Circuit Bent Instruments and Sounds

These Circuit-Bent Instruments and Sounds Are Merely Gorgeous #MusicMonday

Mention “circuit bending” and you’ll consider someone making unlistenable noise on the Speak & Spell they … broke. However in the grand tradition of Reed Ghazala, circuit bending often means instruments which have exquisitely mutated from vintage devices, resplendent in new paint and making bizarre but wonderful new sounds.

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ValhallaDSP ÜberMod

That’s a significant claim, and with many different delay/modulation plugins available on the market, how can it fully stand up? Getting used and been very impressed along with other plugins by Valhalla, (namely home plate and room reverbs), I'd high wants UberMod. It could even replace multiple plugins to complete one job!

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Guitar processor

Have an issue? Ask your personal!

  1. Pedals are easy and simple to make use of.
    Pedals are pretty straight forward – usually 2–4 knobs along with a footswitch. Simply by twiddling with the knobs, you are able to rapidly determine what they are able to do. Which makes them very simple to use. They are simple to switch onOraway and also the power Brought provides immediate visual feedback on pedal status. Most pedals are simple to configure and simple to tweak settings.

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YouTuber Circuit Bends a Question Bible as a result of a Deadmau5 Tweet [Video]

Earlier this year, deadmau5 tweeted concerning the Question Bible, the infamous As seen on television audio bible. Deadmau5 stated he couldn’t hold back until someone circuit bent the audio bible (circuit bending changes a hardware’s circuits to produce new sounds and instruments). Then, fans of YouTuber LOOK Mother NO COMPUTER tagged the circuit bending wizard on deadmau5’s tweet. Ends up LOOK Mother was up for that challenge.

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Video bending – 2020 and 2021

Since doing the circuit bending course where I built the Honkatron I have desired to try some video circuit bending. There is lots less circuit bent video stuff around than there’s audio, and so i reckon it might be simpler to behave that sticks out. Bending video circuits is a reasonably much more demanding than audio circuits. You need to preserve the dwelling from the video signal quite carefully otherwise displays can’t process it correctly and will not create a picture. Continue reading “Video bending – 2020 and 2021”

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Snee Whittchen: A Circuit Bent Keyboard Conceptual Art Project


Circuit Bent Keyboard Conceptual Art Project new soundtrack” />

So a friend has produced a conceptual art project using circuit bent keyboards and that i thought CM.O may be interested. Apart from the particular keyboards themselves being an element of the project he’s also getting others to collaborate with him to perform a new soundtrack to Snow White-colored. I have been part of three songs to date: There’s Trouble A Brewin’, Makin’ Pies and the other one potential released within the next couple of days. The songs are pretty simplistic since he isn’t a music performer but they’re pretty rad and sort of experimental. If you are on Facebook take a look and if you want it stick to the project. Here is his artist statement for Snee Whittchen. Continue reading “Snee Whittchen: A Circuit Bent Keyboard Conceptual Art Project”

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Fuzz face schematic

Will we need another fuzz face derivative? The reply is a convincing NO unless of course there’s something totally new to become offered that provides this tired old device newer and more effective existence.

Among the issues with the fuzzface circuit would be that the best seem originates from germanium transistors, that are difficult to get, frequently leaky and vary in character with temperature changes. Without doubt the nicest seem originates from Ge devices however these limitations can be challenging to beat, specifically for a bginning builder. An easy solution is by using plastic transistors but there’s unanimous thought that Si devices alllow for a significantly harsher seem. Continue reading “Fuzz face schematic”

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