Circuit Bent Speaking Teacher Automatic Theremin Synthesizer Speaking Drone Synth

Here there exists a fully circuit bent Coleco Speaking Teacher speaking toy synthesizers.

This speaking toy operates normally, much like a Speak & Spell, before you switch a glitch switch or turn a dial, etc.

Very fun to experience, no wrong or right method to it, this bent speaking synth is capable of doing a lot of new sounds that you should sample or play live.

The kodak playtouch camcorder is extremely stable, its easy and fun to experience.

The mods ive added include :

1) Active Matrix Glitch-This mod reveals the membrane for random glitching determined by in which you touch the information.

2) Ramble Glitch-Switch this switch striking go and itll spew constant ramblings so on and so on.

3) Pitch Altering Dial-Make use of this pitch wheel to alter the pitch from spaceman high to gutteral, super slow mo low.

4) 1/4" Output Jack-Connect with your preferred effects, your amp, mixer, etc, easily with this particular added output jack.

5) Reset Button-Make use of this when you are ready for something new and also the machine is rambling by itself, also works being an OFF button.

6) Theremin Opto Cell Controller-Simply switch the switch, make use of the pitch dial to tweak and you may play any seem emmitting in the speak just like a theremin, creates some good effects.

7) Looping Switch with Advance Button-Switch this switch anytime to trap a seem that you could then mold and have fun with another controls like the opto cell and pitch dial.

8) Fuzz switch to own voice a grittier lo-fi seem.

9) Beat Looping switch-create beat kind of loops

10) Volume control

11) Seem Mute button

12) Pitch body contact-lowers the pitch when touched

These mods add a lot of versatility and inventive avenues for the playing, recording and experimenting pleasure.

Battery cover’s nicely in position and readily stored away in great condition.

Circuit Bent Speaking Teacher Automatic Theremin Synthesizer Speaking Drone Synth The mods ive added include

Here is a short video having a soundtrack I recorded while using circuit bent Coleco Speaking Teacher which means you

could possibly get a concept of a couple of options.

Circuit Bent Speaking Teacher Automatic Theremin Synthesizer Speaking Drone Synth and experimenting

Ive also added a really short demo that shows a couple of from the options.

During the last decade ive circuit bent and customised countless keyboards, speak and spells, electronic toys, synthesizers and cameras. I shoot for satisfaction and my bentstruments are favorites among musicians of genres.

My circuit bent creations are employed by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, The Moog Cook book, BIll T. Miller, Mike Patton, Morgan Fisher and Vernon Reid of just living Colour to mention a couple of. Its most likely that youve unknowingly heard my benstruments in commercials and popular releases too.

I have selected the adjustments with this machine according to experience and countless modified devices offered worldwide. Be assured youre getting the best bends possible. I personally use top quality parts, guarantee each device offered and solder to satisfy NASA specs.

Check out my ME page for additional types of my work .

Thank You For CHECKING It!!

See my ME page for types of my work and Take A Look At



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