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Enhance your enterprise quality management processes, simplify compliance & inspection, and manage risks

with Jadian’s compliance software. Jadian is really a global software and services company that gives complete

solutions for businesses for that purpose of managing: Compliance, Audits, Inspections, Work Orders,

Licenses/Certificates/Permits, Enforcement, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management.

Compliance Software Inspection Software – Jadian

Jadian is really a quality control inspection software and services company that gives complete solutions for businesses for that purpose of managing: Compliance, Audits, Inspections, Work Orders, Licenses/Certificates/Permits, Enforcement, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management.

Jadian’s field inspection module has got the capacity for use with many cellular devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones. Manage investigator workloads on-site in addition to review and approve analysis and administrative actions. Our inspection module feature is unmatched with regards to gathering critical data we provide easy-to-use forms that enhance the overall inspection process. From inspecting equipment and merchandise to facilities, we provide the various tools that continuously improve to assist with quality, training, compliance, and operations.Jadian Inspection Software programs are an answer that actually works on any kind of tool and operating-system. Forget about compatibility headache – just login for simple use. If you are looking for a powerful audit and inspection solution with no compatibility issues, consider Jadian.

Jadian Audit Keeper could possibly be the response to each one of these matters, for example, managing plans, equipment compliance, business processes and generating audit reports to enhance efficiency and collaboration inside your business. Jadian’s audit keeper provides complete charge of the whole audit cycle. The machine increases the governance and control over all activities, information and procedures related reviews with no limitations established with a manual process.

Jadian enables a complete look at its audit program including plans, schedules, evaluations and prioritization of risk management, audit processes and monitoring tasks removal. Through this solution, you are able to help your manual audit ways to an engaged program which will increase efficiency and reduce time inside the full cycle.


  • Jadian audit software provides full support for documentation performance actions for managing risk assessments inside the entire audit world to look for the approach the department must take these configurable assessments show the danger connected with every entity audit.
  • Jadian software summarizes the outcomes of testing environments. The configurable audit work also enables you to definitely include attachments and notes like a backup for every revision. Thus generating the audit results becomes simpler and much more efficient.
  • Jadian manages the deficiencies caused by any failure within the audit process, allowing companies to reply rapidly during monitoring the removal process.
  • Using reports and dashboards enables executives to export all audit information to enable them to deliver professional reports to senior management.


  • Centralization of information, documentation and audit processes, correlation using the evidence, observations and notes of audit staff, all-in-one single repository.
  • Additionally, it enables the company to talk about information between departments, update audit processes, automate workflows and employ historic information with other review processes.

Fully integrate your overall system to make sure your workers collect all valuable data quicker than ever. Our field operations feature enables you for you to use anywhere while remaining attached to the office.

Track, monitor and manage all real-time data from scheduling inspections in managing statuses and task executions Jadian helps increase the value of your computer data with detailed in-form information.


Good risk keeper enables you to definitely identify, monitor and remedy technological risks, financial problems, operational difficulties and status that could threaten the achievement of objectives within the organization. Additionally, it supplies a centralized information system that can help identify risks, assesses the probability of occurrence and impact thereof, mitigates the potential risks, and trace each solution.

It is also a great tool to construct a repository of risks connected with business objectives, metrics and occasions. Thus, it’s much simpler that you should identify risks inside your business, manage removal processes, implement your personal risk model, in addition to automate, measure and report all the process.


  • Enables logging, controlling, managing and monitoring removal tasks to various findings and occurrences.
  • Calendarize tasks instantly, for example periodic assessments, scans and notifications, allowing continuous improvement within the implementation of various strategies.
  • Build models for evaluating qualitative and quantitative risk.
  • Personalize models and risk assessment metrics that may be imported and/or built within Jadian, allowing you to determine operational risks, financial, technological and legal issues through their very own metrics.
  • Integrate and correlate IT information security through risk controls and compliance.


  • Reducing some time and costs by concentrating manual processes within an integrated and automatic risk management system.
  • Rapid roi by improving the effective use of business, financial, technological and human sources.
  • Supplies a truth of the organization from multiple angles.
  • Alignment your methodologies having the ability to model and assess risks in a manner that is sensible for your particular organization.
  • Identifies risks that could change up the corporate strategy.

Causes of selecting Jadian Risk Assessment Software

  • It provides use of a database of solutions which have been used in another sector to lessen the potential risks connected with assorted jobs.
  • It selects the best module for the particular company.
  • It provides print detailed and simple to interpret customizable reports, that are customizable. Also, you are able to incorporate modules for a more elaborate analysis.
  • Sets the calculation criteria of ISO standards.
  • Network installation enables utilizing it anytime anywhere.
  • Every year, Jadian will to produce latest version that increases the software performance with new functionalities.