Recent Updates


Added a small bending guide to the Musini Page


Added more to the “Mutator” effects pedal page here. I also made a new page dedicated to my work in effects pedals. I’m hoping to start building my own pedals under the name “Foot” Pedals.


Wow, it’s been a while. I have a ton of things to show you, just hope I have the time to add it all. Thus far I’ve added a page to keyboards talking about my work adding LFOs to toy keyboards here, and I’ve added a little blurb about my most recent SK-1 bend here.


Man, have I been busy. I’ve been working on controlling toys with external oscillators with some relatively pleasing results. More pages on that later. Right now I would like to introduce you to Musini Proto.


Added another keyboard to the keyboards page. Also check out this ad made by Igor Amokian (Chris Wild).


Working on making pages for all the keyboards I’ve done. You can see the index here.


Added a new page for my Mutator Effects Pedals. Check’em out!


Check out this video of Shawn from Child Bite using his custom built Charaxylo.


Added The Tape Project to the Instruments page.


Look out for new additions to the instruments page. I’ve recently gotten addicted to guitar pedal building and modifing, so I hope to have some pages about that up soon also.

I’ve made a decision to take some steps to advance my knowledge of electronics, so be on the look out for more advance gadgetry in the not to distant future.