Build Your Own Clone Assembling

After building a couple of their pedals for myself I’ve decided that if there’s anyone out there that wants a B.Y.O.C. pedal, but doesn’t know how to solder, that I will build them for you for a fee. It will be the cost of the pedal on the B.Y.O.C. site, plus a $40.00 to $60.00 build fee depending on the level of difficulty. That will be for a bare box, if you want it painted then we can dialog about the cost of that.

B.Y.O.C. has clones of some of the most famous pedals out there (Fuzz Face, Big Muff, Tube Screamer, etc) that come with the highest quality parts. On top of that most are true bypass, and several of the pedals come with additional mods that stretch out the versatility of the pedal futher (I have the “Rat” clone that has a 5 way rotary switch for 5 different clipping options).

Here is the main page for B.Y.O.C. You’ll find a list of the clones they make here, and if you are interested in having one built by me, then send me a line through the contact page here