Fuzz face schematic

This is actually the Fuzz Face™ project termed as FF5, the “5” denotes there are a minimum of 5 different versions that you could build with this particular project. These are!

For any simple project, we advise the NPN Plastic Transistor Version. If you wish to develop a Germanium Transistor version, get the transistor set from Small Bear Electronics LLC and employ the resistor values he transmits using the transistors. His resistor designations (R2, etc) won’t be the same because the designations on these projects. This is actually the mix reference:

For those who have a typical power to power your pedals, the negative ground version works together with your other pedals on the common power. Begin to see the Charge Pump Wrapper below to obtain your positive ground pedal on the common power with your other pedals.

Trimmer or No Trimmer

The Germanium Transistor version and also the NPN Plastic Transistor version layouts have a 10k trimmer (R5T) that isn’t proven within the schematic. We feel this can be a worthy accessory for the circuits, providing you with more choices for the best seem you would like. Should you not desire to use the trimmer, this is actually the Fuzz Face™, No Trimmer Diagram pointed out within the Instructions file. This diagram is perfect for the Germanium Transistor version, however the jumper is identical for that NPN Plastic Transistor version.

Common Files For Those Versions

  • General Build Instructions
  • Fuzz Face™ Instructions
  • Fuzz Face™ Ready-For-Transfer Pcb Layout – To be used only if you’re a complete DIY person who would like to etch and drill your personal PCB. Otherwise, we advise you ignore this PCB mask and purchase the Ready-to-Solder Pcb or Complete Package in the links below.
  • Fuzz Face Projects History File

Fuzz Face Germanium Transistor (Dallas Arbiter) Version

Fuzz Face Plastic Transistor (Dallas Arbiter) Version

Easy Face (Joe Gagan’s) Version

Boutique Late 60’s Fuzz Face Version

Boutique Late 60’s NPN Fuzz Face Version

This could use plastic or germanium NPN transistors with excellent results. List of materials is equivalent to the “Late 60’s List of materials above.

Boutique Early 70’s Fuzz Face Version

Fuzz Face PNP Germanium Transistor With Charge Pump Version

Adding electric power charge pump around the input power, provides you with the opportunity to daisy chain capacity to your PNP Positive ground pedal with your other negative ground pedals! Eliminate any requirement for special factors when powering your Fuzz Face using the other pedals in your pedal board.

Purchase a FF5 Complete Package. Includes all of the parts and materials you have to build one, all for around the cost you’d purchase a PCB and parts.
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Do you want a Prepared to Solder Circuit Board with this project? Note: If you purchase the package, the Ready-to-Solder Pcb (RTS PCB) is incorporated within the package. You don’t need to buy this Prepared to Solder Circuit Printed Board if you purchase the package.

JHS Pollinator Fuzz V2, the Fuzz Face circuit for beginners

  • TheNocturnalEvil: It's like they took everything good about the Germanium Fuzz Face and made it better and more versatile.