Speaking teacher circuit bent

Speaking teacher circuit bent

WATERHED (also known as Patrick Gill) of BENTSTRUMENTS has bent a lot of toyz for Bill T Miller. A few of these include. Hot Lixx Guitar, Speaking Teacher, Jaminator Guitar, Gold coin-U-Lator, PXL 2000 Camera, Omichord OM-27, Realistic Reverb Tank, Boss Dr. Pad, and many Micro Jammers (Surf Guitar, Harmonica, Bongos, RapDrum, Banjo, Fiddle and high Metal Guitar.) Continue reading “Speaking teacher circuit bent”

Speak & Spell

Published By Julie Anderson on Jun 14, 2011 comments

Speak & Spell was produced by Texas Instruments’ Paul Breedlove within the late 70s and brought to American markets in 1978. It experienced several redesigns, however the fundamental idea continued to be exactly the same: inside a British-ant accent, the toy would inquire how you can spell a thing. You’d types in, and also the toy would let you know should you be correct or wrong. Minigames, for example Mystery Word and Secret Code, were incorporated within the original console. Continue reading “Speak & Spell”

Speaking teacher circuit bent

As Zerosum knows. I have been dabbling in circuit bending for any bit and it is time I begin to build Far more. The DIY familia blows my thoughts and you would be suprised in the shit you may create together with your bare hands and a few wire. Soon I will be releasing some modular synth modules in addition to a couple of guitar pedals as "EPINASTY ELEKTRONIX" For at this time, it's warm-up time with Speak and Math's in addition to Speak and Spell's. I am focusing on my virb.com site but you'll find so far projects there these days. The hyperlink is www.virb.com/epinasty

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EZTec Talk n’ Learn Alphabet Center

EZTec Talk n’ Learn Alphabet Center

This EZTec Talk n’ Learn Alphabet Center was incorporated within my initial circuit bending spending spree. I compensated $5.00 for this, that was a little much I must admit. However I was after it since it spoken and believed that it could have several exactly the same abilities like a Speak n’ Spell or Speaking Teacher. However, it didn’t. It’s a black blob.

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Circuit Bent Speaking Teacher Automatic Theremin Synthesizer Speaking Drone Synth

Here there exists a fully circuit bent Coleco Speaking Teacher speaking toy synthesizers.

This speaking toy operates normally, much like a Speak & Spell, before you switch a glitch switch or turn a dial, etc.

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