Yamaha PSS-560 and 570


I've published this on other forums too consider I'm a newcomer to presenting forums, the greater people I'm able to speak with about music gear, the greater.

I needed to understand other bands opinions and when they might answer any queries about this. The particular keyboard I'm mentioning may be the PSS 560/570.

From things i observed they appear is the same keyboard, with simply color plan variations. The PSS 570 would be a newer form of the PSS 560. Should i be not correct about this, tell me.

Does anybody understand how much it retailed when ever it had been new? I'm guessing about $280.

I've had this relaxing in my closet for some time and thought I'd listen to it again.

I love the way i can re-voice the car accomp around the rhythm as well as alter the tune from the auto accomp bass and chord, whilst not altering the rhythm.

I additionally such as the Custom Drummer feature. Using the 5 step sliders you may create 100 different rhythm patterns for every rhythm.

Another feature I love may be the Digital Synthesizer feature. Just by pressing the on/off button you can make your own new voices/orchestra sounds. I additionally like how you could utilize digital Synthesizer sounds and also the auto accomp re-voice too as needed.

Yamaha PSS-560 and 570 570, known as the 460

Another feature (which appears to type of be considered a hidden feature) is that if you used the sliders, but didn't choose the ON button you can affect the sounds of every voice/orchestra.

My personal favorite voices are "Cosmic" and "Saxophone". Even though the Saxophone doesn't seem real, it features a distinct seem of it's own. The easiest way I possibly could describe it's a digital sounding synthesized piano.

Yamaha also offered a lesser finish form of the 560/570, known as the 460/470. it'd less features and also the ryhtms were analog. The 560/570 was all PCM digital and i believe contained two soundcards.

From things i observed this appeared is the high finish type of the PSS series, type of the the PSR-e453 today.

For that cost range it did more personalization than any Yamaha keyboard in the cost range does today. It had been also fairly simple to use with live control features.

The only real disadvantage is always that it didn't have Midi abilities.

What I'm wondering is that if Yamaha had produced every other keyboards following this the PSS 560/570 which had all of the sliders and personalization?

Has other people used the Pss-560/570 (or perhaps the 460/470) keyboards?


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I've no training with the PSS models, but using their manuals it will seem like the PSS-560 and 570 have identical specifications.

The PSS-460 and PSS-560 arrived on the scene in 1986, and also the only notable difference that is listed would be that the PSS-560 had yet another drum nick. This is also true from the PSS-470 and PSS-570, which arrived on the scene later.


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Interesting reply. The PSS models I suppose were smaller sized in dimensions, every one has small keys from things i observed. Unsure may be the PSR ever endured small keys though.

You're correct, those are the same keyboard.

It will have two drum chips, which was things i meant by soundcards. Whomever makes individuals chips also makes soundcards on computers.

So far as time, it will appear as if the PSS 560 arrived on the scene in 1986, and also the PSS 570 arrived on the scene later. However I remember them being offered within the stores later and 1988. Essentially up to early 1989 sometime.

I simply purchased a PSS 570 (and that i have my PSS 560) also it showed up today. The main one I've is incorporated in the original box and it was employed for the customer Electronics Show in June, 1987.

This leads me to consider things i assumed all along, even though the PSS 560 arrived on the scene in 1986, it wasn't offered before the later area of the year, that was why it had been within the stores later, and also the PSS 570 is at the shops at the end of 1987 and 1988. Same goes with the 460 and 470 keyboards.

It was the very first real keyboard I learned on, therefore it holds a sentimental devote my memory. this is exactly why Now i possess the original and also the PSS 570 too.

<a href='~id-203Yamaha PSS-560 and 570 have identical” src=”https://circuit-bent.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/yamaha-pss-560-and-570_1.jpg” title=”Yamaha PSS-560 and 570 have identical” />


FM funk YAMAHA PSS570 keyboard

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