BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

Saturday, November seventh . Doorways at 7pm.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

VIVO Education and Vancouver Audio have partnered to have an event and workshop series to understand more about circuit bending and glitch. We’ve located a Ladies’ Hacking Night / Atari Punk Console Build and Intro to Circuit Bending workshop, and collected together Vancouver makers, artists, online hackers and musicians, searching to talk about new sounds, hacked instruments, and different performances.

The ultimate showcase on November seventh will feature over 15 artists/online hackers and musicians with performances and “Show and Tell’s” through the evening.

If you are remotely thinking about electronics, experimental music, hacking, or would like to get transported to a different dimension, the wedding may be worth visiting. Please consider donating no less than $10 to visit towards generating occasions such as this happen. Nobody switched away for insufficient funds. All donations go towards causeing this to be along with other occasions enjoy it, possible. You are able to RSVP ahead of time via Eventbrite.


Doorways at 7pm

Ernest Brummer – “Tape/Disc”

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO
The Tape/Disc product is a remix from the turntable : a hybrid between audio tape and 12″ records, the machine is really a purely analog recording medium, sampler, and audio looper. The work was created with support of the research grant in the Canada Council for that Arts and it has lately toured through San antonio and Portland included in the NorthWest Loopfest.

Sara Gold & Emily Thacker – experimental researches in electricity

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

Using very staid effective vintage analog electronic instruments, Sara Gold will showcase the abilities of these fine examples because the paia 4700 modular system, Roland’s re-201 space echo along with a Roland Tr-909 drum machine among others.

Emily includes a keen curiosity about DIY audio electronics. With an autodidactic process she’s built various kits by Music From Space, BleepLabs, Eric Archer and PAIA. Recently her attention continues to be switched towards video synthesis and also the choices of Gijs Gieskes. She’ll be performing together with her video synths as well as other feedback methods together with Sara Gold on audio.

Giorgio Magnanensi • Kedrick James Shawn Cashin Jayson Thiessen – glitchdrones

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

Some textures, clouds and grains using rewired Texas Instruments speech synths, chaotic synth and granular video glitches.

With Kedrick James, voice and electronics.

Show & Tell:

Russell Kramer – NES Zapper

Vincent van HaaffCasio keyboard, Speak & spell mash-up. Furbies, speak & spell, stylophones, math & spell

Carol Beckmyer Theremin Demonstration

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

Bella McKee, Theano Pavlidou & Michelle La Haye – Atari Punk Console Demo

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

An Atari Punk console is definitely an astable square wave oscillator driving a monostable oscillator that produces just one (square) pulse. There’s two controls, one for that frequency from the oscillator and something to manage the width from the pulse. The controls are often potentiometers however the circuit may also be controlled by light, temperature, pressure etc. by replacing a potentiometer having a appropriate sensor (e.g., photo resistor for light sensitivity). More often than not there’s additionally a on / off switch (frequently a toggle switch) along with a volume knob.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVONorah Lorway & Kiran Bhumber – A combination of live code and gratifaction hacking.

Kiran and Norah digitally circuit bend through real-time algorithmic language Supercollider, creating dense ambients, beat-based textures, recording and live processing clarinet seem.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVOChris will perform a solo performance together with his unusual noise package including the Casio SK-1, Vtech Talk and kind, Furby Baby, Radio Shack Portable Karaoke, Slacksophone (Light Theremin), and Boss Overdrive with Atari 2600 Controller.

Featured Artists:

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

Born and elevated in Italia, Giorgio Magnanensi presently resides in Roberts Creek around the Sunshine Coast of Bc, Canada. His diverse artistic practice includes composition, performing, improvisation, circuit–bending and video art. In the early 80’s up to now he has worked like a composer, conductor, teacher, and artist in Europe, Japan and Canada. He’s artistic director of Vancouver Audio, Laboratorio Arts Society and lecturer in the School of Music from the Vancouver College.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVOSara Gold

Underneath the art house banner “House of Gold”, Sara Gold has cultivated a soundOrvisible practice for more than ten years. Her current instruments of preference include using hands built vintage analog modular synthesizers, reel to reel tape compression as well as an re-201 space echo to mention a couple of. She presently creates soundtracks for film and her very own videos, eluding to more dark styles. With past live show, Sara now concentrates on recorded works in her own vancouver based studio practice carving experimental techno from her instruments abilities, transcending thier limitations.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO

Emily Thacker is really a av artist situated in Vancouver, BC. Formerly located in Montreal where she completed a BFA within the Film Production Department of Concordia College and initiated two festivals (Sonic Meltdown 1 and a pair of). She’s performed her video and music pieces in Montreal, Vancouver and Washington

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVOErnest Brummer

Ernest Brummer is really a music performer, designer, and seem artist. His sonic inventions happen to be proven as interactive installations and featured in live performances at such illustrious venues because the VAG, SAG, Western Front, Vancouver New Music’s Circuit Cabaret Festival, and VIVO’s own Signal+Noise Media Art Festival.

of Circuit Bending at VIVO ()” alt=”BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVO” />Kiran Bhumber

Kiran Bhumber is really a composer, artist, programmer and music-educator from Vancouver, Canada. She completed her Bachelors of Music (2014) degree majoring in Secondary Music Education (Clarinet Concentration) in the College of Bc.

Kiran Bhumber’s work concentrates on motion-tracking technology and new interfaces for musical expression to produce both sonic and visual interactive environments for performers and audiences.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVONorah Lorway

Norah Lorway is really a Canadian live coding laptop artist, composer, software developer and pianist located in United kingdom. She lately completed her Ph.D in Computer Music at College of Birmingham with Scott Wilson. Norah is presently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the College of Bc where she teaches SuperCollider and laptop orchestra. Her current [Canada Council for that Arts funded] research study handles writing software to facilitate an accessible system for gesture control and live coding. She is another Visiting Research Fellow and Lecturer in the College of Birmingham where she’s a investigator with BEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research) and teaches SuperCollider and interactive programming.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVOBella McKee

Bella McKee is really a music performer, composer, teacher, artist, and aerialist from Vancouver. She is part of VETO (Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra) and is employed by a local engineering company manufacturing electric bicycle conversion kits.When she’s not flying high on the horizon, or having fun with her band, she’s in her own bed room recording music and messing around with synthesizers along with other electronics.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVODavid Leith

From early childhood experiments trying making his parents clocks run backwards and robot controlled curtains Dave rapidly moved into the field of circuit bending and building. His current artist practice includes design, photography and seem art in addition to construction of analog synthesizers/electronics. Current he’s developing custom Max/MSP/Jitter software for audio compositions and multi-media installations that has been exhibited lately within the Patterns show at Aberthau, Through The Trap Door (On Primary Gallery with LocoMotoArt), Queen Elizabeth Park and VIVO’s Signal & Noise Festival.

Take advantage of Symmers

Take advantage of began dealing with electronics at age twelve, lengthy before every electronic store had kits – in those days it had been a visit to the library to obtain a book on scratch built projects. The very first would be a very radio that labored surprisingly well. The following years were adopted by light sensing, relay control along with other projects which are lost within the sands of time… At 16 he bought an acetylene welding set and began making metal art. His work history encompassed custom sheetmetal shops, machine shops, marine fabrication and electrical. Now he works full-time creating kinetic sculptures and seem art in the home machine shop.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVORussell Kramer

Russell creates interactive av environments through repurposing obsolete technology.

Johan Thornton

Johan Thornton is definitely an engineer-switched-artist located in Vancouver, B.C. Together with his passion for technology, he programmed games for that Game Boy and Super Nintendo, examined nuclear waste storage for Atomic Energy of Canada, and founded a business developing DJ performance gear before turning his focus to art. His largest urban art installation was as he hacked in to the Lions Gate Bridge lights making them blink in Morse code. He’s been producing and performing dance music since 1995, and is among the founders of Soundproof, Vancouver’s longest running subterranean rave group. Since joining the Burning Man community, Johan has been doing engineering focus on the Temple this year, and did engineering work with large art in Burning Man 2012 and 2014.

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVOChris Hixon

Chris Hixon may be the brains behind local weirdo band Baboon Torture Divison. A longtime explorer of sonic frontiers, he started circuit bending in in 1997 as he walked around the voicebox of the singing Santa Clause, causing it to glitch. After acquiring some soldering knowhow, the board was set up in a toy gun having a speaker within the barrel, and also the glitch connected to the trigger. Since that time he’s been an enthusiastic bender of speaking toys and old Casios and it has been continuously involved with noise one local noise band or any other.

Garnet Hertz

Dr. Garnet Hertz is Canada Research Chair in Design and Media Arts and it is Affiliate Professor within the Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr. His art and research explores styles of DIY culture and interdisciplinary art / design practices. He’s proven his work on several notable worldwide venues in 13 countries including SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, and DEAF and it was awarded the 2008 Oscar Signorini Award in automatic art. Hertz is founding father of Dorkbot SoCal, a regular monthly La-based lecture series on DIY culture, electronic art and style. He’s labored at Art Center College of Design and College of California Irvine. His scientific studies are broadly reported in academic publications, and popular press on his work has disseminated through 25 countries such as the New You are able to Occasions, Wired, The Washington Publish, NPR, USA Today, NBC, CBS, TV Tokyo, japan and CNN Headline News. More information:

BENT: A Showcase of Circuit Bending at VIVOVincent van Haaff

Vincent van Haaff is really a multi-disciplinary media artist dealing with computer code to understand more about virtual and real spaces based on rule-based systems. Initially from Los Angeles, he went from the record label co-founder and audio hacker in La for an ecological club founder in Santa Barbara before relocating to Vancouver to become software developer and media artist. His expertise spans from data and music visualizations to computer vision, event and community installation, and user-centred design.

Carol Beckmyer

Carol Beckmyer is really a classically trained soprano, folk fiddler and thereminist. Carol is a person in VETO because the summer time of 2015 and it has since performed her theremin both in experimental electronic and orchestral concerts.

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