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Hidden Sounds

Hidden Sounds Review

On occasions when people are attempting to create music utilizing a physical medium for example circuit bending it's not easy to obtain inspiration, not just using what sounds to produce however with what hardware to produce all of them with. Knowing that, a motion picture like Fundamental FM’s Hidden Sounds is really a veritable goldmine of ideas and inspiration.

Broadcasting two times per month, every second Thursday at 7.00pm in addition to repeats weekly at 4.00pm, Hidden Sounds features ambient/experimental circuit bending music from a number of artists from known exponents from the genre to new artists searching for any platform to showcase the work they do to some wider audience.

The show is comparatively new and therefore it might be better to bear in mind that as each episode passes the host of Hidden Sounds grows in to the role, together with his periodic interjections and artist introductions becoming a lot more polished and natural over the years.

So whether you’re searching for inspiration, a brand new platform to showcase a number of your circuit bending electronica or simply want something from the beaten track to hear of the Thursday evening, Hidden Sounds is really an excellent tool for artists along with a truly enjoyable hour of music for casual listeners as well.

Old instances of Hidden Sounds can be found at http://www.mixcloud.com/TheHiddenSounds and Fundamental FM possess a free application readily available for download both in google's Play Store and also the Apple Application Store should you want to determine the show out for her.

Essential Studying: Hand crafted Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins

So you’ve seen the monome, x0xb0x, atari punk console, people making their very own pedals/synths and also the large number of interesting items to be achieved using the Arduino. This abundance of DIY activity has awakened a primitive animal deep lower within the reptilian core of the brain. This awakening infiltrates all of your awareness and all of a sudden you are searching at videos of smug jerks using their own DIY instruments thinking, “I hate you a lot. I wish to make things too. F__ served by your house made modular synth. I think you'll choke onto it!”

When the above describes your unique needs you might perfectly possess some rage issues that we cannot assist you with. Things I will help you with is the potential hacking skills by counseling you to definitely purchase a copy of “Handmade Electronic Music” by Nicolas Collins.

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This book ought to be the foundation for anybody attempting to get involved with hardware hacking, electronic instrument building or any kind of DIY music making. First printed in the year 2006 (second edition 2009), this book takes the readers in the beginning and shows you the essential rules and methods of hacking in addition to what tools and materials you will have to get began.

Collins introduces us that there's music everywhere within our everyday lives. (I know he'd have become on swimmingly with John Cage when they ever met.) In a single chapter, any electrical appliance may become an origin of interesting seem using only a small amplifier along with a get coil (see video below). In another, he unlocks the hidden audio potential of charge cards along with other objects that utilize electromagnetism. It is important to be familiar with unusual causes of seem when hacking and Collins lays this foundation before getting to more complex topics.

During the main one hands opening our eyes and minds towards the untapped musical potential in our surrounding atmosphere, Collins importantly needs time to work to explain essential hacking skills for example soldering (without that you simply won’t end up with far), locating the clock circuit in hackable toys (and subsequently how you can wreck havoc on stated clock to create awesome sounds), how you can understand various kinds of switches, how you can power and package a hacked toy, how to get a concept from breadboard to circuit board and the way to place the finishing touches to some completed project. Additionally, you will learn some very helpful theory for example Ohm’s Law that is described plain and simple and clearly.

Among the best facets of it is it was written using the music performer/composer in your mind as opposed to the electronic engineer. Which means that any possibly confusing concepts or technical jargon are described completely and therefore are related straight to the projects define point about this book. (Talking about the projects, there's additionally a DVD that comes with the written text with 13 video lessons (also online), 87 videos and 20 sound files from your worldwide variety of online hackers, musicians and artists.) These projects include making your personal condenser mic, pseudo-theremin, analog to digital ripper tools, animated dagguerreotype, digital to analog ripper tools or even a small power amplifier.

I can’t recommend this book enough for anybody thinking about DIY music making. The only real difficulty I can tell people getting with this particular book may be the sourcing from the components for every project. Appendix A experiences some sources speculate Collins is resident in the united states they're mainly based over the pond. The only real source he lists that might be relevant to Irish or United kingdom online hackers is Maplins (which may most likely be my last selection of supplier because of ridiculously high costs). A great source for components in small consumer quantities is Bits Box that is located in the United kingdom.

Certainly, this book provides you with the know-how and skills essential to with confidence make an effort to make any demented contraption you are able to consider and is the best summary of the skill of hardware hacking.

Free Bent Coleco Speaking Teacher Sample Pack From Seaweed Factory

I had been perusing the getlofi blog lately and discovered a fascinating sample pack from Seaweed Factory. The sample pack contains ”… sounds from the circuit bent Coleco Speaking Teacher … Over 230 glitchy, airy and automatic sounds await within this free trial pack. Also incorporated within this pack are synthetic vocal examples of figures in situation you would like some kind of speaking clock or the like.”

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Circuit-Bent Super Special Friend Kai-Lan

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    My childhood.
  • Suprebob Toast: Im pretty sure i heard something about mayo.
  • EAS CEC: Kai-Lan: You made my Heart feel SUPER MAD! ?
    Me: XD
  • Mariel Kay Bergman: Kai Lan and the Chipettes
  • Fernando Castruita: 1:45 rabiosa
  • kawaiiworld aj: lol
  • Brian Allred: and run to yuop day ghjklll???
  • Joey Kette: 1:44, creepy!?
  • Alex Alex: I Love Ni Hao Kai-Lan!
  • sarah hlebiczki:
  • Matthew Vanhorn: Hey dude l love ni Hao kin Lan
  • Simon Drapeau: 1:49 Man of steel -''Your are not alone''
  • maureen davis: RAVE