Analog Relics. Yamaha PSS-120 & PSS-130


Analog Relics

Much like everybody else’s mother did, my mother always stated that should you not have something nice to state, don’t say anything. Understanding that I’ve always attempted to complete exactly that goes a lengthy way towards explaining why I’m as quiet like me, particularly when I’m at the office. However, basically adopted that advice here, this could an very short publish.

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Speak & Spell

Published By Julie Anderson on Jun 14, 2011 comments

Speak & Spell was produced by Texas Instruments’ Paul Breedlove within the late 70s and brought to American markets in 1978. It experienced several redesigns, however the fundamental idea continued to be exactly the same: inside a British-ant accent, the toy would inquire how you can spell a thing. You’d types in, and also the toy would let you know should you be correct or wrong. Minigames, for example Mystery Word and Secret Code, were incorporated within the original console.

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Circuit Bending

Circuit Bending

Underwater Keyboard

These acer notebooks produced by circuit bending a brand new kawasaki keyboard. It offers an integrated small sequencer, a pitch knob, an on and off switch for that pitch bends, along with a blue brought which activates a photograph cell that consequently reacts to interference shadows out of your fingers. This alters help out both radical and subtle ways. Noisicians will like it. 1/4 inch output.

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