Circuit bent video processor

Circuit bent video processor ()” alt=”Circuit bent video processor” />

Circuit-bent Archer video processor

My first, and effective, attempt with bending an analog video processor.

This project would be a couple of years within the making – mainly a couple of many years of collecting and possessing a number of analog video processors and awaiting the disposable moment to spread out up and test out them.

In my first experiment, I selected an Archer-brand color processor as individuals really are a cent twelve, and that i can afford to short the boards or ruin the chips via soldering mistakes.

I opened up up to obtain the board had 3 color chips onto it. First item Used to do was counterbalance the factory setting for image output and so i could have more from alterations.
The end product has four added points of articulation – different between 5k Ω and 50k Ω . Only used one 10 Ω resistor for just one of my points.
It’s now got abilities for field perspective warping, color bleeding, trailing, and offset vertical hold. However, you’re still in a position to adjust saturation, contrast, RGB elements and luminosity according to original design.

Full test video:

Update: You can buy this processor like a perk for that Norcal Noisefest XXI funding campaign.