How you can Bend a classic Casio Keyboard

I’ve been more and more intrigued by electronic music, sparked mainly by covering an exhibit of designer theremins for IEEE Spectrum in 2013, adopted by watching documentaries for example 2014’s I Imagine Wires, which traces a brief history from the modular synthesizer. One notable cohort in the current electronic music scene would be the circuit benders. These individuals modify a variety of audio-enabled equipment, including children’s toys and digital keyboards, to create sounds certainly not intended through the designers. Then when I stumbled upon the Casio SK-5 keyboard [pdf] I’d received in my 14th Christmas lurking within my parents’ attic room, I pounced.

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Multi Effects Processors

As music professionals, we are all acquainted with guitarists and also the rows of pedals they setup on stage at each gig. They are certainly onto something with regards to effects on-the-fly, however when you are establishing a studio or pro audio rig, there is a simpler solution: multi effects processors. These full-sized units bring a lot of versatility towards the table (or, more precisely speaking, the rack) plus they can enjoy a vital role in shaping your personal signature seem.

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Delay & Echo: Helpful tips for Using Time-Based Audio Effects

Everybody loves delay. Among the first effects pedals a guitarist goes after is really a delay. The very first factor a child does on his vacation towards the Grand Gorge is scream "Hello?" and wait for a reaction to come bounding back.

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