Circuit bending Development

Development of new connections inside seem-generating electronics to supply sounds unintended by their original designers. An array of effects is possible, and additional tactile controls for example potentiometers, switches, photocells, and the body contacts can be included to control the brand new effects, the commonest modification being for pitch control. Frequently various ‘bends’ are located accidentally by arbitrarily connecting two different points around the circuit board. Circuit bending has attracted considerable attention among persons thinking about experimental electronic music and synthesizers, also it can be performed with limited electronics understanding and construction skills. Because circuit bending requires unauthorised, sometimes radical changes towards the circuitry’s original pathways, it risks damaging or destroying the unit being modified. Toys are frequently exploited for circuit bending due to their ubiquity and occasional cost and also the small chance of electrical shock using their low current. Battery-operated toys like the Texas Instruments Speak n’ Spell and also the Casio SK-1 have latent sonic potential and therefore are prime targets for tinkerers seeking such sounds inexpensively or free of charge and since they have a tendency to ‘glitch’ easily, spewing out fragmented items of digital speech and strange sounds. Types of circuit-bent creations include electronic keyboards, seem modules, drum machines, effects pedals, and karaoke machines. Video bending uses the techniques to modify video-video games to create abstract visual patterns additionally to novel sounds.

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Circuit-Bent V-Smile Baby (controller)

  • The Robot and singing Fish Channel: Lol fart sound on: 1:24 Minutes hihi how funny. 😀
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