Circuit Bent Instruments, low-current devices

If you realise to solder and may drill a little hole to mount a switch in, you are able to circuit-bend. Anything else is really a procedure for routine experimentation by which various short-circuits are produced so that they can affect the target device’s audio behavior.

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Audio toys not just are simple to circuit-bend, but additionally can handle sonic eccentricities beyond belief. The recently-implemented line-output’s signal, sharpened with EQ and expanded with reverb (standards within the electronic studio), when given into an amp or recording console easily stands by itself.

Important too, audio toys are low-current devices. It is best to not test the procedure with any circuit operating on greater than nine volts. Six volts is better still.

Attempting to circuit-bend any device operating around the "house-current" of the wall plug is Unthinkable. This is true even just in the demonstration of AC adapters. Circuit-bending is perfect for BATTERY-POWERED CIRCUITS ONLY. It should be stated: experimenting using the live circuit of anything connected to your wall plug can kill you, as with dead, a fairly serious medical problem. Do not do it.

There’s the rare chance, within this try-at-your-own-risk art, that the component might overheat and burn up. Or perhaps pop. Within my 30+ many years of bending circuits this type of pop only has happened once. An exterior power of excessive a current was accidentally put on the circuit. Half a transistor was shot over the room. Yes, it had been a pleasant little flash. an angular, blue, miniature explosion. Despite the fact that I have never experienced this type of factor while bending a tool operating by itself correct internal batteries, I have to claim that eye protection be worn. Much more likely, the down-side of the odd art is the risk of destroying the prospective device through overheating an interior micro-component inside an integrated circuit. This happens rarely, however it does happen. However, circuit-benders find this occasion out-considered not just by the initial instruments able to be produced cheap experienced benders find more successes than failures, but additionally through the availability to purchase audio toys, even complex sampling keyboards and human voice generators, for any couple of dollars each at second-hands shops. These outlets will give the bender’s workshop having a differing and endless way to obtain experimental instruments to uncover.

Perfect targets for circuit-bending are audio toys and games that already produce interesting, good-sounding voices. Synthesized human voices and sampled animal, imaginary, musical and concrete sounds reside within a number of these gadgets. As pointed out, musical keyboards, even sampling keyboards, show up at these stores occasionally. Keyboards frequently produce chance (aleatoric) music when circuit-bent. I call these circuit-bent instruments Aleatrons.

Transporting a way to obtain batteries, "AA"s, "C"s, and "D"s, will help you to try the devices on the market before choosing.

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