How you can connect a yamaha pss 570 to audio interface


I want help connecting a yamaha pss 570 to some audio interface can't appear to settle your differences because it dosent have xlr ports onto it ? Any assistance on this is appreciated would like to record the interior sounds from the synth

Make use of the jacks, XLR could be more for any mic input than instrument & unless of course it features a pad, could be way too sensitive.

In the manual.

Yamaha pss

Not understanding what interface you've, there isn't much more could be stated.

Yamaha pss

It appears as though your keyboard has either stereo RCA jacks or Stereo quarter inch jacks, I am less than sure. However, the answer for ought to be the same. In case your interface has quarter inch inputs onto it and also the keyboard is quarter inch, then you simply need two quarter inch to quarter inch cables. I suppose, however, that you are asking since it is not that easy. Because I'm not sure what interface you've, I'll give two cases on what you might do according to your interface.

1) The interface has quarter inch inputs:
This situation is fairly simple. You are taking the RCA outs on the rear of the laptop keyboard, and grab two little RCA to Quarter inch adapters to use the finish of the stereo RCA cable. Whenever you connect the quarter inch cables, there should most likely be considered a change to choose mic/line or guitar level seem. This ought to be set to guitar or instrument level, whichever it's called.

2) The interface has only XLR inputs:
Either RCA or quarter inch from the back from the keyboard. If RCA, then obtain the aforementioned adapters to be able to alter the RCA to quarter inch. Then, you'll need whether stereo DI box or more mono DI boxes. This can go ahead and take quarter inch instrument level seem and alter it to XLR line level, enabling you to take an XLR in the DI(s) to your interface.

How to Clean a Cassette Player

  • ego grump: I know how to clean one but mines just making weird squeaking noises and I'm worried that it's gonna die soon ???
  • paveldaddy: Would brake cleaner do also?
    Coz' I don't have rubbing alcohol in handy
  • sorindncs: They are cassette RECORDERS, recorders not players!!!
  • Banjo String: Rubbing alcohol and ipa (isopropyl alcohol) are different. Rubbing alcohol is diluted ipa. For a decent job you need ipa. 99.9%
    You can use rubbing alcohol but firstly because it is diluted will take longer and second, you need to know what the dilut is
  • EasyListeningLounge: 91% alcohol is best to use. You also need to demagnetize the tape heads.
  • discotee: I always thought for pinch rollers you shouldn't use alcohol to clean. While cleaning my capstan some alcohol got on the pinch roller and looked like it stained it? Maybe it just needs to try. I played a cassette and it was fine.
  • Nik Tipik: Alright. I have a question. I have an old german "Sound 1080 S" and when I insert the tape into it and press play, it produces a medium-loud noise (hum). I have tried a cassete player cleaner tape multiple times and it did nothing. Do you guys know what the problem might be, and did i damage the head with the cleaner tape (heard it from rumors) ?
  • Roman T: Don't put in your favourite one in case it didn't work on the first try and it eats the tape
  • mitodabadee: Can you use white spirit as an alternative to the isopropyl alcohol?
  • Dave Corcoran: Use only the end of a feather from an albino phoenix, slightly moistened by the tears of a rhinemaiden. Everything else will ensure your entire hifi setup is corroded.
  • Oldie Goodie: It is best to use rubber cleaner -Rubber alcohol dries up the pinch rollers.
  • GenXtasy: Thats a Q Tip
  • Norman Box: I dont recomend you to use COTTON, USE INSTEAD OFFICE PAPERS (i dont know the correct word to english, but are the majro used papers in offices bond paper maybe is the word) COTTON has those like little hairy could damage. Use office paper with the alcohol.
  • Steve K.: what's a cassette player
  • RianTrace84: Technics cassette decks are a pain to clean!
  • Ben Bishop: This saved me from chucking out a vintage cassette player. Awesome!
  • Red Vega: Thank you!!! Much needed!
  • J. Spike: Thanks for the video! My cassettes are a lot clearer thanks to the tips from the video!
  • purwanto47: I DO
  • purwanto47: I do
  • Devyn Barrie: You took the words out of my mouth! "MP3 is the fast food version of an album"

    Couldn't have said it better.

  • acsca: Even a cassette tape is a bit more than 5 times the bit rate of a basic 128 kbit MP3 and still almost 3 times the bit rate over a download from iTunes. FLAC and other Lossless is ok, I use it in some circumstances. For me its CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, SACD or DVD Audio. The reality is is that MP3 is the fast food version of an album.
  • Zakuma101: But its nice having the physical peripheral, especially when they come with unique packaging or in unique colors.
  • Thanh Nguyen: What is the model number of the cassette deck in the video ?
  • Matthew Watson: Or you can use an MP3 player and FLAC or other lossless format. The audio quality is unmatched and you can have thousands of songs with you in the palm of your hand, easily sorted.
  • Poodleinacan: @verastaki … Where the hell were you putting those CD? In plain sunlight? In your car, in plain summer heat?… No wonder they all broke.
  • dilldill02: 0:45 THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
  • supergamer2401: The magnetic tape inside the cassette can be damaged by a variety of things without even making physical contact. the sound quality is also inferior to that of a cd. ps what do you mean when they started warping and cracking cds can last forever as long as you dont leave them lying around. Yes cassettes can take a bit more damage but that is because the actual tape is put in a protective case because it is so easily damaged. you could just as well put a cd in a case and it wouldnt get damaged
  • Ampheat: There is some debate about the use of alcohol to clean the RUBBER PINCH ROLLERS. Ideally a rubber cleaner like the one used to clean rubber rollers on printers is more advised. Or just some distilled water may be better than alcohol.
  • Mason McInerny: @nljuggalo go outside u troll
  • Le Bublerkin: hmm I drank all my alcohol two days ago. I need more vodka
  • Boki: @overdriven77 Well hearing that you're 16 seriously made all of our day's better, good for you, I'm not even born yet but I preffer cassettes over mp3 and classic rock over modern pop.
  • overdriven77: I'm 16 and I like cassettes and gramophone records 100 times more than CD's and mp3's. CD's and mp3's are cool, but there is nothing cooler than sitting in front of the gramophone or cassette player and listening some rock'n'roll from my dad's cassettes and records from 70's.
  • Robert Thompson: @JPizzicicleParody – My $300 Sony dual cassette deck was destroyed when a tape wrapped around the roller pins. The playback head system got stuck and when i finally got the cassette tape out,the system broke. I am crushed. I love my cassette collection. I have 240 cassettes give or take and converting them to cd is out of the question. I will just buy a less costlier cassette deck when i get the money next year.
  • Gonzoidzz: I just checked Amazon and some of my old cassettes are worth £50. Keep those cassettes folks! They do sound good and have some more charm than CD and definitely mp3. I know a few guys who threw out their whole collections, oh dear.
  • JPizzicicleParody: i di it inn my Aiwa cassette player and now it started to eat my tapes.
  • TheElectricDreamer93: I still do, but I lost all my cassettes 🙁
  • Bandelp: OMG i have that boombox at 0:07 its older than i am
  • AlexBennettSHOW: whats a cassette? lol
  • Hyatt58: What is this??? I love the 80's??!!!
  • Emman498: so much worthe it better than an iPod
  • geico1212: hahahaha yeh this is out dated
  • llollercoaster: Awesome! Now can you tell me how to clean my beta max player! or maybe how to fix my walkman!
  • Evanh52: Can you do a how to on moving out your moms basement because people are going to need to do that after they clean their cassettes
  • ddrfreak7714: how is this relevent at all 2day
  • AnthonyIsCoolio78: itz 2009 howcast…..GET WITH IT!!!
  • Luccas Reis: what is the name
  • slinkyme: just upgrade to an mp3 player, cheap bastards
  • Luccas Reis: witch one is it
  • Alfonso Javier Gutiérrez Rivera: me, HAHAHA!
  • Relinquish: wh othe fuck uses cassette
  • Phil Royster: next time on howcast: how to maintain a good 8-track player 🙂
  • Mason McInerny: What is a cassete player lol
  • Maha H.A: Oui! moi =P
  • kid4eva94: yep ur so right
  • NeeenO7: wooooooooooooooooow
    i haven't used my cassette player in years..
    i can't believe cassette players used to be the big thing LOL
    and the walkman is what everybody wants!!

    thank God for the MP3's

  • jovon baggs: haha come on now no use cassette Player so this video was super useless
  • E.Webb: Does anybody stil use a cassette player.
  • Brenard Borchung: I really hope this guy in the fuking video dies horribly. HE FUKING SUCKS. and i hope youtube de activates howcast's channel. it pisses people off.
  • Rlx: wow thats soooooo old
  • Shadoskill Heckroth: its this thing invented millions of years ago! XD
  • Megadedly: DVD? you mean CD?