UberMod feature demands

UberMod feature demands

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UberMod feature demands 1k for instance via oversampling

I am lately rediscovering the UberMod wordpress plugin and that i enjoy it.

Here are a few feature demands that can make Ubermod the "best" IMO.

-An octave lower switch (most likely located aside from the "speed" switch inside the Warp tab maybe?) A potential upgrade to this is a pitch shift parameter rather.

This will be relevant because so many occasions one wants pitched lower copies/delay doubles to assist blend/glue the spectrum of instruments together inside a mix.

UberMod feature demands potential upgrade to this

I personally use the Waves Doubler just for which include atm, getting this possibility within UberMod could be simply great!

Alternatively, the pitch shift effect might be carried out to partly affect delay complexes within certain modes in a push of the mouse. (i.e. the 6TapRandom mode might have 3 delay lines pitched however the other 3 not. )

-Another awesome implementation will be a HQ switch. It's apparent in my experience that UberMod sounds considerably more obvious and detailed running @ 96k, will it be easy to offer similar quality for 44.1k for instance via oversampling or something like that?

A Valhalla wordpress plugin able to simple/fundamental pitch shifts to clever pitch shift complexes and harmonizers would sure be interesting!


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