Circuit bent keyboard


Unique, hand crafted circuit bent keyboard adapted from the children’s sample-based keyboard modified by JK themself. Hands colored in yellow, orange and eco-friendly. This unpredictable grainy, rhythm-based madness could be heard on JK/47 and Radar Cinema releases. Infinite sounds and rhythms with a few foreseeable functions too.

Features power, and three distinct, stable bends controlled by durable switches. Operates on 4 AA batteries not incorporated. Contains two powered on-board loudspeakers and 1/4 inch output jack for phones or line to amps or effects.

This track includes sounds and rhythms in the keyboard:
Pay attention to Glitchness by ︻╦╤─JK/47─╤╦︻ #np on #SoundCloud

Video demonstration by my assistant:

Includes limitless streaming of CYBERPUNK through the free Bandcamp application, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and much more.

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Circuit bent keyboard Operates on

JK/47 New York

Electronic music producer. Affiliate of Animal FirePower, Rotheads, Ghostwolf, and also the Radar Cinema

Circuit Bent Kawasaki Keyboard

  • Alex Mays Band: i would buy that
  • nerdneedscoffee: just made me remember that I used to have one of these as a kid, I don't think it had a drum machine on it though
  • Hector Pina: Most useful and musical of all the bends. You even managed to play, god forbid, a little song! Most bent instruments are garbage. This one rocks.
  • TSA Master: I've always wanted to do circuit bending but I don't know how also I like that song you played at the end
  • Dr. Harrow: it became a real kawasaki at 3:33
    get it?
  • L G: oh my god man
  • TBEG2006 the Unikitty Fanatic: snaps mouth noice
  • Dr. Harrow: 0:04 super mario world XD
  • bmxband1t77: thats kwaaayyyzee sheet right there!
  • social suicide: Nice demo! I think you really hit the glitchy sweet spot at around 2:30
  • Rita P: Nice video. This is cool. 🙂
  • Fatmeatball: The Dubstep Keyboard… Existence number 1
  • DOOK FAN: you rock mate 
  • Nemoian Paw: nice little jam at the end
  • Michael Rucci: It can be a very satisfying hobby for sure.
  • Michael Rucci: Thanks man.
  • Michael Rucci: I don't like to work on other peoples stuff cause it is very likely to be ruined beyond repair. But message me if you'd like some links to point you to bending your own instruments.
  • Uncle Maurice: This is the best one i've seen so far.
  • Uncle Maurice: So good, i might have found a new hobby.
  • Michael Rucci: Even without the mods this is a fun one.
  • Michael Rucci: Thanks.
  • Ryan Gregory: holy fuck
  • Michael Rucci: If it's dead now, it can't hurt to open it up.
  • Bunniemunch123: i have a chad valley piano and its dead
  • SoLrAc imUgEn: Very cool videos man!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • DrOlliefish: Where did you inject the lfo signal?
  • Denni Michos: your videos are amazing, man i wish i had one of those..
  • KeithJames20: @mike19822058 I really appreciate it, Mike. Thank you.
  • KeithJames20: Sounds awesome man!
    I haven't been able to find instructions on how to add the 1/4" output jack. Is there any easy way you can explain it?
  • Igor Amokian: Nice bends Yeah!!!!!! I bent one of those, but mine is not as cool as yours ;(
    synth o nator