Guitar processor

Guitar processor

Oscar Schmidt OG2 Dreadnought Electric Guitar – Tobacco Sunburst

Regular Cost: $275.00

Special Cost $59.99

JBL 305P MkII Powered 5″ Two-Way Studio Monitor, Single

Regular Cost: $149.00

Special Cost $89.10

Washburn Heritage 10 Series 12-String Acoustic-Guitar Black with Gator 4G Gig Bag and Frameworks Stand

As little as: $324.98

4-Pack of Strukture Pro20M7 Durable, 7mm Rubber Microphone Cables – 20 foot

MXL V67G/V67 Custom Large Capsule Condenser Vocal Microphone (Red, White-colored, and Gray) – Special Edition

Regular Cost: $99.99

Special Cost $59.00

AKG K240 Semi-Open Studio Earphones

Regular Cost: $69.00

Special Cost $35.10

Steinberg UR12 2×2 USB 2. Audio Interface

Regular Cost: $99.99

Special Cost $49.99

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Serato DJ 4 Funnel Controller

Regular Cost: $999.99

Special Cost $749.99

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BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor

  • Tiago Silva: Tenho uma pela praticidade, e tamanho!
  • Freeway Shark: Very nice gear. I used to have a Boss ME-33 before some douchebag chick stole it from me. Loved it. Never got it back. It was a present from my dad and very valuable to me. She knew that and still she stole it…
  • FabruT: that tele <3
  • Henadzi Wasilewskii: Давайте разберемся по существу! Маркетинг нас обманывает!
    Нет блока питания!
    Включать лупер неудобно!!!
    Задать эфыект на опредиленную педаль не возможно!
    Диска в комплекте нет!
    Инструкции на русском- нет!
  • Bruno Guitar: todas ??
  • Amando Eugenio González: Simeone anyone please tell me how to get that effect from 0:470:53 or a tutorial could work too
  • Jacob Joel: This vid made me buy it
  • A. Wagner: is it just me, or is everything about this gay as fuck?
  • R.J. Nájera: It would be nice if they add a ring mod to this unit or some synth like sounds
  • Matthew Taylor: I need that
  • All: I LOVE this Effects Processor it sounds awesome and the best thing in it is that it’s a really small unit
    it’s just amazing for real i wish i could get the newer GT-1000
    coz i think i’m in love with boss <3
  • Clifford Almerol: Plastic sound
  • Damien Omen TV: Going to GC today. I hope this works. I’m on a budget and want to play through PC/headphones without amp.(Amp comes later when I have the money)> Will this work?
  • Damien Omen TV: I just wanted a simple foot switch to hook to my computer with the perks of having some presets when I’m lazy. Anything else I can just simulate with software. Looking forward to pick this up.
  • Leonardo Gallotta: Good music
  • Shawn Fernandes: Can we take a second to appreciate the absolutely stellar song they came up with?
  • rg2027x: seems pretty cool
  • Layne Staley: I thought Most Pop Musicians Play Air Guitar.
  • Invincible Force: I’d hope the female bassist and drummer were included with the purchase of BOSS GT-1
  • Luis Ochoa: Is this better than the me-25? Thanks for yogur answers
  • Cαяlσѕ :3: Es realmente pequeña pero al tomarse un tiempo aprendes a usarla poniéndole personalizaciones con el CTL1 RECORDANDO QUE NO SON PEDALES ANÁLOGOS LOS SONIDOS NO SON realmente iguales pero esta bastante genial al tomarse su tiempo configurandola
  • Eduardo Alexandre: Does it have shimmer effect among reverb functionalities? Thanks!
  • TheBoondoggler: Are skinny jeans still in?
  • Paulmetal HO: what is his shoes??
  • MatthewJackson 265: tab pls
  • Alexandre Caxito: Is it possible to disable the volume function of the FX pedal on the GT-1? If so, what would it be like? thank you..
  • Jon’Athan: Hello I need help, I want to know if quality of my preamp higain from bugera 6262 will be allright through this multieffect for use only modulation effects, wah pedal and maybe noise gate?
  • Earl Brackett: wtf can’t BOSS list the fucking effects on their web page ? you can’t even fins a manual…shit, wtf are they hiding ? “effect types” is chickenshit for 20 fx…
  • Ahmed Ihab Ibrahim: Boss removed Tone central for PC from their website, they say it may not work properly with some PCs, I was planning to buy GT-100 or GT-1, so what do I use as editing/downloading software? Guess I should buy another brand, is the company replacing Tone central for Windows with another App. soon?
  • Walter Oswald: Just go in a guitar shop and test it – this thing simple rocks out everything and does more than you can even handle. For that price you can not do better!!! Well don BOSS!
  • Paulo Martins: BOSSchanel, i have a doubt. Can i use it as interface between my guitar and pc as well?
  • StringGene: If this had speaker sim XLR out it would be ideal. As it is you’d have to have a direct box to plug into the snake… screw that
  • Kaiser Law: i’m new, is this effects processor for bass as well?
  • Paco Tores: First of all, they would be shot by black gangsters for playing music in the streets while being white.  Second,  chicks, almost always, make suck ass drummers and bass players.  A politically correct commercial.  Nothing else.
  • Rodrigo Lucas: Bassist name?
  • Jenni Valentine: Boss/Roland should have been marketing to post-rockers all along. Congrats on finally catching up lol
  • maladiaboy: t
  • Templeton Peck: Fake… There’s no such thing as a female drummer.
  • IXOYE015: I’m newI want a power adapterThey do not know what it would be or what voltage it handles
  • Human Apocalypse: can we use a processor for recording ?
  • Cristian Caro: Para cuando en argentina?
  • Aivazovsky: Can i download a drum loop from tone central to this processor boss gt1 and play along with it or record it with BOSS GT1 TONE STUDIO?
  • Wesley da Silva: vou pegar a dessas
  • Marcelo eraldo: daqui a 1 semana adquiro o meu
  • Brian Mead Brown: I just bought amazing.. boss even invent their own amp models that sound incredible.. there’s one on this unit called extreme have to keep the gain setting fairly low because it’s incredibly saturated.. but if you do that it sounds like one of the best amp lead times I’ve ever heard in my life.. also the Marshall 1959 preamp model is incredibly warm.. you can go from my killer AC/DC sound to an early Van Halen tone and it sounds really great even very loud at stage settings… it even has the New Boutique pedals they made it built into it like the Tera echo which is one of the coolest delay sounds I’ve ever heard.. the times I’ve played live with this pedal people are blown away by the tone they come up to me asking me what I’m playing through..
  • 清少納言の隠し子: 演奏が上手すぎ曲がかっこよすぎ
  • Woonk: It’s possible to use the switches as individual on off pedals? Stomp box style!! Thanks!
  • Anwaar Ali Music: All the new pedals from Boss are nothing but cheap sounding garbage. I used GT 8 on my album (In My Dreams) few years ago and I regret selling it. Now I’ll have to find one. Neal Schon Used GT 6 on his albums “Voice” and “I On U”, which are the best sounding guitar albums ever recorded. The thing is that most people just don’t know how a real guitar tone supposed to sound like.
  • Kurt Urban: prices on these ones with built in CD / DVD RECORDER
  • dewberry30: Does this have a feature that I can create a recording in my computer the transfer the file to the unit and store as a custom patch? Looking for that feature because I want to play background music in between songs live.
  • Ash 517: Would this be capable of 80s Rockman guitar tones? I see I preset titled “80s Studio Lead”, so I’d guess that would be it?
  • paolo carretero: nice tele
  • BIBI QUEIROZ: Amazing!
  • Bruno Nunes: We all use impulse reponses nowadays. Atomic Amplifire is at the same level as a fractal AX8 and it’s the same price as a boss GT100. Boss you have all the tools and know how…do what we need and we will buy
  • Gemma Seymour: This looks pretty cool. I doubt I would ever use something like this for a performance rig, but for on-to-go jams and practice, I just might pick one up. $200 is a pretty good price.
  • Rudy Guerra: ?✌
  • Ruben Trevino: all I want to know is if the chick bassist and drummer come with the GT1, if so Ill buy it!
  • napalmhardcore: Rather than making another pedal using the aging tech from the GT series, I think it would have been a better idea to put some of that R&D money towards the next generation of digital modeling tech.With the likes of the Amplifire, Helix, AX8 and Positive Grid recently having got into the hardware game (OK, they don’t have a pedal, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one on the market in the near future) you guys really need to up your game. You’re no longer competing against the Digitech RP series or the Vox tonelab. The bar has been raised.
    Zoom updated their amp modeling recently (though when I searched a while back, I couldn’t find any particularly good demos) and so should you.
  • MrMagickStar: After watching it my only tough is been: I’ll never buy this shit only because you’re licking Tumblr’s scum asses…
  • Eli J. Doummar: is the sound quality as good as Gt-100 ? or is it a lower version ?
  • Zach: Am I missing something? This sounds awful
  • deeks113: help !! i can’t download tone central on my pc, what’s up with that, boss?
  • Burning Teles: bring back (delay trails)!
    Patch ChgMode The unit switches to the subsequent patch with the decay from the previous patch’s reverb or delay continued
    after the switch is made.
    this was on gt -10 and gt-8(遅延トレイルを)持ち帰ります
  • Burning Teles: no fx loop
    no parallel chain
    not able to use the phrase loop to edit sounds
    no pedal mode
    a more limited number of effects
    can not control fx1 with ctlthe rest seem to be similar to the gt-100 unit
    expression pedal has complete functionality
    although you definitely can, with an additional double foot switch control 4 individual FX in every patch (ctl1,ctl2,ctl3,expr switch)

gt -10 remains still the best boss product for fx usage (my opinion based on delay trail functionality)

  • Israel Mendes: Zoom G1xOn: 1/3 of price and best.
  • OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL: What’s the difference between GT-001 and GT-1?
  • Carlos Ortiga: Lobos like me-25
  • MrB: BOSS GT-1B????
  • David Thomas Fortier: how long is the loop
  • Waslley Lopes: deve chegar aqui no Brasil uns 2000,00
  • Alexandre DA SILVA COSTA: ?
  • Alexandre DA SILVA COSTA: e os timbres principalmente de drives e distorções será que melhoram as simulaçoes
  • K.L. Graham: I just bought a GT-001. Why do you want all my money!
  • qxtc.: Is there / will there be, a bass version of this?
  • vriendelijkegroet: Despite all the features and the price, for a gig I always have preferred pedals and a board. Not because multi-FX don’t sound good, but with pedals I have a better overview of the sounds and possible changes. Just a necessity such as changing the overall volume without scrolling through a menu…hmm, maybe I am too old school.
  • Rogistics say: A little late on this BOSS. Also, could have used better tones on the heavy distortion part of this.
  • throatguitar: Looks great
  • Hector_diaf f: it is like me 25
  • Anderson Ribeiro: cara que bom. aparente mente é bem simplificada.
  • muchotone: if this is really only $200 US, then no complaints are valid. a Wampler compressor pedal alone costs that much. for busking and jamming, nothing in that price range exists for what it offers.
  • Cooper Floyd: Anybody know what the price is on this?
  • Juninho Silva: Very Cool
  • Giordan Drago: Boss, for god sakes, you have to better the quality of the cab simulations! It always sounds like ass! There’s no openess in the sound. Just implement a feature where people can insert Impulse Responses!
  • Alex Parer: looks good to me