Pro Audio Recordings. Anatomy of Guitar Tone: Dub/Reggae Style Delay Effects

Anatomy of Guitar Tone: Dub/Reggae Style Delay Effects

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Certainly one of my personal favorite features within the Echolution pedal is if you use a manifestation pedal, you are able to set the expression pedal to affect several parameter simultaneously.

With this particular seem, I understood I needed to regulate both mix and also the repeats. Now, when i push the amount pedal up — or even the expression pedal up, it might turn these two knobs up simultaneously.

With this style delay effect, I love using much more of an electronic bass delay which will produce cleaner repeats.

An analog delay is awesome, but because the repeats progress, they have a tendency to deteriorate a great deal faster, so with this, I love some that clean choppiness which will punch through and almost be a precise replica.

After I was establishing this seem using the expression pedal, I made use of the Pigtronix Echolution application, that is a very well designed application to create the parameters for that repeats and also the mix knob.

Here’ possess the application open, as you can tell, and that i possess the Echolution connected via USB to the pc. So at this time, this application is manipulating the delay, that is a really awesome feature.

You appear on here, and also you see on the repeats and also the mix knob — allow me to focus a bit here — you will see there is a white-colored area here, and just what this may is that this sets the number the expression pedal will work with each knob, and that i can place it as many knobs when i want, however for this seem, I’d it just for repeats and blend.

The thing is, I’ve the number a bit more narrow for that repeats than for that mix. Now, after i adjust the amount pedal, full throttle are only a really limited range for that repeats and also the mix, all-in-one sweep from the pedal.

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