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Getting Began with Hardware Based Glitch Video Production

Getting began with glitch art video production may appear just a little daunting initially but you will find really only a few key things you should know. First, we ought to clarify what we should mean when talking of glitch video production. I’m talking about any video project that comes with modified or circuit bent video mixers, forex processors, titlers or cameras in to the mix. Which reminds me, this site is infested together. If you are a new comer to glitch video production generally take a look around. While glitch video production does draw some parallels to everything about eurorack video synthesis and video art generally there’s something unique to glitch video production worth mentioning.


Displays ultimately decide the way your destabilized signals are construed. They decide regardless of whether you get all individuals crazy squiggles or even the ol’ blue screen of death of i-can’t-handle-this-shit. CRT TVs would be the essential display with regards to damaged standard definition video. I design my machines strictly on CRTs after which later test them out on other displays being an afterthought. Unless of course your CRT has digital noise reduction on (search through recption menus and make certain that shit is OFF like a mutherfucker) a CRT displays any signal you throw in internet marketing. This isn’t the situation with LCD screens, projectors & capture devices because they all utilize analog to digital conversion and drop your signal instead of try to interpret a corrupted signal. An Vast screen is going to do it’s better to display corrupted signals but certain Forex can create signal dropout without a doubt. What Forex sneak through and also at what amount differs from LCD to LCD but this is actually the same story with all of individuals projectors you need to plug straight into. Projectors are more touchy and therefore are quick to interpret some corrupted signals as too little signal. But take it easy, stop worrying. This is often labored around having a TBC unit or perhaps a cheap video mixer having a TBC inside it, but we’ll reach that shortly. Before moving forward I’d like to indicate that every display type has it’s own flavor and subsequent time/place. It is also best to observe that results can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as between sizes with regards to CRTs.

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Time Base Correction.

For stable results whenever using LCD screens, projectors and capture devices Time base correction is imperative. To quote wikipedia, “TBC counteracts errors by buffering the recording signal and letting it go in a steady rate.” In situations where analog signal drop-out would occur a TBC unit, whether standalone box or perhaps a video mixer with one out of it, would cleanly convert up to the digital realms. A TBC also changes the aesthetic of some Forex. Frequently occasions this is actually the downside. The Panasonic WJ-AVE5 for example includes a really weird flavor. It’s buffer includes a very digital glitch feel taking out vegetables, frequently freezing or strobing the underside 1 / 2 of your screen. The Sima SFX-9/10 will a really accurate job of displaying corrupted video. I’ve found that it’s most in keeping with the initial effect. The Videonics MX1 appears to alter during the period of it’s production run. There’s also many standalone units however the newer ones have a tendency to either give up to paint bars or black (I’m searching to you AVT-8710). I recommend looking at ebay for affordable old rackmount ones frequently within hundred dollars.

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Video Capture.

You have a few methods to record your glitch video. You will find a display you like and point a DSLR or perhaps a video camera it. After some care and time this looks lovely. It is almost always generate income go. There’s some art into it obtaining the right focus, dialing inside your moire patterns or eliminating screen banding. It’s a pleasant smart way of bumping your video as much as HD too. If you would like something a bit more practical (or travel handy) you could go the capture card route. There are lots of options to select from and cost varies according to software integration, input varieties, bandwith type, resolution availability and codec support. I only say there’s no shame in going the cheaper route to begin with, just don’t expect lots of support or integration to your preferred video editors of preference.


It’s inevitable that you’ll one-day wish to process youtube cat footage using your glitch art rig. It’s not that difficult to setup, you just need to dumb that digital signal back lower to analog. How to get it done depends upon what sort of computation device you’re runnin’ there. This Macbook Pro I’m typing for you on for example has both a small-display port or and HDMI port I’m able to utilize. The small-display port for example will need which i make use of an Apple small-display to VGA adaptor along with VGA to composite video adapter. The HDMI port is a touch easier and would only need an HDMI to composite video adapter. Within my situation I personally use the VGA method more frequently since i have found it more reliable. I’ve encounter a few instances where I lose color going in the HDMI ripper tools to particular bits of glitch gear. This may be because of the ripper tools I had been using. Haven’t attempted all of them yet. You may also produce a laptop loop by not having enough your display port to your glitch gear and back to your laptop using a capture card. This could pose some challenges and become just a little challenging setup but I’ve come across it done. Regardless of the latency produced utilizing this process it can nonetheless be pretty helpful.

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So fundamental essentials basics I wish to make certain you realize before you decide to join in however i hope it has been useful and for those who have any BPMC related glitch art video questions don’t hesitate hitting me up. Cheers and become well.

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