Multi Effects Processors

As music professionals, we are all acquainted with guitarists and also the rows of pedals they setup on stage at each gig. They are certainly onto something with regards to effects on-the-fly, however when you are establishing a studio or pro audio rig, there is a simpler solution: multi effects processors. These full-sized units bring a lot of versatility towards the table (or, more precisely speaking, the rack) plus they can enjoy a vital role in shaping your personal signature seem.

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If you wish to bring your tracks one stage further, a multi effects processor can have the desired effect. For any high-finish illustration of what one of these simple units can perform, browse the Eventide H8000FW 8-Funnel Ultra-Harmonizer Effects Processor. It supports 24-bit audio and posseses an impressive 1,600 pre-set effects. Many are even pre-customized for five.1 surround seem, so production for home entertainment playback is really a cinch. Its smorgasbord of I/O options includes AES/EBU, ADAT, S/PDIF and FireWire with sampling as much as 96kHz, so whatever you are searching to connect with the H8000FW, it is a victorious one that exist the task done. Obviously, not every one of the processors listed here are as advanced. There are many setups available that simply require a straightforward solution, and when that seems like yours, don't be concerned: you will find lots of individuals because well. Go ahead and take TC Electronic M350 Reverb and Effects Processor, for example. This single-space rackmount is simple to suit into any budget, living as much as TC's status of delivering amazing value for your money. It's packed with 15 different effects plus 15 reverbs, as well as includes control software for the AU/VST atmosphere.

It's understandable that the one who knows best what your studio's needs are is that you simply, so you shouldn't be shy about taking an in-depth look at the multi effects processors available here. Just a little focus on detail pays off greatly whenever you find the one which happens to be precisely what you have been trying to find.

Multi Effects Processors They are certainly onto


VIRTUALIZER 3D FX2000 High-Performance 3D Multi-Engine Effects Processor

  • Greg McKee: Is this compatible with the FCB 1010 midi pedal?
  • Flip Sergio: How do I layer effects it said on the box I could layer up to 11
  • Mishootki TV: Does the device have a noise gate or a normal gate? Is it possible to have separate effect settings for the microphone and instrument input?
  • Brian Steels: Hey! I was wondering two things:
    1: Can you stack effects? Ie, Can I have a chorus before a delay, before a reverb?
    2: Can you use midi to control specific variables within the effects? Ie, one knob that controls depth, another controls modulation speed, etc
  • Jeremy Castillo: So would you consider this a mic pre as well?
  • Rachel Jeanne Music: Hi an get some support on connecting this to my mixer I've tried everything I have a harbinger l802 and this virtualizer