Video bending – 2020 and 2021

Since doing the circuit bending course where I built the Honkatron I have desired to try some video circuit bending. There is lots less circuit bent video stuff around than there’s audio, and so i reckon it might be simpler to behave that sticks out. Bending video circuits is a reasonably much more demanding than audio circuits. You need to preserve the dwelling from the video signal quite carefully otherwise displays can’t process it correctly and will not create a picture. Continue reading “Video bending – 2020 and 2021”


Circuit Bending Videogame Consoles as a kind of Applied Media Studies by Nina Belojevic


Circuit Bending Videogame Consoles as a kind of Applied Media Studies

Last summer time, I circuit bent a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) videogame console as an approach to a brand new applied media study. Instead of analyzing videogames exclusively at the amount of software, graphics, and seem, this method permitted me to know the way the material procedure for electricity flowing through circuits pertains to the audio and video aspects of games and ties these to histories of work. Circuit bending is really a practice that includes exposing a circuit board and taking advantage of wires or any other conductive instruments to the touch different points around the board together to create “glitches” or any other effects that aren’t usually intended behaviours for that device. Both your hands-on prodding from the circuit board results in a much deeper knowledge of the fabric elements that comprise the board. For example, when i labored about this project, the NES’s video ram (VRAM) nick broke. Getting already commenced soldering new connections permanently to the board, I switched to the web to locate a substitute nick. Although I found the chip’s model no . and knowledge sheet, as well as managed to locate a distributor, I had been simply not able to buy a substitute. These parts were only offered to commercial producers, not individual consumers. Rather of replacing the main one damaged element around the circuit board, I needed to switch the entire board. Within the finish, I experienced three circuit boards to be able to produce what, throughout this note, I call a “glitch console,” which exposes and experiments using the materiality and work at the office in videogames and also the videogame industry.

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Glitch Art Us dot Com


Getting Began with Hardware Based Glitch Video Production

Getting began with glitch art video production may appear just a little daunting initially but you will find really only a few key things you should know. First, we ought to clarify what we should mean when talking of glitch video production. I’m talking about any video project that comes with modified or circuit bent video mixers, forex processors, titlers or cameras in to the mix. Which reminds me, this site is infested together. If you are a new comer to glitch video production generally take a look around. While glitch video production does draw some parallels to everything about eurorack video synthesis and video art generally there’s something unique to glitch video production worth mentioning.

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Antonio Roberts

I’d the pleasure of meeting track of Tony Hill lately, where I obtained a duplicate of his new glitch zine, Junk DNA from the Digital Mind. He was kind enough to divulge he used a few of the devices by Video Tech Designs to produce content. Being relatively cheap (because of their limited functions) I immediately got onto ebay to locate my very own to bend, that we did in the Many & Varied Skills Share Jamboree!

Bending the VEC1070

 Antonio Roberts

The system itself is a reasonably simple one in comparison with actual video mixers such as the Panasonic WJ AVE3. Karl Klomp includes a more in-depth consider the hackability of video mixers.

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Circuit bent video processor

Michael Oster
He’s the individual accountable for this mess.

Texas Instruments Speak and Music. I added 6 switches, 1 pot, along with a reset button. Now it’s prepared to have beautiful music! It had been a discomfort within the ass to bend.

A circuit bent soft synth?
Hell yes! I (ab)used Reaktor and produced a circuit bent software synthesizer. I have been focusing on this on / off for more than a year. Now, after many refinements, it’s ready for that world.

And you may have it FREE!

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Bend Me, Shape Me

Producing music from printers, hacking Speak ‘n’ Spells for backing vocals—it’s not trendy garage band style, however, it isn’t exactly rock ’n roll. A consider the engrossing realm of circuit bending.

I turn on my Casio SA-1, hit the trusty “demo” button, and—after I’m serenaded for any couple of excruciating seconds using the immense sonic ugliness of Wham’s “Jitterbug” (made entirely 32-note polyphony)—my finger hovers more than a big plastic key. A “num lock” key, salvaged from your old Acorn key pad, it protrudes rather incongruously in the pad of rubbery push-buttons usually accustomed to control the small instrument. Following a moment’s hesitation, I tap it. A circuit that I’ve connected messily to among the Casio’s microchips is finished and also the toy keyboard, bought for 50p in a charitable organization shop a couple of in the past, all of a sudden descends right into a rhythm loop sounding something similar to a vehicle crash being undergone an overdrive pedal. This really is circuit bending—not quite what Casio intended.

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