Effects pedals. The Bazz Fuzz Face

The Bazz Fuzz Face is essentially a plastic Fuzz Face along with a Bazz Fuss within the same box. A switch in the centre enables either effect to become selected. Both circuits happen to be modified just a little using their original schematics. The amount, tone and dirt controls are shared by circuits. The choke knob only affects the Fuzz Face.

The Bazz Fuss has an infinitely more aggressive, modern heavy seem into it, as the Fuzz Face compared is much more of the noisy, chaotic fuzz that’s both very versatile and attentive to style of.

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The Bazz Fuss is a superb beginner fuzz circuit since it contains so couple of parts but still sounds great. The initial design are available on home-wrecker.com. After testing a couple of from the versions I opted for version 3, utilizing an MPSA13 transistor along with a 1N914 diode. Here is a video regarding how to make these.

  • Added a tone control in the input to dial back low frequencies
  • Added a trimpot volume control therefore the creation of the Bazz Fuss can be created quieter to complement the Fuzz Face’s average output volume

The Fuzz Face is really a classic fuzz pedal whose design is extremely appropriate to make modifications. The NPN plastic design in this article was my beginning point. I designed a couple of changes.

  • Added a tone control in the input to dial back low frequencies
  • Added a trimpot in series in the input to improve the input impedance, smoothing the seem
  • Decided on a 2N3903 and 2N3904 as substitute transistors for any moderate quantity of gain.
  • Replaced the 8.2K resistor having a potentiometer so that you can adjust the "choke". Varies from woofy and loud, via a classic Fuzz Face seem after which gets to be more clogged and splatty. Placing a clean boost and boosting the signal before pedal also lets you apply the choke like a noise gate.
  • Altered the output cap value and volume potentiometer

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Aguilar Fuzzistor Pedal Demo with Matt Rubano

  • dodo dodo: like the E string of voices
  • Carmelo Roman: I bought this pedal. And even if I say how amazing it's Aguilar as a bass amp brand, I can say too, that this pedal isn't what I expect. I didn't find a way to set it, that I like it. Also the effect sound isn't like other fuzz pedals. At least the ones I used before. If I had to give it a rank between 1-10, in my opinion I give it 5.
  • Grant Baker: I utilize this video as a lullaby at night
  • James Campbell: “And with this next setting, I’m going to show you how it sounds exactly like the last setting, but with a different riff”
  • Mister Brunswick: Ive had my Fuzzistor over a year and I still havent found a way to get the damn thing to agree with C tuning. I bought this pedal because of the blend option and because the Big Muff I had didnt have that option. Please tell me that I missed the disclaimer in the small print that said NOT FOR USE IN DOOM METAL or C TUNING. Damn!.
  • Kaptan Anadol!: First, the Aguilar Fuzzistor is cool, smooth and nice like every other Augilar product.
    Second, President Dave I believe that your voice is overdubbed.
  • mac flapalicious: Along with all your dope ass bass gear, you should release a mixtape of bedtime stories. Have us all sleeping like babies! I'm getting a bunch of Aguilar gear tomorrow, cant wait!!!!!!
  • Kenneth Bryan: I want the hat dude to read me bedtime stories
  • Emma Gutierrez: you have the most terrifiyng voice i've ever heard in my entire life.. next to Bane's voice from batman dark night rises's movie
  • yobhsiFehT: Wow, I have a major new-found respect for Dave Boonshoft's top-notch ADR skills! XD
  • Zep Dela Rocha: Oh man is it just me or the hat dudes voice is so relaxing
  • Edgar Solorzano: im in minute 2 so far, have it in my reverb cart, i think ill click the buy botton at the end of this video for sure!
  • Jamie: I had my doubts for some reason. But it sounds really good! Might snatch one up for testing,
  • jnumme597: Dave is a cool cat and has killer stuff with Aguilar.
  • Jericho Condor: Bit random.. but is Dave wearing a 'Panerai' watch?
  • Matthew Adams: JAM SESH! Boonshoft is GETTIN IN with that 8string!
  • Μάνος Καραμάνος: The President's mic sound is HORRIBLE! Pedal is killer though.