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I've a classic Yamaha PSS 780 2op FM synth with editable presets. It features a giant keyboard with small keys and makes interesting sounds, harmful to percussion however the presets seem great whenever you customize the parameters. The tubular bell patch is epic. It's in built loudspeakers that seem great. Also it features a drum section with rompler sounds. Require me to pay £12 at cash generator.

RSP 07 Jun 2018

A Yamaha PSS140 was the very first synth I ever got, for Christmas like a little kid. No editing, just 100 preet sounds with auto-accompaniment and 5 drum pads. Still utilize it sometimes.

I'm not sure concerning the 780, but a few of the PSS keyboards (such as the 140) possess a digital volume control, if you turn the amount lower as little as you are able to after which turn the signal up at the mixer/preamp, you receive a really noisy, crude bitcrushing kind of effect. Each step of volume around the PSS140 is simply shifting the output signal by one bit, shedding minimal significant bit and placing a zero at most significant bit. You will get it completely lower to a couple of bit audio. Apparently which was less expensive than adding a genuine volume control, also it sounds incredible.

IIRC the two-op FM engine within the PSS series is identical one that is within the FM portion of the TG33/SY22.

If yours has got the "Fireworks" preset seem, this is the Yamaha counterpart towards the Casio SK-1 "Human Voice" seem IMHO. So useless it's really type of awesome.

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Guest_Chesney_* 07 Jun 2018

I've got a couple of. 560, 390 are perfect, bent or otherwise.

I am still getting lots of mileage from the bent jam Used to do years back around the 390. Just load some random shit from this in to the Machinedrum and new existence comes into the world.

mcbpete 07 Jun 2018

Leon Sumbitches 07 Jun 2018

I've the 570, like it. That bitcrushing volume factor rocks !, RSP, must check it out as soon as possible.

The 570 includes a wicked little drum machine along with a rudimentary FM section which accumulates to numerous fun for hardly any money on t'eBay

RSP 07 Jun 2018

Leon, the bitcrushing only works whether it's among the mixers has + and – buttons for volume, whether it's a fader then it features a real volume control and not the cheap digital factor. A friend includes a 590 or 570 or something like that and IIRC his includes a proper volume control, so no bitcrushing.

Oh, something I have observed using the cheaper Yamaha stuff in the 80s and 90s would be that the power jack possess a inclination to obtain loose ad become intermittent, more frequently than you are on other brands so far as I will tell. If you get one that does not switch on, try opening up and reflowing the solder around the jack, unless of course it'd some batteries leak inside it that's most likely all it must work again. I'd perform the output jack too as i is at there, can't hurt.

RSP 07 Jun 2018

I believe one of the reasons I have wanted a TG33/SY22 for such a long time (although not enough to pay for the things they choose at this time) is they appear like they carry the spirit from the PSS seem in to the "pro gear" arena, all the demos I have heard have several that very same PSS series plasticy grittiness.

Leon Sumbitches 07 Jun 2018

No bitcrushing for me personally , ah well

Yeah, Personally i think yourself on the TG33. It is the wee joystick that will it for me personally, like you are piloting an IDM jet plane into four-dimensional very landscapes:

RSP 07 Jun 2018

Fuck sake, this thread helped me use a tg33 search and that i found someone selling one having a Midisport 8×8 for any not too shabby cost, which is among the two occasions of the season I've additional money going swimming.

I have been requiring another 8×8 MIDI interface/standalone router pretty badly since i have moved and also got myself setup so each piece of MIDI gear I own is racked.

I am afraid that fighting off this can be a challenge that I am not really in a position to face, between how lengthy I have wanted a tg33 (I have experienced a continuous condition of just about purchasing one since like 2011) and just how much I want that interface.

I've this vision of happening without a penny however a tg33, a k1m (a minimum of I grabbed certainly one of individuals once they were under $50) and some type of sequencer, just lengthy, evolving sequences running as i twiddle the 2 joysticks like I am piloting some type of lush space tank.

Also, in 2012 after i was directly on the advantage of having a tg33 I acquired a Wavestation SR rather and it is awesome (and simpler to program than it's status maybe have you believe) but the possible lack of joystick certainly holds it back. The TG33 joystick defaults to delivering and finding the same CC figures because the Wavestation, therefore it is without trying whatsoever to hook them together making one massive, hybrid early 90s lo-fi digital pad machine.
Damn it.
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RSP 07 Jun 2018

Leon Sumbitches 08 Jun 2018

Haha, these threads could be harmful territory.

Should you choose have it, it is recommended to justify you buy the car by posting some sweet jams ITT

modey 08 Jun 2018

RSP 09 Jun 2018

Should you be modding it anyhow, it apparently provides extensive circuit bending potential.

modey 09 Jun 2018

RSP 09 Jun 2018

In Addition, I think I have already published about this more often than once, however the PCB Saver is affordable ($4.50 for several of these with free delivery in the united states, unsure what pricing is prefer to have them in other areas from the word) and I'm not sure the way i ever resided without one having a couple Yamaha synths:

You need to just get as a number of these as youhave old Yamahas with battery supported patch memory, they are indispensable.

RSP 15 Jun 2018

Well Used to do it, and it is here, and that i really should not have spent the cash however i can simply keep it in check, also it seems like watching another generation VHS dub of the season 3 TNG episode. No regrets whatsoever.

EDIT: really that isn't true, I regret not receiving one of these simple things years back.

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modey 15 Jun 2018

re: the PCB saver, I am unsure exactly what the TG33 has, but SY22 includes a capacitor rather of the battery apparently it charges once the power is on (and maybe even while power is connected?) and may contain the charge for any couple of several weeks next. I really haven't switched my SY22 on inside a couple of several weeks so perhaps I'll test might find out if still it provides the couple of patches I have programmed.

RSP 15 Jun 2018

Interesting, I have were built with a couple of 80s Yamaha FM synths plus they had the weird, solder-mounted CR2032 using the nonstandard pin spacing this is a huge discomfort to exchange having a battery holder (the PCBsaver was initially made to replace) and so i jsut assumed this factor would have a similar. I did not have left so I am awaiting a brand new batch to reach, once it will I'll open the factor up, switch the battery whether it has one, and provide the entire situation and buttons a great cleaning.

Interesting concerning the SY22, the only real synths I understand of this works like that's the CZ101 nevertheless its capacitor only holds electric power charge for ten or fifteen minutes which means you don't lose your patches whenever you switch the batteries. Almost every 80s or 90s synth I'e experienced apart from that and also the original Bass Station rack (that apparently uses some type of nonvolatile flash memory or something like that) includes a 2032 or from time to time another 3v gold coin cell this is a discomfort within the ass to exchange (the Alesis Wedge has some type of weird oversize factor that's essentially a 2032 having a different form factor).

But yeah, I'd sy 1 / 2 of the 90s digital synths I have bought and offered during the last 8 years approximately I had been looking to get the general vibe this factor has, I ought to have recently become one to start with. After I make something worth discussing onto it I'll share it.

modey 15 Jun 2018

Yeah it is a nice sounding synth. Again, unsure when the quality was improved much for that TG33, but around the SY22 a few of the sampled sounds get nice gritty for the low finish (particularly if you set the tuning for your particular voice towards the cheapest setting) like on trackers with interpolation switched off.

In Addition, I still do not know why there are several sounds close to the finish from the list that simply have a big string of random percussion/other sounds. There is no method to alter the sample offset or length, so they are just useless collections of sounds. I have most likely pointed out it here before, and someone stated it had become to show the sounds on the SY22.. but I am unsure what the thing is of something of that nature..

RSP 16 Jun 2018

The manual calls individuals "sequences" and so i question whether it was some type of misguided make an effort to contend with the Wavestation? "Our vector synth has wave sequences too!"

EDIT: I'm able to read the TG33 includes a battery, so when it will get low play is still effective fine, but editing will get really weird. It really works, however the values that will get displayed start turning out to be chaos of random figures following a couple of changes, an then your edit cursor begins to kind of creep right by itself. Wound up swapping inside a PCBsaver from that free DX27 I acquired some time back, because it still needs more work. New battery and all sorts of button contacts cleaned and also the TG33 is working perfectly.

I most likely must have taken a photograph from the jumbled display before I fixed it and attempted to obtain $50 back because it technically wasn't being employed as described, but whatever.

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RSP 21 Jul 2018

RSP 01 August 2018

RSP 05 August 2018

I have got such a project going, being prepared for our second show close to the finish of the following month, and it is me playing guitar and x0xb0x via a Space Echo right into a little 10" JMF practice amp in the 80s along with a friend playing a tambora along with a Yamaha PSS560 with an Axoloti by having an old The new sony CFS-66 boombox being an amp (hopefully, I simply found the boombox within the trash a few days ago and haven"t become an energy supply for this so there is a chance it requires repairs I can not do).

The PSS-560 though multiple delay lines within the Axoloti sounds amazing, like some type of dollar store version recently 70s Terry Riley.

Leon Sumbitches 15 August 2018

Getting to market of plenty of gear because of small transfer of financial conditions, I am parting ways with my 570 or no United kingdom watmmers have an interest. Would like to view it visit a good home: