Circuit bent video processor

Michael Oster
He’s the individual accountable for this mess.

Texas Instruments Speak and Music. I added 6 switches, 1 pot, along with a reset button. Now it’s prepared to have beautiful music! It had been a discomfort within the ass to bend.

A circuit bent soft synth?
Hell yes! I (ab)used Reaktor and produced a circuit bent software synthesizer. I have been focusing on this on / off for more than a year. Now, after many refinements, it’s ready for that world.

And you may have it FREE!

WARNING: You break it. it is not my fault! Your mileage can vary. Do not attempt this unless of course you are sure guess what happens you are doing! You are messing with electricity also it can be harmful! For those who have no clue what circuitbending is, then Do Not Attempt THIS! You may inflate your synth (or whatever you are messing with) – so try at the own risk!

May i circuit bent device make a different one (or even more) glitch? Without a doubt.

When i first attempted this out by connecting 2 Speak and Maths to some Casio SK-1. I made use of RCA jacks to obtain direct accessibility glitch points from the units making a few videos from the results (see below).

Experience “the tough Listening Funnel” podcast in which the sounds within my mind end up being the sounds in yours.

What about processing glitch signals with guitar pedals? The majority of my experiments were failures, however i did get some results while on an Audible Disease Rupture pedal in-line having a bend on the Speak and Math. I additionally were built with a Boss DD-6 digital delay placed in the Rupture’s effects feedback loop. This setup and many variations didn’t do anything for an SK-1. The Speak and Math was more “receptive” for this abuse. [mp4]

Seems like the title for any circuit bent p-rno, but it is not. This video shows a Casio SK-1 delivering signals to two Speak and Maths. They’re connected by RCA cables. [mov]


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Above: The Speak and Math having a glitch connection as well as in-line pedals processing the glitch signals. Obtained from a relevant video still.

What about using audio processors to change the glitch signals?

A bit more complicated I figured, after which discovered when i figured “glitch” signals may be from the processing selection of effects pedals. I’d no results whatsoever by having an SK-1. I attempted digital delays, distortion, as well as an envelope filter.

A Speak and Math made a far greater “host” with this experiment. Though not “amazing” at all, I had been entertained by a mix of the Audible Disease Rupture pedal having a Boss DD-6 delay in the feedback loop. The recording above right will highlight a number of what continued. There have been variations from a straight connection and also the reference to the pedals lined up. Twisting knobs around the delay created results although not like whether it was processing a sound signal. There have been no glitch “echos”. Altering the delay “mode” and “level” would sometimes alter the glitches or result in a brief loop. Tweaking the Rupture produced a “pitch like” effect that wasn’t everything controllable. Also, an excessive amount of “juice” in the Rupture would crash the Speak, but backing from the pedal usually introduced a recovery without pressing the “reset” button.
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Circuit Bent PaperJamz FX w/ Video Output

  • Lily XEUTHANIZEDX: Where does the video output come from? Should upload a schematic 😉
  • Shaun Elliott: …and with a pitch and and vid
  • Igor Amokian: Nice. I never tried one of thosethrough a tv .Hahah…..