Automated Delay Effects

Bruce Aisher walks us through probably the most effective means of automating delay effects into tracks.

Delay is among the most significant effects available when mixing, and definitely probably the most helpful for dance music. Delay and echo plugins are available in great shape and flavours, and although they work nicely instead of reverb for subtle ambient treatments they may also be pressed into more flamboyant use, specially when DAW automation is put into the equation.

Within this tutorial we’ll demonstrate probably the most great ways to automate delay effects to your productions, from subtle ‘spins’ to spacey dub echoes.

The easiest utilization of automation would be to ‘spin in’ delay-based place effects. Begin by establishing your favourite delay wordpress plugin like a send effect inside your DAW – quite simply, the delay sits by itself bus as opposed to a track’s funnel strip, and it is looking for 100% wet (no dry unprocessed signal needed whatsoever here).

Automated Delay Effects

We begin having a simple synth riff. It already has a little bit of reverb onto it, however it still feels too abrupt once the riff ends and also the seem all of a sudden drops from the track.

The answer would be to send it to the delay line right before the riff ends:

The easiest method to do that is as simple as recording parameter changes with automation. Set your DAW to ‘Write’ automation, then push-up the result send level around the synth funnel (visiting the delay) on only the last area of the bar. The screengrab shows the way the automation data looks in Logic but pretty much every DAW includes a similar option.

Automated Delay Effects

Some DAWs (for example Cubase, proven here) also permit you to automate the send’s on/off status (just like a switch), enabling you to adjust the amount by hand later.

Automated Delay Effects

When you are the automation data perfect, there’s nothing stopping you copying the automation with other areas of the track if needed, as proven below (click on the image to enlarge).

Automated Delay Effects

Feedback Fun… Fun… Fun…

Observe that around the examples above we’re utilizing a fixed quantity of delay feedback to supply a number of ‘repeats’. If at all possible, try to make use of a wordpress plugin with a type of filtering around the feedback path, making the delay become more and more ‘lo-fi’ on every repeat. Some tape delay plugins include a tiny bit of distortion or saturation towards the delayed signal.



How to use Automation Clips – FL Studio 12 Essentials #1

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