EBay: Circuit bent Casio SA-1 keyboard


Up for purchase is really a Casio SA-1 I circuit bent some time back. I am selling it as being I’ve both a Casio SA-5 and SA-21 which i will circuit bend later on.

You will find four modifications accessible in the front panel. They are:
-Distortion switch
-Distortion amount (also controls chaos and resets the laptop keyboard)
-Chaos switch
-Tone control (helpful with distortion)

EBay: <a href='~id-60Circuit bent Casio SA-1 keyboard Within this situation, payment” title=”EBay: Circuit bent Casio SA-1 keyboard Within this situation, payment” />

The laptop keyboard is operated by 4 AA batteries (not incorporated) or perhaps a 6V Electricity adaptor (not incorporated). I would suggest powering the SA-1 from the Electricity adaptor as Casio’s battery container for that SA-1 is quite poor and when the laptop keyboard is within motion, it may power on / off frequently. It’s fine if stored stationary on the table however.

PayPal is recognized as payment. Postage from the keyboard inside the United kingdom is £6. I’ll also shipped to Europe for £12. If you are local enough, you are able to select the keyboard up and drop the postage charge, or spend the money for postage and that i might be able to ship to you. Within this situation, payment in cash could be more suitable over PayPal.

EBay: Circuit bent Casio SA-1 keyboard and SA

Circuit Bent Casio PT-1 Keyboard by freeform delusion

  • no qu: Hey Freeform!! I'm currently bending my Casio PT-1 and I'm wondering what size pot you used! Gahhh, you're brilliant!
  • abyssmetal: 9:10 –> Head explosion