Circuit Bending with PartyShank

Circuit Bending with PartyShank

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Because of Howard and Christian of Partyshank, I finally possess a term to make use of when describing the glitchy bleep-bloop technoise utilized in their music. what on the planet is ‘circuit bending’? NIN, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Portishead, Venetian Snares, ec8or, and exemplified by Partyshank. circuit bending is behind the the best ‘tech’ noise within my collection. So what exactly is it?

Circuit Bending is the skill of producing music with the ‘bent’ – or unintended – use of electronic circuits, usually involving weirdly modified childhood toys. My Speak & Read always appeared just like a great candidate for sampling, but circuit bending goes past recording mere audio samples. Electro-tech artists really crack open the toy’s outer casing, hardwiring in to the circuitry inside to produce sounds. It makes sense some remarkably obvious, although frequently experimentally derived, musical tweaking through the short-circuiting from the device.

Circuit Bent

Christian from the circuit bending duo Partyshank was kind enough to reply to a couple of questions, explaining where a few of their sounds originate from. “We’ve never designed a certain “type” of music, but everything would come under electronic music in general. I did previously produce drum and bass like a kid after which began making electro a couple of years back. Howard had circuit bent the toys and together we made the decision to make use of the two combined.”

The people from Partyshank don’t merely borrow using their toys, but rely on them to produce nearly all sounds in certain songs. The track Gary is dependant on the alteration from the Gary Toy another of Howard’s favourites may be the Super Concert Toy climax rarely utilized in live sets. Though this method appears too elite to possess a mass following, there are a variety of sources on the internet for anybody thinking about beginning their very own projects. You may also purchase pre-bent toys on eBay!

Christian informs me, “There’s loads on the web on circuit bending, or you drop us a note on myspace we’re more than pleased propose with information. Once we have enough time we reply and check out help anybody by helping cover their sequencing and just what equipment to obtain.” Because of Partyshank who have been voted among the ‘top ten’ favourites of myspace and cranked it in the Social a week ago. though they’re saying they’ve were built with a couple of gigs which were less receptive for their seem, Toronto will get it.

My thanks and to DJ = and Producer Dave Moag in order to introduce me to local circuit bending. These Toronto producers’ favourite toys? For DnB DJ =, the Speak & Spell, and Casio sk-1 / sk-5 are the most widely used items to utilize. Dave Moag includes a project of their own, an Alesis hr16b drum machine. “It’s a lot of sounds along with a removable patch bay and so i could bend other bits of gear with 36-pin printer ports, but nonetheless make use of the same bay. This enables me to produce bridges between all of the pins around the nick.” It’s amazing what amount of the music I really like has been chose to make this way.

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