Circuit bending a classic crappy Radio Shack pedal

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I selected this up in a garage sale thinking it had been maybe a real reverb pedal, however when I attempted it in your own home it had been only a very short delay pedal, that we already had. Therefore it sitting on my small shelf for any bit before I appreciated which i possess the tools to change electronics, sometimes for that better.

The initial step ended up being to desolder the sliders around the board and replace all of them with containers. I additionally sacrificed battery bay (because 6 AAs??). I Then had lots of space for knobs and switches.

Bending it was pretty easy, for the reason that basically found a bend I’d usually incorporate it. Bends on somewhat simple hardware have a means of interacting that’s impossible to uncover without soldering.

Here’s home plate after i drilled (a lot of) holes:
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And here’s the board after i soldered it:
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Designing the face area plate on the computer and gluing the document towards the metal would be a first for me personally. Looking back, because there are many different ways bends interact, I’d result in the face plate without labels to really make it a bit more exploratory and experiential. I’d also employ thicker paper.

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The initial sliders survive because the bottom row of knobs. I discovered two distortions as well as an actual reverb (two other sorts of pedals!!) in addition to a couple sometimes-useless others. Possess a listen! (The first seem may be the dry signal.)

Circuit bending the Casio PT-100

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I’ve had this keyboard laying around for a long time (I do not remember where or after i first got it), after my first bend I needed to dive just a little much deeper.

After experimenting I just read the writeup at tablehooters and located the chord modes, rhythm select, and sustain mode. I’ve found the possibilities of adding functionality that exists within the hardware but merely wasn’t included in the laptop keyboard really exciting. I couldn’t really increase the keys and also the extra tone selection appeared convoluted. I additionally browse the noystoise article which hinted in a tone select function but couldn’t think it is for that existence of me. Used to do uncover a fill button that we added around the far left. [Continue reading…]

I opened up up a gifted keyboard and located an alligator clip along with a potentiometer still within the situation. And So I began poking around coupled with an enjoyable experience! This really is my first bent keyboard. I truly enjoyed causeing this to be and I’m presently focusing on another more ambitious project.

Circuit bent Answering Machine 3 Mess around!