New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

Instrument Modeling, Altered Tunings, Multi-Forex, and Beyond

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

GP-10 Guitar Processor

Having a effective instrument modeling engine and various multi-effects, the brand new GP-10 Guitar Processor puts an amazing sonic spectrum beneath your fingers. Driven by BOSS’ acclaimed COSM technology, the GP-10 provides you with immediate access to guitar, bass, and synth models, tuning changes, and world-class amps and effects, all-in-one convenient pedal. Additionally to supplying unparalleled versatility for stage playing, the GP-10’s unique multi-funnel audio abilities and guitar-to-MIDI conversion open new creative possibilities for music production within the studio.

GP-10 Guitar Processor

COSM Amps and Effects, Plus Inputs for Normal and GK Pickups

The GP-10 supports an ordinary guitar and/or perhaps a guitar outfitted having a Roland GK pickup. The multi-effects section features COSM amps and effects produced from the BOSS’ flagship GT-100, which may be used with any guitar using a standard 1/4-inch cable. The 13-pin GK input provides use of both instrument modeling and multi-effects sections, opening the GP-10’s full-range of seem-making potential.

When utilizing a GK pickup using the GP-10, you are able to instantly improve your guitar’s entire seem and/or tuning using the press of the footswitch or pedal. Operated by real-time DSP, the GP-10’s modeled instruments are ultra-responsive and highly significant. They may also be combined with the standard guitar seem, putting a vast selection of tones at the command.

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

GP-10 Guitar Processor – Top View

Modeled Guitars, Analog Synths, Altered Tunings, and much more

The GP-10 includes classic guitar models with single coils and humbuckers, in addition to steel- and nylon-string acoustics, basses, banjo, resonator, fretless guitar, along with a sitar. In addition, there’s an analog-modeled synth engine aboard, which forces an emulation from the legendary Roland GR-300 guitar synth in addition to a super-fat OSC Synth with two oscillators and a lot of adjustable seem parameters. Additionally, the Poly Forex section provides a variety of unique sounds only possible with GK processing, including Slow Pad, Very, yet others.

With the GP-10’s modeled instrument sounds, you are able to improve your guitar’s tuning in whatever way you like—all without ever touching your tuning keys! Presets are for sale to a variety of open tunings and 12-string sounds, plus “down” tunings which are required for heavy modern rock playing. Obviously, it is also easy to go wild and make your personal custom tunings, with a variety of +/- 12 semitones on each string.

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

GP-10 Guitar Processor – Rear View

Unique Seem Options for Studio Recording

Via its integrated USB audio/MIDI interface, you’re able to utilize the GP-10 to record pro amp and effect tones inside your DAW with any guitar. You may also capture dry signals, after which re-amp them with the GP-10 to dial within the perfect tones for the mixes. Utilizing a GK pickup extends your potential even more, supplying seem abilities which go beyond any normal guitar processor.

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

GP-10 Guitar Processor – Studio

For instance, you are able to record the creation of your guitar’s six strings individually on separate tracks, either processed using the GP-10 or taken dry later on processing. Multi-string seem recording opens entirely new frontiers in guitar recording, enabling you to “re-guitar” sounds afterwards with the GP-10, process your own personal strings with separate plug-ins inside your DAW, and pan strings within the stereo field while mixing. The options listed here are really unlimited. Your guitar-to-MIDI function stretches your creative options even more, allowing you to make use of your guitar to experience soft synths, capture MIDI sequences, and input MIDI data into music notation software.

BOSS TONE STUDIO and Free Patches

Like a totally free download for Mac and Home windows, in charge TONE STUDIO software enables you to edit and organize your GP-10 patches on your pc. The program offers immediate access via USB towards the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website, where one can download an increasing choice of free patches into the GP-10.

What’s a GK Pickup, and How Do You Acquire One?

In a nutshell, a Roland GK pickup is really a special “divided” pickup that gives another output for every string in your guitar. While you play, the signal for every string is distributed individually via a special 13-pin cable towards the GP-10. Once her separated string signals, the GP-10 can perform some amazing seem processing magic that’s not possible having a normal guitar pickup.

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

GK-3 Divided Pickup installed on an instrument.

The good thing is that it is simple to give a GK pickup to almost any guitar, without any modification necessary. Actually, the GP-10 will come in a specifically priced bundle having a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup along with a 13-pin cable, which products can also be found individually. Roland’s popular GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster includes a GK pickup built-in, which makes it well suited for use using the GP-10. You will find GK-compatible guitars and pickups offered by a number of other manufacturers too.

New BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor

13-pin output jack on Roland GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster.

Through the optional GKP-2 GK Parallel Cable, the GP-10 may be used in parallel with Roland GK devices like the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer.

For more information concerning the GP-10 Guitar Processor, visit

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anil bs
August 14, 2014 @ 9:49 am

i’ve GR33 . can one use GP 10 without GK pickup like a normal guitar processor rooting using the guitar interior and exterior the GR33 ?

Yes you should use the GP-10 like a “normal” guitar processor. The GP-10 includes a 1/4″ input which helps you to make use of all the results except the modeling, guitar to MIDI and alternate tuning features, because these need a divided pickup input via 13-pin cable.

All the best,
Roland/BOSS Product Support

This summer 31, 2014 @ 8:07 am

With the USB port, may be the GP-10 in a position to send a control change (via CTL 1 for instance) to manage a parameter of my DAW (Play Button for instance) ?

The GP-10 can send as much as eight MIDI cc messages (#1-31,64-95) per patch via USB for your DAW.

August 8, 2014 @ 1:49 pm

Boss GP-10 – How you can implement 5 pin MIDI I/O with $35 Raspberry Pi

This summer 23, 2014 @ 8:05 am

Can be done works together with GP10 in chain with analog pedal as true bypass? The Way I can perform that?

You could utilize an analog pedal plus a GP-10 by connecting the creation of the GP-10 towards the input of the pedal, which may place it in the finish from the signal path. You’d be unable to make use of your analog pedal at the outset of the result chain since there could be not a way for connecting the 13-pin cable for your pedal. Should you be while using GP-10 just for effects, without needing the modeling or alternate tuning features, then you may plug playing the guitar in to the pedal and plug the pedal in to the 1/4″ input from the GP-10. This could place the pedal at the outset of the signal path.

Finally first got it . Love this factor. Ill give my spin on a number of questions, and responses above, this is more preferable than simply the COSM side of the GR-55. The brand new OSC synth is amazing, and never on GR-55. The acoustics models blow away the GR-55 versions, blow away Variax too. Regrettably it isn’t USB/midi class compliant, ( also it does not have 5 pin midi in or out),Meaning you will have to bring a laptop on the highway if you wish to change patches together with your other Midi gear or midi feet controller.

The only real factor I’d want from a git-synth is traditional instruments & modern synth seems like dirty electro house or dubstep. I’d don’t have any use for that guitar Modeling. Are you currently ever will make a git-synth for any United States market? because gr-55 & gp-10 is clearly designed for an Asian market. No offense, it’s a great product, but it’s a little around the cheesy side.

OV Valle [Roland US]
This summer 10, 2014 @ 12:31 pm

No offense Fishing rod, however it seems like you might be misinformed concerning the GR-55, it’s really very versatile. This is a video with someone within their home studio utilizing it to produce dubstep:

Are you currently guy’s ever likely to released a git synth that does only traditional instruments?

OV Valle [Roland US]
This summer 10, 2014 @ 12:27 pm

Is that this USB port is really a USB MIDI Class Compliant ?
Will the “Guitar Out” is going to be work just like within the GR-55 ?

Your Guitar Out functions around the GP-10 are quite different from individuals within the GR-55: there aren’t any system or per patch parameters to assign the “normal PU” towards the guitar out in order to the Primary outs. Around the GP-10, the direct guitar seem is split one signal bypasses the processor and it is output simply to your guitar Out jack, whether or not this originates from the GK pickup or in the Guitar Input on the rear of the GP-10. Another would go to the processor and it is output in the Primary outs. If there’s no link with your guitar Output jack, you’ll have no affected guitar signal.

Do you know the delays (latency) in Guitar to MIDI mode when compared to GR-55?
May be the GP-10 is here now quicker than the GR-55?

We predict the MIDI processing amount of time in the GP-10 is the just like within the GR-55.

June 12, 2014 @ 3:17 pm

Hi! No PCM means no piano seem? Otherwise, how do i have this sounds around the GP-10? Thank

If you wish to use PCM sounds having a GP-10 you should use its guitar-to-MIDI functions to experience the sounds from the USB enabled MIDI seem module or soft synth on your pc. If you want internal PCM sounds, the Roland GR-55 has got the same modeling and alt. tunings features because the GP-10, plus two on-board seem modules, each with 910 PCM sounds.

It had been said to be available finish of April or early May…now they’re saying early This summer. I finally got fed up with waiting and canceled my order and merely purchased a GR-55 rather. The GR will most likely suit me better anyway.

Can you really treat the GP-10 like a simpler form of the GR-55?

The GP-10 is basically the Modeling, USB and MIDI functions from the GR-55 with a few additional features if you’re acquainted with individuals areas of the GR-55, you’ll be very acquainted with the GP-10. A different way to view it: the GP-10 is similar to a GR-55 with no PCM sounds and bass synth functions.

June 2, 2014 @ 2:47 pm

Maybe there is two signal chains as on VG-99, meaning I’m able to set two cosm instruments simultaneously? I’m mostly thinking about bass on low strings and guitar on upper.

The GP-10 doesn’t have dual signal pathways because the VG-99 has, so it doesn’t be capable of produce two COSM instruments simultaneously.

May 23, 2014 @ 7:20 am

Can you really control the sounds of virtual instruments (Kontakt) using the Boss GP 10?

The GP-10 converts guitar to MIDI, and may send pitch, velocity and cc data. You could have each string send this data on the separate MIDI funnel for six different channels at the same time (known as MIDI Mono mode), and have all of the strings on a single funnel when you purchase (MIDI Poly mode).

May 22, 2014 @ 6:34 am

God forbid getting exactly the same forex on all of them, what had you been thinking,that will seem sensible,dah!

April 14, 2014 @ 10:12 pm

I have to be aware of orginal cost of gp-10 guitar synth processor plz send the cost to my email and how do i get pice have to know thanks

Sorry, we don’t sell direct. We depend on dealers to market Roland products. Check out our Dealer Locator tool to obtain the nearest dealer in your town that may offer you a cost.

Alex Ebus
April 7, 2014 @ 8:50 am

Does it have all the effects and amps in the GT-100/GT-001 onboard, so you could utilize the produced patches around the GP-10 ?

The GP-10 and GT-100 have different amps, effects and os’s, so it’s difficult to swap patches having a GT-100 or GT-001.

March 21, 2014 @ 8:30 am

Just when was it available? They didn’t know anything about this inside my local Guitar Center

We predict the GP-10 to be shown round the finish of April or early May.

Roland Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor – Synthesizer 100 Factory Patches

  • TUNÇ YUSUF OLÇAY: nice video, thnx
  • Salvatore Di Piazza: those sounds seem to come directly from the 80's and 90's …but for the purpose "guitar to midi", it's the only reliable machine today… I wish it could send CC messages via usb though
  • Agra. Pulathisi.: Thanks..
  • Manos Fuzzman: I have 1 question. Can you setup a sound string by string? I have the roland gr 55 and I have a bass sound only in fifth and sixth string so I can play bass and guitar at the same time. Can you do that with this one?
  • Shubhajit Ghosh: ♪♪♥♥ superb, it is very nice
  • Michael Mike: Great song making ideas
  • Raghav Dipsite: I love this but my wallet doesn't….
  • alan g: does it work with bass gk3b pup
  • Rob 3 FL3XxX: Thanks for the DEMO… 😉 I can totally see the potential in this unit now… It's AWESOME!!!
  • Fishing, Gaming & Guitars: well, I WAS going to buy this as it seemed really cool – but frankly, I find 75% of these sounds just annoying… I know these are just factory presets, but still. I looooooove the BOSS GT-100(I owned it but had to sell it for financial reasons due to ill health), and I really thought I would dig this, but it's just not "tripping my trigger" like I thought it would. Maybe the GT-100 is just more my thing.
  • PilferMusic: Thanks for this Wayne… how is the GP-10 for midi control of external synths or DAW VST synths. I would assume as good as any Roland unit of recent years.
  • Deacon Blue: Having the GR-55, I had planned on getting another GK-3 p/u for a third guitar at $220 (Sweetwater). For another $180 I can get the GP-10 & the GK-3 p/u. Plus I'll be able to use both units at the same time.
  • phenixreturns: strings ensemble ?
  • Xeed: Can this device do the "acoustic simulator"?
  • Carlos Eduardo Arellano: While the PCM generators featured in GR-55 is missed, BOSS GP-10 is the only device in its category featuring polyphonic separate 6 strings + 1 stereo full guitar track recording via USB driver, for a total of 7 independent channels of pure efx-less sound, this let you to edit audio in your favorite DAW, re-amp and work free-hands while tweaking and fine tune your GP-10 patches. Also, it goes beyond of the boundaries with the ability of set each string in its own stereo field, which led to multidimensional guitar contemporary atmospheres as is listened in 6:26 and 7:06 46 and 48 Wide Mod CLN / Super MODlate patch in this demo.
  • phenixreturns: great demo
  • Rafael Peretti: Do you know if it is possible to have a piano sound like de GR 55 has?
  • chappo jr: thanks Dr. Joness…
  • DrRussPhd: Most of these sound like they came from my old GR 33. The guitar modeling sounds good but the synth stuff sounds recycled.
  • vubear: Anybody know if there's a way to daisy chain 2 of these together to get vg99 levels of performance?
  • Mark Maxson: OK, I found a return at Musicians Friend, mint for $350.
    Paired with a Carvin SH475, half the build cost offf eBay.
    This combination is amazing – the GP10 is its own unique beast, totally worth your time.
    The ToneBank app is effortless, lots of interesting patches to get you going in the right direction.
    I will be losing the patches that I can't use – and adding / editing what I can use.
    A lot of power under the hood amigos!
    Best from Mark
  • risingforce86: This sounds like garbage compared to the GR-55.. I would just pay the extra cash and go with the real deal..
  • Mark Maxson: Thanks for doing this, I was abut to pull the trigger, uh the debit card. I have a GR1 and I swear some of these sounds are EXACTLY the same…with modeling added? The GR300 lead was Pat Metheny in a box. I would be more interested in editing these and downloading the "star" patches. Thanks again!
  • Bryan Michael Block: To me, the sounds are all just a bonus.  Don't forget that this box is also a direct GK to MIDI converter through USB.  So, if you have soft synths, or other VSTi's, such as modeled guitars that sound "better" than the ones in the unit itself, you can play those directly into your DAW for recording projects…and maybe even into your laptop for live performance.
  • audiotrax2000: Wayne, what do you think of the MIDI tracking with the GP-10. Is it as good as the excellent GR-30? Thanks.
  • TheAngello120: I think the acoustic and nylon are stunning, the banjo ? nah, but the awful synth warbles,bubbles etc,??? why.So saying ,after discovering a major wiring error with my desk/monitors my opinion of the quality of sounds in the GP-10 has altered,it is brilliant and a no-brainer buy.
  • Stéphane Castelin: j'adore
  • Jay Parrino: Cheers for sharing buddy
  • Paul Driessen: thanks Wayne! these factory presets are way better than the GR55 factory presets for sure… 
  • Andrzej Pajak: Thx Wayne:)
  • Tioga Fretworks: Yes thanks for demoing so many patches. Good demo. Unfortunately I'm trying to think how I'd use any of them either live or recording and am coming up empty. Save your money kids.