5 Best Multi-Effects Processors Under $200

For that beginner guitarist who would like to sample a lot of awesome tones inexpensively, a financial budget multi-effects box can provide you with an excellent summary of the way the various effects available seem and the best way to place them together to construct your personal seem. Here’s a rundown of the best available.

(If you’re undecided about whether to obtain a multi-effects box or purchase dedicated stomp boxes, take a look at Must I Purchase a Multi-Effects Pedal or Dedicated Analog Stomp Boxes? –Dave)

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1. Vox ToneLab ST Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal:$200

5 Best Multi-Effects Processors Under $200

The Vox Tonelab ST. Lot of sounds: good quality. Awesome “chickenhead” knobs.

Vox are marketing the Tonelab St being an amp simulator mainly, however the unit includes all of the modulation sounds you can request, plus an expression pedal that does not only functions like a wah or volume pedal, but may also be employed to change effects like tremelo speed, gain levels, flanger depth etc., that is pretty awesome. The Tonelab provides thirty three classic amp sounds in addition to different cabinet configurations.

The ST may also be used like a usb audio interface so that you can plug to your computer and record playing the guitar. The Tonelab is housed inside a rugged, aluminum situation and appears enjoy it might be road worthy, but moving between presets could be a discomfort.

Reviews from the Tonelab ST are usually positive. Some think about the preset tones greatly missing. (I possess a Tonelab ST and that i accept this sentiment. I do not such as the presets whatsoever. –Dave) Though when you fiddle using the knobs enough, you will get near to the sounds you’re after. Some reviewers commented the ST is most likely better for recording right to computer or playing through earphones than running with an amp.

2.Line 6 M5 StompBox Modeler: $130

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The Road 6 M5. Any pedal you would like, individually. I really like the simplicity that one.

The M5 aims to impress both stompbox purists along with the tech heads using their straight lower the center design. The M5 is sort of a “Swiss Army knife” stompbox that may take a seat on your board and behave as a delay, or flanger, or phaser or almost anything you would like it to be. It may only do one effect at any given time, though, and it is mainly accustomed to complete for individuals pedals you do not own or don’t use frequently.

The M5 boasts no under 19 delays, including table tennis, analog echo, and tape echo, which could have you ever playing tap style country licks because they did within the fifties or creating vast swathes of seem like they did within the eighties. You will find 12 modulation sounds, so that your tremelo, phaser, flanger, and ring modulations are taken proper care of, and also the 17 distortions will make sure that you won’t become bored using the sounds available rapidly. The “battle ready” casing implies that this can be a true “stomp” box also, and excellent for that gigging guitarist who likely to be lugging their gear around from venue to venue.

Comments are mostly positive, however, many users were not impressed with poor distortion and overdrive sounds. Some pointed out the pedal is much better for recording than live.

3. Line 6 Pocket Pod: $130

5 Best Multi-Effects Processors Under $200

The Road 6 Pod: Cute. Plastic.

When Line 6 debuted the very first Pod it caused waves using its breakthrough design, awesome sounds, and appropriateness for home and live playing. The initial Pod had 16 amp sounds, but occasions have altered, and today the small “Pocket Pod” seems to fit 32 amp models onto a hands-sized unit that is one of the same size like a Boss effects pedal. Simultaneously, the Pod has over 3 hundred preset sounds set by bands including Maroon 5 and Hoobastank. Having a USB option, you are able to hook the little device as much as your pc and edit the sounds yourself, in addition to installing new sounds online with free streaming in the Line 6 range. There’s even the choice to plug your earphones directly into the Pod and exercise together with your electric anywhere and anytime. This is permitted because the Pod can be powered with four AA batteries.

All this sounds very attractive, particularly when you element in the relatively modest cost tag of approximately one hundred twenty $ 5, but testimonials from the Pocket Pod happen to be decidedly mixed. Complaints happen to be leveled in the apparently cheap and breakable casing that covers the Pod, plus some difficulties with hiss following the unit continues to be performed for some time. In the subsequent testimony of the identical customers, it appears the Line 6 customer service section leaves a great deal to be preferred in regards to servicing for disappointed customers. An additional complaint focuses on rapid battery existence of only a couple of hrs, however this is usually the situation with multi-effects units anyway, and should not be seen as an problem that just concerns the Pod.

The Pocket Pod ain’t a take-it-to-the-bar-and-gig-with-it stomp box. It’s a sit-it-on-your-desk-by-the-computer box made from plastic. You will get decent sounds from it, but like the majority of modelers, you need to anticipate to perform some knob twiddling to obtain the sounds you would like.

4. Boss ME-25: $200

5 Best Multi-Effects Processors Under $200

In Charge company possess a well founded status for creating high quality sounds in a cost reasonable for most, as well as their stompboxes happen to be used by lots of a common recording artist. Take a look at any guitarists rig and you’re bound to locate a colorful Boss pedal lurking inside somewhere, whether it’s the orange from the Boss distortion, the gray from the delay, or even the crimson flanger.

Boss multi-effects units are not really legendary his or her stompbox cousins, however, despite constantly receiving top marks in almost any review that they’re subjected to. It’s possibly an indication from the guitarist’s pursuit of “authenticity” leading them more toward the only pedals compared to multi-effects units.

In Charge ME-25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal sets out, as all Boss multi-effects do, to place the classic sounds from the company’s stompboxes right into a single unit, and generally it might appear they have succeeded. The system itself features four pedals: memory up, memory lower, and solo/tap, plus an expression pedal. The “Sound Library” then is organized through the seem you’re searching for inside your tone- clean, crunch etc. Once selected this home tone may then be modified by compression, modulation, delay, and reverb. There’s also classic amp simulations in addition to further effects for that expression pedal. The system also includes a loop feature, which enables you to definitely record yourself playing a brief backing track after which looping it to be able to play along. It is also operable only by electric batteries.

Reading user reviews for that ME-25 happen to be largely positive, with a few pointing the impressive battery existence, along with the selection of classic sounds available. Weighing around $ 200 using the power incorporated, the ME-25 may be from the cost selection of some, especially more youthful players, but knowing in the reviews it’s received, it certainly represents good value.

Johnny DeMarco demos the ME-25. Dude can shred, but seems like my sister Beatrice. )

5. Zoom G3 and G3X Guitar Multi Effects Pedal and Looper: G3 $160, G3X $200

5 Best Multi-Effects Processors Under $200

The Zoom G3X amp simulator and modeler.

The Zoom G3, and its your government the G3X (featuring a manifestation pedal), may be the latest in Zoom’s type of affordable yet quality multi-effects. It features a hundred and 16 effects, six of that you can use concurrently. This might not seem like much initially, however when you consider that you won’t be utilising the fuzz setting simultaneously as distortion, or even the compressor and limiter concurrently either, it starts to be preferable. Very couple of guitarists may wish to use greater than six effects concurrently anyway (using the possible exception of the guitarist inside a U2 tribute band), the G3 is what the majority of us need.

Combined with the usual effects, there’s even the looper function, which enables you to definitely record forty seconds of audio, in addition to a forty different rhythm tracks, to be able to have your very own drummer to jam with. A fascinating feature that Zoom is applying when marketing both pedals is they feature the fastest patch change time on the planet. Based on the Zoom site, altering in one seem to a different takes exactly one nanosecond, thus making certain that you simply never miss a beat when playing live. Modifying volume levels between patches to ensure that such changes are totally seamless might take more time.

Weighing around $ 200 for that bigger G3X, these pedals within the Zoom range might not be associated with the greater “budget” sections (like G1N and G1XN, retail prices 60 and 80 dollars correspondingly) from the company’s catalogue, as well as the seem quality featuring available, the G3 and G3X are extremely worth making the effort to test. Early industry and testimonials happen to be positive, citing the unit’s simplicity of use and selection of sounds particularly.

Guitar World’s summary of the G3X.

Main Point Here

Most crusty vets would prefer to use these boxes like a door stop. But new guitarists searching to test out a lot of different sounds formerly unavailable except via costly dedicated analog stomp boxes could love a multi-effects processor. Of course, enable your ear function as the final judge.