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Pixelsumo is a website on interaction, with a focus on play, installation, gaming culture, playgrounds and toys. Compiled by Chris O’Shea.

Browsing: Circuit Bending is really a site documenting Erics assortment of rare and vintage musical electronic toys. You will find 112 within this online library. Besides the many synthesizers, I’ve found these toys wonderful to check out when it comes to their intended interaction and also the aesthetic. Tomy Voice Corder (1972) “BEST MUSICAL TOY Around The Globe. Play & […]

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I’ve been searching for types of game cartridges and portable systems which have been circuit bent to produce a nice glitch aesthetic & seem. For those who have any links, please publish them within the comments. Jumpstart continues to be bending the Gauntlet game on Sega Master System II here. noteNdo is loaded with lots of images and […]

I’m an excellent fan of utilizing existing technology with techniques it was not initially intended, especially with regards to circuit bending toys to create instruments. Censtron possess some nice instruments, however the circuit bent tv is most impressive. Take a look at Wave Vessel, AVU as well as their other projects. (hackaday)

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