Speak & Spell: A Brief History

Audrey Watters

Toys as Teaching Machines

The Speak & Spell – probably the most legendary toys from the 1980s – is really a teaching machine.

With that, I do not mean simply that it is a digital, educational device. It’s that, sure.

In the "Good reputation for Teaching Machines," historian of psychology Ludy Benjamin writes that,

"A teaching machine is definitely an automatic or self-controlling device that (a) presents one of knowledge (B. F. Skinner would state that the data should be new), (b) provides some method for the learner to reply to the data, and (c) provides feedback concerning the correctness from the learner’s responses."

The shared features in many definitions training machines include automation, immediate feedback, and self-pacing. The Speak & Spell has the 3, using “contingencies of reinforcement” to determine appropriate spelling behavior. (A number of its engineers thought it might be funny when the user received a raspberry or perhaps a funny comment once they typed a thing wrong. However this idea was rejected because it would “reward” incorrect spelling.)

Like a lot of education technology, the Speak & Spell requires a behaviorist method of learning and teaching.

That’s significant, since i would reason that the Speak & Spell has profoundly formed the way we consider electronic educational devices – what we should expect these units to do.

Traveling With A Laptop and Erectile dysfunction-Tech: From Calculators towards the Little Professor

Often the good reputation for the Speak & Spell isn’t tracked through B. F. Skinner’s teaching machines but with the calculator. (That being stated, Skinner had made significant in-roads into both engineering crowd and also the popular awareness within the 1950s and 1960s together with his teaching machines.)

In 1967, engineers at Texas Instruments developed the very first handheld electronic calculator. Because of numerous technical developments (single nick microcomputers, Brought and LCD, for instance), these portable computers rapidly improved and cheaper. In early 1970s, calculators might cost hundreds of dollars, but through the finish from the decade, the cost had come lower to ensure they are less expensive and much more commonplace.

And thus, with a few resistance and debate regarding their impact on learning, calculators started to go in the classroom. A brand new erectile dysfunction-tech market.

In 1976, Texas Instruments introduced what it really boasts was “the first electronic educational toy”: the small Professor.

Speak & Spell: A Brief History

The Small Professor offered like a reverse calculator, of sorts. Rather of plugging inside a mathematical expression to be able to get a solution, the small Professor provided the expression, and also the user needed to supply the answer – it’s, as some have described it, an “instructional calculator.” Based on Texas Instruments,

It functioned like a handheld drill-and-practice aid for fundamental math, and is built to look like a wise and friendly owl. The Small Professor recommended problems to students and rewarded all of them with a note on its display once they gave the right answer.

Little Professor was priced to market for less than $20 and it was an immediate hit. Although production was ramped up, TI couldn’t make enough units to fill the orders for that Christmas season in 1976. Interest in 1977 was greater than a million units.

The prosperity of the small Professor motivated Texas Instruments to brainstorm other possible electronic learning products.

The introduction of the Speak & Spell

It had been Texas Instruments engineer Paul Breedlove who apparently developed the concept of a learning aid for spelling. (Interestingly, one of the first patents for educational devices was awarded in 1866: “an apparatus for teaching spelling.”) Breedlove’s idea ended up being to build upon bubble memory, another TI research effort, and therefore it involved a remarkable technical challenge: the unit will be able to speak the spelling word aloud.

Research started in 1976 – a 3-month practicality study having a $25,000 budget along with a group of four: Paul Breedlove, Richard Wiggins, Ray Brantingham, and Gene Frantz.

Speak & Spell: A Brief History

Inside a 2008 interview with Vintage Computing, Richard Wiggins described the first development process:

Initially, there have been merely a very couple of people involved. In the initial meeting in November, Paul Breedlove came to the study Labs with Gene Frantz and Ray Brantingham in the Consumer Products Group. Caused by that meeting was which i ended up being to propose a procedure for generating it within the product. The task was it needed to be solid condition (no pull strings!), cheap (meaning it used an inexpensive semiconductor technology), and also the speech needed to be adequate so the user could comprehend the word from context — a bit harder than utilizing a word inside a sentence. Ray would be a circuit designer and it was tasked to find out if things i created might be implemented within an integrated circuit. Ray and that i stayed together discussing various strategies, and Gene Frantz, who eventually grew to become the work manager, stored the general design continuing to move forward.

Because the program moved on during 1977, additional people stored being put into the work. It had been amazing in my experience the number of people eventually be involved. [There have been] people focusing on which spelling words decide, exactly what the product need to look like, what it ought to be known as, where it might be manufactured, and just how it had been to become marketed.

The initial Speak and Spell was introduced in the Electronic Devices Show in 1978. The 10“ x 7” orange plastic device contained a library of countless hundred “frequently incorrectly spelled words.” The device would say one aloud, and also the user would types through the pushbutton keyboard (later a membrane keyboard rather of elevated buttons). Because the user typed, the letters would seem on the VFD screen (later LCD) – one type of feedback. (Thanks, Skinner!) In the pr release, we are able to begin to see the other type of feedback: “Right solutions earn verbal and visual praise wrong solutions receive patient encouragement to test again. Numerous games can be found to intrigue children of every age group.Inches

The toy were built with a recommended retail cost of $50. (That might be now about $181, adjusted for inflation.)

A Speaking, Teaching Machine

The Speak & Spell wasn’t the very first speaking toy. However it was, as Texas Instruments boasted in the CES pr release, the very first with “no moving parts.” Other toys, for example Mattel’s Chatty Cathy, used pre-recorded voices on phonograph or tape, typically triggered with a pull-string or similar mechanism. These broke easily, just like any parent would let you know. So “no moving parts” would be a feature for durability.

But to complete by using the Speak & Spell, Texas Instruments needed to make an essential engineering breakthrough in speech technology.

Based on TI’s Richard Wiggins,

I promoted the option of straight line predictive coding to create it signal from a tiny bit of data. Today, it could be easily recorded and kept in large digital memory chips. However in 1976, memory chips were incompetent at storing much data. We considered generating it from phonemes or seem fragments however the speech quality wasn’t sufficient. An electronic filter might be used and also the time different coefficients might be kept in memory but the quantity of computations involved appeared too great.

Also, some type of speech elements shorter than words were considered, however it made an appearance that the quantity of computer processing to organize data they are driving it synthesizer could be too time intensive, and also the resulting system could be very complex. We wanted something easy to create the speech sounds, along with a preparation system for that data that wouldn’t be too complicated to complete.

The answer: the very first straight line predictive coding digital signal processor nick, the TMS5100. Each word was symbolized by a number of phonemes. This speech data was kept in the device’s memory (on 2 128 kilobit ROMs, at that time the biggest capacity ROM being used) when the Speak & Spell was told to state a thing, the command was processed via a 4-bit micro-processor and speech synthesizer. Mitch Carr, an invisible announcer from Dallas, was selected to record it sounds, because of his obvious, monotone voice, and based on Texas Instruments, “it marked the very first time a persons vocal tract have been digitally duplicated on one nick of plastic.”

Speak & Spell: A Brief History

“The Standard for Educational Toys”

The Speak & Spell was certainly one of a trio of speaking educational toys released by Texas Instruments that later incorporated Speak & Read and Speak & Math (both launched in 1980).

Speak & Spell was incredibly well-liked and it was offered all over the world, with cartridges that offered localized versions of games and word libraries both in different accents (British British versus American British, for instance) and languages (Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, and German).

The Speak & Spell was re-designed several occasions (the final amount of time in 1992 for that Spanish market only), and Texas Instruments insists, “the fundamental learning concepts and style concepts remain the conventional for educational toys.”

But will the Speak & Spell educate?

Based on research printed within the Worldwide Journal of individual-Machine Studies in 1982, users possessed a “significant rise in the spelling of words within the machine’s lexicon.” However that increase didn’t stick. “This made an appearance to become merely a temporary increase because spelling performance on these words started to decrease to pre-machine exposure levels when the chance to make use of the device was removed. No improvement was noticed in the spelling of words away from the machine’s lexicon.”

These aren’t uncommon findings, obviously. A lot of erectile dysfunction-tech is similarly ineffective.

The Speak & Spell is becoming probably the most legendary bits of education technology, referenced over and over in popular culture. The unit made an appearance in Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and, including, in E.T. the additional-Terrestrial.

E.T. used the Speak & Spell to “phone home,” however it doesn’t really educate spelling.

Hacking the Speak & Spell

But E.T. tried on the extender to “phone home.” For this reason, regardless of the model where the instruction was created and despite the possible lack of research to show it had been truly a highly effective spelling aid, the Speak & Spell seems to escape behaviorist teaching machines – because when E.T. shown, the Speak & Spell is eminently hackable.

It may be dismantled and reprogrammed to complete various things, for everyone different purposes.

Speak & Spell: A Brief History

The Speak & Spell is frequently utilized in “circuit bending,” for instance, whereby the device’s normal functioning is disrupted and distorted to create new sounds by putting an alligator on the particular place around the circuit board. From Casper Electronics (that provides detailed instructions on circuit bending):

“So, when the Speak & Spell was saying ‘Spell the term PONY’ and also you activate the ‘hold’ effect in the center of ‘PONY’, it might seem like…..‘Spell the term POOOOOOOOOOONY’.” All this makes the Speak & Spell a regular “instrument” in many noise music.

Unlike the number of electronics are "closed" and restricted by design, Texas Instruments didn’t restrict usage of the several language cartridges by region. And the organization hasn’t responded negatively to individuals who “circuit bend” (or show others how you can “circuit bend.”) That approach differs, it’s important to note, from the one which TI required to lock lower a number of its other computers. In ’09, Texas Instruments filed a DMCA takedown request against programmers who’d published instructions regarding how to “flash” a brand new operating-system onto Texas Instrument’s TI–83 series graphic calculator that’s, a method to make its devices programmable past the TI software.

The Speak & Spell is really a behaviorist teaching machine however it maintains for that user the capacity to face up to that. (Something which I am sure B. F. Skinner would find quite distasteful.) First, obviously, you need to unscrew the rear cover, open it up up, and hack.

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