Modified Circuit Bent CX500 Keyboard

I had been with all this strange keyboard which initially appeared just like a rather dull kid’s toy, but switched right into a monster when modded. I’m not a circuit bending genius, however i got some interesting sounds from easy bends.

Modified Circuit Bent CX500 Keyboard Arturia Small Brute

Probably the most compelling thing about this keyboard is it has individual pads to experience some drum tones instantly, in addition to a microphone input. What? Actually, a really strange factor to possess on the cheap kids keyboard. Typically when seeking to get awesome lo-fi drums, you receive stuck while using built-in patterns and have to sample a design, then slice in the samples and play it well having a sampler. Also, a microphone input? It was calling out for any foldback mod, like exactly what the DSI Mopho and Arturia Small Brute do, which enables you to definitely mix the output back with the input for feedback or perhaps a awesome resonant seem. Oddly once the speaker is connected, the resonance mod doesn’t work, but otherwise it makes a “just around the fringe of feedback” ringiness towards the seem. It’s awesome.

I put inside a fundamental pitch mod switch having a fixed value, along with the capability to adjust the pitch having a knob. There’s a couple of distortion and feedback mods too, along with a low pitch/ blippy kind of mod which provides you a kind of sample and hold kind of seem.

<a href='~id-172Modified Circuit Bent CX500 Keyboard drums, you” title=”Modified Circuit Bent CX500 Keyboard drums, you” />

The actual money is incorporated in the drums though. I’ve sampled them and produced a Kontakt instrument FREE that you should download. There are just 4 samples, however the options are endless. There’s a fundamental patch, in addition to a patch which utilizes a script from Kontakt 4’s built-in library. Enjoy!


Circuit Bent keyboard – FM Interceptor

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