Mutator for sale.

I have a completed Mutator up for sale. It’s in one of the cooler cases that I’ve recycled thus far. This Mutator is of a new design. I’ve found a way to make this pedal work as a Fuzz as well as an insane noise maker. This mutator has a Volume knob, Gain Knob, Mutation knob, Mutation switch, Stomp switch to go between Fuzz and Mutation with a bright blue LED, and a Bypass switch with a bright blue LED. I’m listing this one on ebay, and starting the bidding at 100.00 plus 8.00 to ship. Here is the eBay link. Please send me a line through the Contact Page if you are interested in getting a Mutator custom built for you. You can get more info on the Mutator pedals I build here.

This pedal has been sold.