Valhalla UberMod small-review


Igneous Flame

Although perusing the FLStudio forum regarding an alternative choice to their ‘delay bank’ wordpress plugin, someone suggested Valhalla’s ‘UberMod’. I quickly downloaded the demo and it was initially somewhat confused – I believed it was ‘just’ a chorus / ensemble unit, I did not understand there have been a lot more presets ! Upon exploring the rest of the presets, it began to show its complexity and versatility. I ought to state that I've found a comparatively little bit of musical gear that actually excites me and keeps me wanting to understand more about it which is certainly one thing that does. Within this small-review, I am not going to enter a failure of all of the available parameters (that are many), I’m more covering about my overall ideas about this plug-in and it is unique characteristics. I’m no great expert on classic high finish modulation units, but because I actually do make use of the modern equivalents a great deal, I've some helpful insight (hopefully !) here and think about these to be a fundamental element of my processing ‘tool-kit’ in my ambient work. UberMod will be greatly a part of such processing responsibilities.

UberMod is really a multi-forex unit, for the reason that it covers modulation, delay, reverb as well as other sonic weirdness. By means of comparison, the only real reverb/modulation hardware which i have owned would be a pretty fundamental Art Multiverb Forex processor within the 90s, apart from that, plenty of stomp boxes and also the periodic use of some greater finish Lexicon units. From memory, I attempted to recreate your guitar seem I had been getting many moons ago having a Boss CH-2/delay/reverb group of stompboxes. I believe I could accomplish this and go much further.

With UberMod, there's a great deal happening ‘under the bonnet’, as they say. You will find nine different modulation algorithms to begin with. I believe the provided presets are extremely good, but there’s a lot more that you can do with experimentation. For guitar, I discovered that the ‘transparent’ modulation is possible (no apparent vibrato, unless of course thats what you would like), which did an excellent job of ‘thickening’ things. The diffusion element is actually interesting in my experience, I could create some good Harold Budd-esque piano type sounds. Using different cases of the wordpress plugin for (say) modulation or reverb or delays yields interesting results (incidentally, FLStudio’s ‘patcher’ is excellent for creating multi-forex presets) ‘Unusual’ delays are among it’s strengths (particularly with drums and percussion), much like ‘multi-fx’ presets and different modulation configurations. There's lots of scope with regard to added ‘shaping’ just about any parameters and it is all functional stuff, not only plenty of ‘wacky’ presets. I’ve spent days tinkering with UberMod now and I’m still finding new combinations and options – no ‘one trick pony’ here !

The minimalistic Graphical user interface suits me, I tire of all of the eye chocolate stuff available, this Graphical user interface will the job. UberMod enables you to definitely export (and import) presets as text files, that is a pretty handy feature. The plug-was very extensively upon Sean Costello’s (the developer) Blog with a few very useful tips on creating new sounds with UberMod.

So, a very good quality plug-in with a lot of scope for extensive experimentation, low CPU usage, an affordable cost as well as an active developer – great stuff over-all. Suggested ! Download the demo, it’s completely functional (with intermittent audio drop outs) here :


Valhalla UberMod on Snare (Pro Tools Mixing Tutorial)