Seth Lewis loves the entire process of creating art from seem.

by Brett Levine Photo by Jerry Siegel

Seth Lewis loves the entire process of creating art from seem.

“I would describe myself being an art investigator,” Seth Lewis explains. “Most of the items I actually do is actually development and research instead of making traditional art.” Lewis is among a more recent variety of creative experts who are as thinking about the technologies and options from the arts process because they are inside a end product.

“I studied sculpture at LSU, and that i started to create interactive pieces there,” Lewis states. “First, I designed a hands on the conveyor belt. It moved along it until its finger produced enough pressure to shatter a pane of glass.” With this particular work, along with a subsequent piece by which pods oscillated across a gallery floor— “I was inspired by an electrical football game, should you remember individuals,” he laughs—Lewis recognized he had begun to pay attention to works which were about interactivity, however that the interactive experience wasn’t the primary idea.

“I started to consider a great deal about the thought of the device, about something which was produced wholly and exclusively by a person,” he states. “In my senior year I just read articles on circuit bending, a procedure that may permit you to create means of electronics that may do stuff that weren’t intended.”

Circuit bending grew to become integral to Lewis’ works. “I began finding out how to read schematic diagrams, that is a good way for somebody without any background in electronics to know the way they work,” he states. This brought to his forays into hacking, modifying or “modding,” and circuit bending electronic instruments he frequently present in thrift stores.

“There know instruments and toys to consider any time you venture out,” Lewis explains. “Some, such as the ‘Speak and Spell’ or even the ‘Talking Teacher’ weren’t designed as instruments, but because you explore their abilities they may be changed into another thing entirely.” The procedure itself relies upon use of older toys. “Circuit bending is, partly, the entire process of the technologies of times,” Lewis states. “Now, newer toys simply don’t lend themselves just as much towards the process. It’s as though newer toys are created with less ways they may be altered.

“These days, I’m much interested in creating interactive instruments in the ground-up, building them on your own,” he states. This method provides Lewis having a amount of autonomy, distancing him from the reliance upon other manufacturers or seem designers. “I view it in an effort to liberate myself in the market,” he states. “I’m not dependent on the way i can personalize it, or things i can take shape from this. My creativeness is just restricted to the electronic components which are in the marketplace.”

Among the greatest challenges Lewis encounters is the possible lack of a shared space in Birmingham by which circuit benders, instrument online hackers and equipment modifiers could work. “In metropolitan areas new You are able to and La, you will find spaces, frequently with shared equipment, where builders, programmers and creators could possibly get together to talk about ideas, objects and projects,” he states. Lewis want to see this type of space be realized.

For the time being, Lewis is happy look around the modding and bending options from the unique and weird toys and instruments he finds, and also to continue designing and developing their own interactive instrument and controller designs. “I’m moving towards realizing a task that’s multifaceted,” he states. “In a gallery space it can be both a guitar, using the capacity to be performed, along with a seem installation if this isn’t experiencing interactions.” Within the finish, it’s the creativeness from the procedure that Lewis enjoys probably the most. “I want my tactic to be among full personalization to be able to make a musical instrument your personal,” he states.

Published on Monday, August first, 2011.

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how do you make contact with seth lewis? or even the author?

we’ve really attempted to begin a maker space.

you are able to achieve Brett at brettmlevine@charter.internet he will be able to point you within the right direction.

Jason, I’d just like to take part in this.

Danielle LaPorte Gets Real About Self-Compassion, Positive Thinking, & More

  • Natasja Fischer: I needed exactly this today.  <3 A thousand thanks to both of you Beauties.
  • LoriWatt: This doesn’t really relate to self compassion. I meditate for 10 minutes and don’t judge myself for not doing 20 to 30 minute meditation. I do yoga daily basis to help me be more loving towards myself it has reduced seziures in my body. I use compassion meditation Gabby Bernstein has it is awesome.
  • Laura Rimmer – Keto Alkaline Nutritionist: Jesus is not your home boy. He’s either your Lord, Saviour and King, or a figment of your imagination. You can’t have new age and Jesus, He says HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You’re all in for that or nothing. I’ve walked the same path. Ditch the dangerous new age and go all inf or Jesus, He is the best thing you will ever have in your life and to overcome death. BTW Catholicism isn’t Christianity. Check this – it was a stumbling block to me for years too.
  • Paola Castro: ?Do your own version of devotion and stop comparing.
    ?deep positivity is knowing that at the end of it all you are going to be ok. Regardless of the outcome.
    ❤️the best self help
    Is self compassion. I want to do this more!!!!! Can’t wait to meet Danielle one day.
  • Andra Gill: My favourite Marie TV recording in a while, so real, so authentic and so relatable!
  • BreathingAMVs: Danielle’s criticism of these social media identities isn’t criticism to distance herself from the fact that what she has made a living off of has laid the path for these kind of habits we see on social media now, everyone competing when it comes to self care. At the beginning of this podcast Danielle admits to having had these habits herself. Criticism isn’t always hypocrisy. People seem to forget how social media is constructed. It is a concentration of habits that already existed in humanity. Before social media people were still taking ideas from others and stripping them down or profiting off these ideas as their own. Social media amplifies that, concentrates it, organizes our worst habits to display proudly. Danielle fell victim to inviting these habits of self care competition and openly expressed she did, can criticism of those who continue these habits blindly not be expressed?
  • Gabriella Lopez: I liked the non-attachment and detachment part as well as the self-compassion part. These help me strive to achieve and do better, but remind me to enjoy the present and where I am now, which is an interesting paradox.I can be more self-compassionate by reminding myself that if I fail, that sitting in that feeling of failure is ok. That’s its part of being human.
  • Shaun Epp: Thank you both for making this podcast! Listening to it pulled me out of a darker depressed state of mind.
  • Simone Bailey Campbell: Get out of my mind! yep, you guys hit your target audience. I’m there. had a conversation with God/myself this morning. I just surrendered. For the rest of year I’m giving up on the results and totally enjoy the creation. I’m just tried of feeling like a failure. Tried of people telling me how to do it right, faster, better…. I’m doing it my way. F.. the rest.
  • Dragonflykeep Vlogtinis: This was a fantastic find today. Self forgiveness was what hit me the most
  • Into the depths of fashion: i love this podcast! everyone should listen to it! It is so real and I love it! Thanks for sharing!
  • Laura Jane Jones: I sooo needed to hear this! You both want to scrap old pieces of writing/videos! When I look back at stuff I wrote 2/3 years ago, I find myself compelled to rewriting things (oh noo!!) then like you say, I remind myself I was just doing the best I could at the time, which I’m pleased to say I do, but it’s very reassuring that you ‘big shots’ feel the same way! I obvs don’t have an entourage to tell me to stop, so I’m just gonna have to engage my inner PA – stop looking, or just be gentle and let it go! I’m also practising self compassion every time I look in the mirror (had a couple of hair disasters, and I can be quite harsh, so mirror lovin!) Thanks girls, you are both rockin! Xx
  • Stephanie Clairmont, RD: MarieForleo and DanielleLaporte you make me want to be great, and feel not just that I can, but that I already am … and I just need to keep creating and sharing. ?
  • Lindsey Hazel: You have to be your own best friend! Loved that part so much!
  • Tony Rubaszewski: why does it have to be just about women. what about men. I know most men will not even hear this. I am not a person that judges by what people say. this is great for all people. every body goes through the same thing but in a different form. life is a circle, everything comes full circle no matter what. it shows up in a different situation [light]. until you deal with it and then life moves on. what we do not deal with, comes back to us till we do. this is a great pod cast. more people need to here things like this, but they do not like to here the truth. just what they want to here. thanks for the time to put the respective in the reality of life. God bless
  • LittleMissCrista: So inspirational ♥
  • Katina Diep: I’d like to allow myself to feel sad at times, anxious other times, and not see those as negative, but rather as human emotions. “You poor thing” is the part that touched me the most. Work in progress…;)
  • Katina Diep: I am loving this podcast, so simple and real. 😉
  • Rachel Gordon: such a beautiful thumbnail
  • Mel M: so nice to hear them agree that they see the bs flooding social media on watered down sacred teachings
  • CJ Johnson: My AHA gem was: “It’s about Loving yourself while Hating yourself.” When Danielle said that, my spirit smiled. I felt that so deeply!!!!
  • Hannah I: This was a really beautiful video.
  • Hannah I: I liked the ‘stop dramatising’ part. Its so true. People think they’re so special for suffering and they’re not.
  • Marisa Sim: Wow! I so needed to listen to this today. The best self help is self compassion. I was going through a dark episode last night, going into the victim mode which I hate to see in other people and myself included. Now I understand that it was absolutely necessary to go through it! Thank you Angel Marie & Danielle. x
  • Maxine Friend: Thank God someone said it! I’m a spiritual coach and intuitive, and have seen personally seen how spiritual bypassing does not empower anyone. Many spiritual teachers will try to sell you on the idea that they can provide you with all of the answers and this is BS; the answers come from within. Much love to you Marie and Danielle for your beautiful work and authentic magnificence!! xo
  • Emily Pumm: My favorite insight was that self love is the key to it all. To love yourself when you want to hate yourself. Yes! Been getting all sorts of cues like this lately and it’s time to answer um.The way I’m going to start being more compassionate to myself is to let go of all things that don’t feel right for me, right now. I’m finding healing through major health challenges right now and I need to be my best friend through and through. Energy suckers can hit the road. Thanks for this!
  • Zane zzz: This is my favorite channel, however, I get snobbish vibes from her…
  • Grace Thu: So inspiring & empowering. Loved this real talk! Thank you, Marie & Danielle <3 x
  • Olivia Budgen: Learning to love yourself, when you hate yourself ? that means the most to me because I relate to beating myself up so, so much when I haven’t lived up to my expectations.I can be more compassionate with myself right now by realising I’m doing the absolute very best I can, and that I’m coming from a place of love.
  • Kimberly Bengali: this week I was berating myself for falling into an old pattern I thought I had conquered. Self-compassion, now that’s just what I needed to hear.
  • Marie Young: I loved Danielle’s thoughts on how self help doesn’t apply to everyone, and people providing the advice need to be more cognizant of this. This hit all the way home. Some people hand on to these guru’s EVERY WORD, and don’t event consider the privileged that the person dolling out the advise may be privy to. That was a good catch there – very dope!I’m a virgo (if you believe in that stuff) and I am a stone-cold perfectionist who cares what others thinks of me – my WORST trait. Learning not to care felt too vulnerable, but it was a necessary lesson. Although I’m not perfect at it, I am at least more self aware of it.Awesome interview! I found this channel via Marianne Williamson, and I’m loving it! Keep up the inspiring work!
  • Lisa Gonzalez: I can’t tell you how timely this was for me! So many things about this podcast I loved. For one, being hopeful and not attached vs. detached. Wow. Eye-opener for sure. But self-compassion was a HUGE “a-ha” for me! Also a “tough cookie,” I have a hard time allowing myself to be vulnerable when I need to, but – OK – so now I think I need to close myself in the Wellness Room at work so I can practice some self-compassion. Had a significant exchange with my significant other just THIS MORNING! All of my compassion practice clearly has been directed at others (specifically, him) – until now. Oy…where do I begin?
  • Just Take 10: yes we are all perfect now perfect in our imperfection looking back I had plenty of perfect imperfections and growing each day
  • Judith Montel: great, great podcast. Love where you guys are with this. About making things look easy, about the pitfalls of the role of being in the public eye, I think another aspect is the temptation to give an answer when someone asks for advice. I’m not a public person, but just in my own family I find myself falling into this again and again and again. It’s so flattering and affirming to be the advice giver. So when someone asks, more often than not, long before I even think to ask myself “do I know?” “do I have any answers worth saying?”, I’m putting together an advice packet, because it feels like someone ASKED me for one and I SO love being the person delivering these neat and balanced packets of impartable wisdom… not that they have particularly helped me in my life – in fact, they’ve led me astray and thank goodness I’ve developed an allergy to them recently… except the ones I package up myself. Still working hard on that one. So yeah, that is a temptation it is hard to resist – answering the question, responding to the heartfelt request for advice… hang in there gals!!
  • Michelle Monet: Valuable for sure. Self compassion is key especially when you are in a ‘WTF am I doing”? mood again! We all must be our own best friend and in my opinion our best cheerleader too. Thanks for this marie. What I loved most about this is that we must not be ATTACHED to our dreams/goals but know that we are ok even if we dont ‘get what it is we are shooting for’. Maybe something BETTER is in store. Yes.!
  • Charlie McGing: Interesting video
  • Katia Aleksandrova: not seeing you is odd…but this way I have noticed that Danielle is very attractive voice-wise)
  • Planet Your Pal, Erin: “You are substance.” I love that you have used a noun rather than an adjective as counterprogramming. It’s so much more concrete. Thank you, Danielle and Marie!! Sending love and light to all who ate listening. (*are listening. Thanks for chiming in, Autocorrect…)
  • Belle Rousse: yes! thank you
  • Eliza n: i enjoyed this, but felt a lot of judgment towards others, e.g. the ‘twenty-something yoga teacher’ and a few other moments. this was kind of disappointing but thank you for all the other amazing words that this podcast provided, truly valuable
  • GVOM: -having a cigarette and a green smoothie,loved that part!
  • Katelin Jenkins: Thank you for this! This resonated so much today , especially the part of being your own best friend, even when you are mad or sad with yourself . You are so inspirational and I plan on picking up Danielle ‘s book soon! Namaste ?
  • Marilyn Haverly: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Let me testify! Everything said resonated with me for sure! Timely and wonderful.
  • Andrew Rice: I don’t know where it originates, but it’s like I hear an idea in one small corner of the market and then later I hear it everywhere. Weird but cool. Speaking about how we approach self-help.
  • Paula A Meneses: Marie Forleo…You have been such an inspiration to me, I see you as a mentor and I love your work.
    I’m also loving the podcast with Danielle; I have seen other videos you made with her and she is so awesome and real!
  • Ferricity AMV: I so love your intro miss. ! It’s so unique and has good music especially if u listen in Headphones
  • Yash Mishra: Nice Work MARIE! ☺ LOVE FROM INDIA!