Speaking teacher circuit bent

Speaking teacher circuit bentSpeaking teacher circuit bent ()” />

WATERHED (also known as Patrick Gill) of BENTSTRUMENTS has bent a lot of toyz for Bill T Miller. A few of these include. Hot Lixx Guitar, Speaking Teacher, Jaminator Guitar, Gold coin-U-Lator, PXL 2000 Camera, Omichord OM-27, Realistic Reverb Tank, Boss Dr. Pad, and many Micro Jammers (Surf Guitar, Harmonica, Bongos, RapDrum, Banjo, Fiddle and high Metal Guitar.)

Waterhed is really a first class pro bender and great dude. I've been happy using the pile of toys he tweaked-out for me personally. Highly suggested! THANX! — Bill T Miller

Speaking teacher circuit bent

WATERHED Hot Lixxer BTM Geetar
Eight glitch/tweak/distortion/pitch switches
Push-button vibrato/pitch
Body contacts
Reset button
1/4 and 1/8 inch output jacks
Certainly one of kind – custom bent by Waterhed for BTM

Speaking teacher circuit bent

Speaking teacher circuit bent

Speaking teacher circuit bentSpeaking teacher circuit bent ()” />

WATERHED Circuit Bent Coleco Speaking Teacher
Two glitch switches
Two loop switches
Momentary glitch button
Fuzz switch reset switch
Closed circuit 1/4" output jack
Super slo-mo depth pot
Optical sensor len with on/off switch

ORGY OF NOISE – Bent For Teacher
THIS SONG features BTM tweaking the Waterhed Speaking Teacher.

Speaking teacher circuit bent

WATERHED Micro Jammers Funky Drum Machine
PUMP Up YALL! with beat
YO! with beat
FUNKY! with beat
SCRATCH seem with beat
BELLS with beat controls
Knob for pitch and rate change

Three body contacts for pitch up and lower.
Switch for super speed glitch
Bent off/pulse button
1/8" output jack

Speaking teacher circuit bent

WATERHED JaminatorX Guitar

Eleven Glitch Toggle Switches
Tweak push button
Hold-Loop step sequence push button

Twelve fret patterns on neck
Three drum trigger pads
Four keyboard keys
Whammy bar for bends
Several built-in beats and jams
Expanding ram cartridges for additional sounds
(With Hard Rock-1 Cartridge for Eno-Dub Mode)
1/8" output jack – 9 volt battery or power
Power and volume switches

Speaking teacher circuit bent

Micro Jammers – Heavy Metal And Rock Guitar
Tremolo – Pitch opto control with on/off switch
Micro Brought in speaker cover that strobes towards the beat
Pitch contact guitar strap buttons
1/8" output jack
Custom bent by WATERHED for BTM

Speaking teacher circuit bent

Glitch/pitch/loop switches, body contacts, and 1/8" output
Custom bent by WATERHED for BTM

Speaking teacher circuit bent

80's Hohner strat style guitar
opto (light sensitive) theremin within the pickups
glowing yellow brought above pickup
depth control knob for theremin pitch
battery power is velcro to power theremin
tone pot now fades either your guitar or even the theremin
1/4" output jack
Bent by WATERHED for BTM

Speaking teacher circuit bent

Circuit Bent PXL2000 Camera
Fully modded and circuit-bent Fisher Cost PXL 2000 video camera. For a long time WATERHED (Patrick Gill) continues to be repairing, restoring and modifying 100's of PXL2000 cameras, with very satisfied customers. With this particular modified camera you've the selection of recording to the onboard cassette normally or delivering the signal into an exterior recording source for pro playback through the rca output jacks ive added. Also, inludes an indication amp that will help you to shoot to the DIGITAL Video camera OR VHS DECK with no frustrating blue screen of death or very dark image that that always accompany todays modern camcorders. You just connect this box involving the PXL2000 and DV cam, it operates on a 9v battery and includes on/off switch and Brought indicator. Waterhed's fully restored and bent Pxl's are unbelievably advanced and diverse from every other pxl2000 available on the market. WATERHED professionally restored and cleaned this cam to simply new, including new belts, clean blue lens, neat and adjusted tape path, several other sorts of maintenance happen to be performed for much better operation too.
In situation you are not hip towards the whole PXL2000 trip, it's a "KIDS TOY CAMERA" produced in the 80's that shoots a pixelated black and white-colored image to some audio cassette in order to exterior vhs decks. WATERHED tweaks, restores, and improves these to BEYOND their STOCK BEST. however if you simply obtain the CIRCUIT BENT VERSION it reveals much more realms of morphing fun.

WATERHED added several circuit-bent modifications towards the restored camera:

1) an easy level knob that permit the consumer either to lighten or darken the look, simply turn the knob right or left to dial it directly into your taste.

2) brass contacts that whenever touched freeze the look around the frame, dialogues keeps moving and incredibly nice blurs could be caught, provides many very helpful effects instantly.

3) rca video and audio output jacks to let you record for an exterior device you will find countless completely new visualizations with this particular camera.

4) bleed switch which makes images on screen melt lower like pixelated wax.

5) PLUS. a couple of BONUS BENT MODS were included in this ULTRA Luxurious BENT PXL2000 CAMERA which were CUSTOM BENT by WATERHED for BTM.

A – exterior mic 1/8" input jack
B – an on/off switch for light knob
C – multiscreen knob that produces very kool glitch

This can be a very experimental camera with awesome capabillities, still exactly the same fabulous pxl image we all like, but now with much more abilities.

WATERHED is Online resources the PXL2000.

Search for a couple of STILLS shot by BIll T Miller using the BENT PXL CAM. HERE. Stay Tuned In For Many BTM PXL VIDEO.

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Speaking teacher circuit bent


Speaking teacher circuit bent


Years back I recall seeing Daniel Lanois on Saturday Night Live playing this electronic autoharp thingy with Robbie Robertson and it was quite curious. Used to do a little bit of poking around and located out it had been known as an OMNICHORD. Then years later I saw CARLY PTAK from the noise band Maritime Almanac playing an omnichord having a RCA patch bay and a few switches that were circuit bent to panic. I Then saw JOKER NIES at BENT 2004 circuit bending festival in New york city after i performed there (as ORGY OF NOISE.) Joker travelled over from Germany to pay for the Bent Fest for Keyboards Magazine from Germany. A champion from the OMNICHORD – he encouraged the crowd (filled with benders ) to visit his website and look for the circuit board images of the omnichord and all sorts of potential bends. He documents the bending of he bent omnichord which has a large number of body contacts along with a built-in delay pedal. "BEND IT so we can begin a BENT OMNICHORD ORCHESTRA." states JOKER.

Anyway, after returning to Boston, I purchased a classic OM-27 model after which mailed it to WATERHED so he could do his custom bending magick onto it. The Waterhed Bent Omnichord doesn't have a large number of body contacts or even the built-in delay pedal (like Joker version) or even the rca patchbay (like Ptak version) — WATERHED adds their own spin towards the Omnichord glitch strum fun.

1) Three-way toggle switch = Stutter Glitch & Super Noise Glitch & Off
2) Large Optical Photo Cell for pitch bending with on/off toggle switch
3) Three body contact tacks for glitch charge of pitch and vibrato
4) Flashing Brought Light within O in Omnichord

Omnichord instantly plays the music activity for your your favorite music by supplying 27 major, minor or seventh guitar chords that you simply select. Also select from six drum patterns or activate the walking bass line. Omnichord can also be strummed just like a guitar using the amazing 'Sonic Strings' touchplate. Just pick a chord and run your fingers across the digitally billed touchplate. Omnichord will the rest, producing 4 full octaves of the pre-selected chord. Its beautiful professional seem is performed through its very own built-in speaker and internal amplifier. Omnichord is really versatile. it's like playing guitar, organ, piano, bass and drums the same time! As well as for concert hall seem, Omnichord could be connected to your personal stereo seem system.

Speaking teacher circuit bent


WATERHED is bender, music performer, and filmmaker. Additionally to bending toys, he is doing pro modifications on Fisher Cost Pixelvision Cameras. Check him out at: Bentstruments.com

Speaking teacher circuit bent

SEARCH EBAY.com for "Waterhed" auctions. (Sellers)


Coleco Talking Teacher ( circuit bent )

  • Harley Pebley: Nice hack there Petey. I was thinking earlier today I've got some 80s vintage noise makers I should break out and play with. Peace.
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    keep em coming! this is great stuff
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