Line 6 Helix

Multi-Effects Guitar Processor

OUR PART #: Helix

  • Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine with as many as 4 discrete signal pathways, 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics, and 70 effects
  • Imports user and third party 1024/2048 Cab IRs (Impulse Responses)

Line 6 Helix


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Packing lots of processing power inside a rugged, tour-ready chassis, Line 6's Helix is really a veritable swiss-army knife for the guitar rig. This multi-effects processor is outfitted having a dual-DSP HX modeling engine to provide you with outstanding amp and tone modeling whether you are searching for your classic British amp seem, modern heavy tones, or anything in-between. Plus, the intuitive style of Helix incorporates touch-sensitive footswitches, large Vast screen, and hands-free editing abilities to make sure that this processor won't seem great, but is simple-to-use even if you are in the center of a gig.

With regards to authentic seem and feel, Helix represents the following-generation in guitar technology. The twin-DSP engine provides massive capacity to precisely recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers, not only their sonic fingerprint.

The brand new HX Hybrid cabs represent a brand new method of the speaker cabinet capture process. Furthermore they offer the resolution of the 2048-point Impulse Response at lower DSP usage, additionally they provide an even more accurate low-finish response than formerly taken at 12 different distances. Helix also enables you to load custom impulse responses, enabling you to personalize your rig setup even more.

Each stage of the amp's circuit continues to be measured and matched to the initial, to ensure that each model reacts and interacts similar to the real factor. This degree of dynamic circuit detail extends into areas like power ripple, individual tube sag, and control of B+ voltages. Once these components are taken, you receive classic blossom and gooey compression on some amps, along with a effective gut punch on others.

Poweful modeling interfaces typically possess a steep learning curve to get the most from them, however Helix approaches things differently. Touch-sensitive footswitches permit you to select an impact block or any other item for editing by simply touching it, and in conjunction with the big 6.2" Liquid crystal display, it's not necessary to spend some time diving multiple menus deep to create changes. Plus, the coloured Brought rings and customizable scribble strips complete the package to show you what each footswitch does instantly.

Helix was created effortlessly-of-use within mind, and also to that finish it is simple to make changes on-the-fly without playing the guitar ever departing both hands. With Pedal Edit Mode, you are able to edit any amp or effect parameter you want making use of your feet – simply choose the block that you would like to tweak, and it is parameters cascade out to the footswitches. Pick a parameter, and tweak the worth while using expression pedal.

Create tones faster with Helix's footswitches – just touch a footswitch and begin tweaking instantly. This method is really fast that you could easily and easily assign anything to some switch inside a couple of seconds flat.

With four stereo signal pathways per preset, Helix enables you to definitely design complex routing scenarios. Creating variations on 4-cable method and wet-dry-wet routing schemes is as simple as picking out a template preset, and taking advantage of the onboard effects models with the 4 freely-assignable effects loops implies that the tonal options are huge.

Because of Helix's advanced abilities and forward-thinking design, it can end up being the nerve center for the entire guitar rig. Integrate traditional effects pedals along with other hardware to your atmosphere, developing a seamless hybrid rig that comes with the very best of what hardware and software have to give you.

Flexible Audio Routing as Helix has incredibly flexible routing options – make use of the four effects loops for connecting four separate pedal chains, or split them up and employ them as freely-assignable inputs and outputs. In conjunction with four discrete signal pathways at the same time, send wet and dry signals that make the most of both digital and analog I/O simultaneously.

When you really need to include exterior devices via MIDI, Helix offers versatility not seen before inside a multi-effects unit. Additionally to effective real-time MIDI control, Helix can send as much as six separate instructions at patch recall that are not allotted to a footswitch, and that means you can alter an area on the synth, begin a sequencer, and switch up a fader with an exterior digital mixer – with one press of the footswitch. Add two additional expression pedal inputs, CV/Expression out, and exterior amp switching, and Helix could possibly be the command center for just about any size rig.

Line 6 Helix your comment

Line 6 Helix Features:

  • Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine with as many as 4 discrete signal pathways, 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics, and 70 effects
  • Imports user and third party 1024/2048 Cab IRs (Impulse Responses)
  • 12 Capacitive-sensing footswitches and customizable scribble strips – Touch to Edit, Hold to Assign, Press to interact
  • Hands-free Pedal Edit Mode explains effect parameters across switches and expression pedal
  • Ultra-fast footswitch and controller assignment
  • As much as 3 expression pedals, CV/expression out, exterior amp switching, and deep MIDI control
  • Extensive I/O for seamless integration together with your entire rig – 10 inputs/12 outputs (including four Forex loops), plus 8-in/8-out USB audio interface
  • AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and Variax VDI
  • Industry-leading 123 dB of dynamic range around the guitar input for tremendous depth and ultra-low noise
  • Tour-grade construction

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Line 6 HELIX-BACKPACK Backpack, To Be Used Using the Helix Floor Processor


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Line 6 Helix The twin-DSP engine provides

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This is actually the PEDAL I have been searching for for any lengthy time Perfect!

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Line 6 Helix deep MIDI control

My 5 Favorite Things About The Line 6 Helix!

  • Samine Kunis: Rosen digital cab ir
  • Rob Rogers: The link for your IRs doesnt work. looking to try these out
  • Pranav Chauhan: Is the noise gate OK? Ive heard its not good..
  • xplanet2112: Helix LT user, yes they’re awesome but I don’t think they’re as good an interface in terms of sound quality then say.. my Focusrite Forte. There’s a noticeable difference and my hearing isn’t that great, the Forte has better sound quality. One of my favourite things about it that you didn’t mention is the computer software interface…. loooove it
  • Fishing, Gaming & Guitars: What's up with people wearing winter knit hats all year long?!
  • Brian Dinges: Helix has got my amps collecting dust! First modeler to get me to leave my amps at home!
  • Remy D.: Getting mine end of this month, can't wait, already made presets for it with the plugin version, no learning curve at all and good tone.
  • Steve Bernstein: Have a Helix, love it!! I bought some Ownhammer IRs, and they sound a bit boxy..AM I doing something wrong? I'm doing high gain stuff, you like the Rosen IRS?
  • mrscary3105: Happy 100K, and The Dread Machine was Badass!
  • Bravo Right Rifleman: Its interesting how so many great players are getting on the Helix train. Wes Hauch is using one, Rabea Massad, Ryan Bruce, Jeff Loomis, Chris Letchford, Brendan Small, Olly Steele, Robby Baca, John Browne….the list goes on.
  • Jewbacca: What is a patch. I'm so confused on ot
  • Kevin White: Just got the LT last week. I went with it over the Ax8 and I’m very impressed so far. The factory presets are not very good at all, but if you know what your doing and use the Rosen irs its amazing. Choptones and 3 sigma audio also make some great sounding patches if you need a place to start.
  • Travis McCulloch: Trey likes the helix? Well I’m sold.
  • Rudy Ayoub: Ou video quality back to normal
  • wheresallthezombies: so no more axe fx?
  • Chris Answeeney: Axe Fx 3 Blows this Tinker Toy out of the water.
  • Underbelli Studios: AxeFx fanboys will hate and still spout the shit that it's fizzy.

    But the Helix is a real joy to use and line 6 have been killing it. My guitars ound has never been better

  • DJ ASTERIKK: I ❤️ my Helix it even controls my Kemper ??
  • Benjiii T: what kind of guitar is he using??
  • Dake Townsend: LOVE my Helix! My favorite feature of it so far is the Snapshots mode, which lets you change settings on amps and effects with just a single foot switch. Incredibly useful live if you have parts that change sounds frequently (like me).
  • MetalHead: Just got mine not too long ago…..completely agree with your 5 reasons.
  • Chris K: Just bought a Helix Rack last week. I am really enjoying it thus far.
  • Daniel Stenning: You have the LT – so you can't say this about your HELIX – but had you got the original floor unit i'd have said you missed out a HUGE 6th reason…. SCRIBBLE STRIPS BABY !!!!!
  • Mark Doydora: my favorite feature of it is…

    to have it first.