It HAS to be the tremolo. I have successfully setup my own Fender Strats. But this guitar is something else. In all of my years of elec guitars and basses, I have NEVER had an instrument that was so aggravating, frustrating and maddening.
    I waffle between throwing it our the window and then looking at it as one of life's many challenges.
    It Certainly sounds good. But I cannot play the thing the way it is, because all I end up doing is tweaking and futzing with it the whole time.
    So eventually I can get all the strings in tune. I play for 5 seconds, NO tremolo bar even touched. I check the tuning and it's all over the shop already.
    This is literally making me feel ill.
  • David Kennedy: That's a great tip…….pulling the string after tuning it, retuning it and pulling it over and over until it sets it in place is a solid tip. Also, use some pencil lead in the nut slot….it will settle quicker and not bind if there's any imperfections in the nut slot.
  • nasser yousif: my guitar keeps going out of tune if I keep tuning it will I break the string???
  • Dave Mustaine: Please Someone help me , i have problem with my 5 and 6 strings , they are perfectly intonated but the fretted notes are very out of tune , especially on the first frets , i dont know how is this possible when they are intonated , im really confused
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  • pakachakawaka: so does this string tugging apply to acoustic and classical guitars as well?                                                                                          i have a problem with my D string on my ovation classical guitar. it sounds right if I tune it so that an E-chord sounds correct, but when I play an A-chord on the sixth string, the D-string is out of tune. like wise when I tune it so that the A-chord on the sixth string (down on the 5th fret) sounds correct, when I play the E-chord, the D string is out of tune.
  • tin11: Hi! Just want to ask a question as to why my guitar always seem to go out of tune specifically the 2 highest strings. They keep going down even if I had tune it. Every strum I take it gets lower and lower. I play a classical guitar anf its new btw. Can someone give some advice it would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  • June Port Bridge: Amen. Literally explained to someone yesterday about tuning up and tugging the strings. Great video.
  • PangetzxcBae #12: What tuner app did he use?
  • rjbizzle1984: thanx my friend, great advice, i had no idea tuning up or down made any difference whatsoever, i'm usually tuning up when i come back to standard obviously, but when im playing a half step down (which i often do) i have noticed it goes out of tune much quicker, guess that's the reason.
  • DereMemo: Fuck that! I am buying a piano! 🙂
  • Matt x69x: don't really get that, the low E on the fender strat is a bitch. I have an Ibanez and a bc rich too but they never need tuning between string changes.
  • Gallopeermeneer: So who knows why my guitar always tunes UP over time? It's been happening for years on both of my guitars…
  • Hershel Meadows: so is a telecaster mostly used for country?
  • Direct Assault: This is what I always saw as the fatal flaw with the Gibson auto-tuner crap. It didn't tune down and back up.
  • Tom Cass: Why is it my guitar doesn't go out of tune? Of course this is common sense that I figured out about 40 years ago. Great advice for neophytes though.
  • William DeMars: never got taught the tugging of the strings. Thanks.
    What is that program use use to tune the guitar?
  • Tony M: what Fender Stratocaster is that, an American Vintage?
  • Shiver: My guitar always stayed in tune with itself, then I decided I wanted to float my bridge, still stays in tune long enough 😀

    except for when I use a capo

  • MeLexdy: I string my guitar with at least 2-3 wraps in G and B string and they hardly go out of tune now.. Vaseline and graphite in the nut slots help as well
  • MrSuperspartan28: could you do a video on how to fix the intonation on an electric guitar? would be very appreciated
  • Frozen Dan: I love this method and it is something that I always do when tuning. One of my acoustics always surprises me by going sharp rather than flat.
  • kain hall: i always tune close…not perfect but close…the first time.

    then play a song or 2….or just go crazy and stick the pick all the way down and strum like mad.
    ya, tugging does the same thing….

    then fine tune it perfectly.

    new strings…lol…have to do that "cycle" about 3 or 4 times

    it usually stays in tune for up to a week after that!

    and ALWAYS tune up….keeps the string tight. no compression and tension….just tension.

  • Greg Armstrong: thanks for that info my g string is always going out.
  • The Wickster Brewz: This guitar was in tune when I bought it. What happened? A little tug and a slap and tickle made it sound great! It's the way the gears are. Get a lot of mileage out of my guitar strings however they probably sound horrible if I was to record or play live! And yes temperature plays a big factor… take a cold guitar n2a a warm bar! Let it sit while you have a drink.. Leave the guitar case open and let your guitar breathe!! And do exactly what Eric said to do! You should be in tune for your first set! In the words of Guy Clark… I got an old guitar that never stays in tune I like the way it sounds in a dark and empty room!
  • mrmongo673: I'm embarrassed to say how many years I have been playing and did not know this!
  • Bollox Magee: this was great! getting in tune with things with no treble and no strings attached! now i know how to tug without busting my nut! 😉