Maintain same volume levels inside a digital guitar processor

I've got a BOSS ME-25 and that i realize that after i switch between patches, the amount levels will vary. I edited the patches and hang exactly the same volume and save them. However, if i play and switch between individuals patches i see improvement in the amount levels. It is really an issue after i experience stage because the seem man complains my patches aren't correct.

I am searching for any more in depth answer when it comes to the way i should setup my patches, regardless of the processor which i use (unless of course it truly depends upon the kind of processor which i use) to guarantee the volume is even and that i still want a dark tone which i dialed in (when it comes to all or any of those settings – comp/forex, Preamp, os/ds, modulation/reverb etc)

For those who have distortion or compression inside your patches, then there's not a way to ensure the volume will not change between patches.

Maintain same volume levels inside a digital guitar processor you can observe

Distortion e.g. has a tendency to amplify the signal once the guitar is performed softly. Once the guitar is performed aloud, then your volume doesn't increase around the the level of the undistorted signal does. For the reason that situation the undistorted signal may be louder compared to distorted signal. Exactly the same factors affect compressors.

And So I believe you need to tweak the amount settings for your style of and you must do it per patch.

In searching in the ME-25 Manual (PDF) you can observe that every patch normally has a preamp volume, and each overdrive or compression effect also offers a volume setting there. So that you can have as much as three volumes that modify the overall output amount of confirmed patch. You will wish to tweak these to obtain a volume you want. Modulation, reverb and delay levels are often more concerning the amount of modulation/reverb/delay used, so that they modify the overall volume less. Those to pay attention to are preamp, overdrive, and compression.

The key factor to keep in mind is the fact that that the volume setting that could create a perfect volume for just one patch (say preamp:7, OD:6) may be too loud or too quiet if you are using exactly the same settings for any different patch. Every amp model and also the different OD effects all modify the overall volume differently, so to obtain a really even tone you will want to undergo and pay attention to each patch and adjust the amount by ear, not through the number values.

Maintain same volume levels inside a digital guitar processor really even tone you

This can be a tiresome process, and it is only essential for the patches you apply the most or even the ones you might like to use live. But starting with one patch, dial within the right volume, then switch to a different patch, adjust the amount so it's in conjuction with the previous patch after which reserve it. You will need to switch backwards and forwards to verify the volumes are relatively equal, then once you discover the best level it can save you it and proceed to the next.

It requires considerable time and energy to setup one like this for evenness and consistency, however if you simply are having fun with a band or doing gigs, it's pretty essential that you undergo and dial out of all tones you can observe yourself using and make certain the amount match. This really is really a primary reason I sometimes prefer using separate pedals, because its much simpler to tweak and tweak this type of factor without getting to undergo menus and saving patches. However in a multi-effect unit like yours, when you are it set correctly, you'll be able to be done with it typically, also is helpful.

edit: one note, if playing live or having a band, you will want a number of patches which are a bit louder, your "boost" patches, which you can use throughout a solo or when you need that extra little bit of volume.

HeadRush Pedalboard: Part 1 – BUILD YOUR RIG 101

  • Paul Ramshaw: That's pretty impressive
  • lynyrddeville: Well, you sure made that look ridiculously easy!
  • Home Recording Made Easy: I purchased one of these and did not realize that you CAN NOT switch channels on your amp in 4-cable method unless your amp has MIDI. I sent it back based on that alone as I want to incorporate a pedal board into my LIVE rig and wanted to be able to easily switch channels on my Friedman via the Headrush. The Line 6 Helix does allow for this so I am going to try that. Just want to make people aware because all the new Headrush products allow for this but not the large pedalboard. Hope this helps someone as I wish I knew this feature was not on board before I purchased it.
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  • Keb Mel: Helix schmelix, you need this, cheaper, easier to use, no farting about, buy it
  • Keb Mel: I got one! Owns everything, giving away all my pedals
  • Carlos Rodriguez: What model and brand are that guitar?
  • JohnManu Lennon: hello, congratulations for the review, that great sound that you take to the pedalboard is through some monitors? I have a headrush and I do not know how to get that sound that I hear in the video, I would love you to tell me how you do it, thanks and greetings from Spain
  • david milne: Dont you find the distortion harsh ?
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  • formercakid: I am returning mine. Fortunately, I purchased it less than 30 days ago from a major vendor. the USB Transfer is not working. Tried multiple pc's running WIN7 & WIN10 and no good, Headrush drive does not come up. Very disappointed, but I am upgrading to a HELIX LT which I know I will be happy with and for added protection I purchased the vendors extended 3 year warranty.
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  • Dieter Woiczik: Hi Brett, this are great videos, congrats. Like it very much. But what I miss in the Videos and What I have not seen yet in any videos and information about the different views the board has. So if I want to use it on stage my prefered usage is, to have the opportunity to change/switch presets and also effects at the same view. As I have seen in the manual there is a mode named Hybrid view. Is it possible to change presets with the four lower middle buttons and then switch on/of effects for this preset with the four upper middle switches? This is essential if you have an intro with total different sound than Vers and Chorus in one song. If you have a video for that it will be great. I need that feature for my preferences to decide for that gear.
  • maddle60: Hi Brett, I always love your pedal presentations, thank you for that. You tested the Headrush and built a rig which sounds pretty awesome. I've been planning to buy one in the closer future. My question: Can I use the XLRs direct into the mixing console plus a mono cable 1/4" out to drive an amp like a monitor both at the same time? Greetings from Germany, Martin
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  • akosibopet: question? is it water proof? I mean during gigs, maybe near a beer bottle when u accidentally spill it especially on the touchscreen area. just wondering…
  • tjg8675: Hi Burgs,
    Can the headrush pedalboard do "sound on sound"? (one tone in heel position and another tone in toe position, and fade between the two?)
    ex. David Gilmour "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" (from David Gilmour at the royal albert hall)
  • Brett Lingle: Compared to my Axe-Fx II XL + this thing sounds like shit. It's going back to Guitar Center.
  • Brian Cullen: I love interface, colour coding and touch screen.
  • Daniel Roberts: Wow! You make it look so easy to dial in great tone.
  • lobsternutz: The only reason to buy this is the fact that it's $499 and $299 less than the Line6 Helix and AX-8, respectively.
    Everything sounds OK through YouTube. Even comparison videos suffer the lie of the YouTube compression, because at the end you can get all of them to sound the same with EQ and the right IR.
    If you want the best sound = AX-8
    If you want the best interface = Helix
    If you want the cheapest of the three = Headrush.

    Seems pretty clear.

  • jcoulter43: Great review as usual! I'm very interested in this new pedal. I've been using a Firehawk FX for a while and really like it. Was considering upgrading to a Kemper, but don't like that it isn't a pedal board (head and pedal only). How does the Headrush models/cabs/effects compare sonically with the Kemper or the Helix? Looking forward to your response and watching the rest of the videos in this series. Keep up the good work!
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    Is there any chance of a comparison between this, the Line 6 Helix and the Fractal multi-fx pedalboards? I'm having a bit of a tough time deciding which one to get.

  • Brian Cullen: I was just thinking about the ethics of these digital fx. If I go and paint a copy of a famous new painting ( no more than 50 years old ) and then I go and sell it, it would be immoral and I would also be liable to be sued. If I took a photo of that painting and sold it I would be sued too. Now, someone exactly copying an analog circuit has been found to be the same (look at vertex effects history). If I then do what is arguably the equivalent of taking a photo (making a digital snap shot of the pedals response and audio signal aren't I infact breaking the same codes? It is an interesting discussion point for the industry and its 'consumers'
    I know the market drives things but does this make it right? I mean someone like Brian Wampler spends hours doing things the right way and actually develops an idea, creates, tests and makes it work in a production line and then some crafty computer and audio engineers essentially steal his material and rebrand it. It's not moral is it? (presuming that these digital algorithms are exact copies)
    Are the companies in discussion with each other about how much like the real thing is acceptable to both parties etc? or is it more of a case that it is seen as something unstoppable? Or is it a Fender Marshall JTM thing where Fender can't sure because they too borrowed their ideas from old tube radios?
    I like the new Boss Katana and Yamaha THRHD 100 HD as they seem to have digitally built the amp models themselves rather than copying an audio signal?
    (correct me if I am wrong)
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